GriefThere is no joy in this report.

Somewhere, a family is grieving the loss of a child. The FDA has announced today that a death by intussusception has been reported by Merck, maker of Dr. Paul Offit's RotoTeq vaccine.  You may recall that the last Rotovirus vaccine was pulled a decade ago for the same reason. The only reports we can find so far are from stock market sites.

Here's one from Street Account. The death was disclosed in a letter posted on the FDA site, and dated today. In the letter, the FDA says that it received Merck's April 14 supplement to its BLA for RotaTeq, to include changes to the post-marketing experience section of the label to include a post-marketing report of a death due to intussusception that has occurred after vaccination with RotaTeq. StreetAccount notes that in a February 2007 update, the FDA announced that there had been 28 post-marketing reports of intussusception with RotaTeq, but said that there had been no deaths and that the incidence rate did not exceed the number expected based on background rates in the unvaccinated population. Sanofi is Merck's partner on RotaTeq, which competes with GSK/AVAN's Rotarix.

From TradeTheNews.com: Merck & Co Inc Update: FDA reports a death after vaccination with Rotateq - death from intussusception (bowel obstruction) will be added to prescribing information for doctors.

In additional news, the FDA has sent a letter to Merck ordering the company to clean up violations at its PA vaccine plant: The nine-page warning letter gives Merck 15 days to tell the FDA how it will correct the violations. Otherwise, the FDA says it could suspend the plant's manufacturing license and seize products.

Read more HERE.



Paul Offitt is a egotistical unethical scumbag.
He has thrown in with the combined forces
of the CDC, FDA, Vaccine Manufacturers and
Pediatrician Professional Organizations.
All of the above are in cahoots to force
parents to inject inadequately tested
vaccines into their children.

Motive: To get rich-!!!!

Jim Witte

"Try to picture the health and future of the citizens in this country 100 years from now if we continue with our current vaccination policy."

That is, if there *are* future citizens in this country if we continue the current policy (and no doubt expand it..) If Iran or high gas doesn't get us first that is..

Sandy Gottstein

Here is what RVP (Rotavirus Vaccine Program - http://www.rotavirusvaccine.org/rotavirus-facts.htm ) would describe the risk of rotavirus:

"Every child in the world will have at least one rotavirus infection before age five. In industrialized nations like the US, around 70 child deaths are attributed each year to this diarrheal disease. In developing countries, however, nearly 1,400 children die from rotavirus infections each day, succumbing to severe dehydration that could be easily treated if they had access to lifesaving care often routine in richer nations."

Not to trivialize those 70 deaths, but in other words, children in developED nations are being encouraged to get a vaccine because children in developING nations die from it.


Regarding Dr. Paul Offit, if I said what I think of him it would not be printable.

So instead I will just mention that joint pain can be caused by vaccines, for example:

"About 25% of post-pubertal women report joint pain after receiving rubella vaccine, and about 10% report arthritis-like signs and symptoms. When joint symptoms occur, they generally begin 1–3 weeks after vaccination, persist for 1 day to 3 weeks, and rarely recur. Chronic
joint symptoms attributable to rubella vaccine are very rare, if they occur at all." (Of course CDC's definition of "very rare" may be different from that of Webster's dictionary, and most cases of chronic joint pain due to vacccines most likely are not acknowledged or reported.)

U.S. general Accounting Office (GAO) survey showed that of 1,253 randomly selected Guard and Reserve pilots and other aircrew members, 23% of those receiving anthrax vaccine had joint pain; 7% had joint pain lasting over 7 days. www.gao.gov/new.items/d0192t.pdf

www.newswithviews.com/Tenpenny/sherri17.htm Sherri Tenpenny discusses links between joint pain/arthritis and both the Hep B vaccine and MMR, specifically the rubella component.

Sore joints is listed by vets as a common vaccine reaction in animals such as dogs.



from the conclusion on page 7, No increased risk of intussuspetion, but statistically significant increases in pneumonia deaths and convulsions.

Decision: APPROVE!


Have no fear, Rotarix is here.


We don't know

Jenny I agree with you - "We are causing epidemics of auto-immune disease."

Robert Bazell was on NBC Nightly news yesterday. As per his report about a third of the men and a fourth of the women were in chronic pain for which they had to be on prescription medication. Nice profits for Big Pharma.

Credit to Bazell, he did ask the doctor WHY so many people were in constant pain. The answer was because folks were living longer, leading sedentary lives and were therefore obese, and SO their joints HAD to hurt. Bazell lost points by agreeing with that explanation and not doing a decent interview. If I were him I would have asked if all chronic pain was joint pain (it isn't). Then I would have asked what caused the other types of chronic pain. At one point the doctor said, we don't know!! If you are a doctor shouldn't you want to know what's causing the pain in the first place. Sure you can push a drug to help the patient in the short run but isn't medicine about finding the cause of the disease and then treating it? What kind of a half-a**ed doctor response is that?

As for Bazell, if you can't do a decent report don't do one. This kind of reporting hurts the network and the audience who is watching it. End result - useless. Don't bother.


Another senseless death for a completely unnecessary vaccine.

In this country we have forgotten how to properly care for sick children b/c 1. We think they won't get sick b/c we mindlessly inject them with vaccines that are supposed to wipe out all childhood ilnesses --so our minds are not in the right place. 2. We live in a culture where we run our children to the doctors or emergency rooms for the sniffles. There our kids are given Rx's they do not need, and we are encouraged to supress their fevers. 3. Our kids, here in the land of plenty are malnurished for the most part. My children would vote me BEST MOM EVER if I gave in to their prefered diet --High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artifical Dyes and Flavors and Sweetners, Zero Veggies and a sad lack of decent Protein.

If we feed our kids right, AND only visited the ER when the blood is bright red and squirting, AND avoid our local needle junkies (shot happy PCP's) and the crap they are pushing THEN... and only THEN would we be more healthy as a society.
"Healthy" kids do not die or suffer at all from measles, mumps, chicken pox, rubella, or rotovirius!

I am stopping myself from going on, preaching to the choir. But we are causing suffering and death where it need not be. We are pushing back the age of where individuals will contract these harmless childhood diseases, like chicken pox, into the adult population --where many more adults will die than children would have. We are causing epidemics of auto-immune disease. We are shortening our life spans for the first time ever. We are slowly killing ourselves. One by one.

Try to picture the health and future of the citizens in this country 100 years from now if we continue with our current vaccination policy.

Tim Kasemodel

The young man who helps us with our son has a new niece. We gave him info on merc free vacs and his bro and sis-in -law followed up diligently and forcefully with their pediatrician. No Hep B at birth either. Guess we forgot about the rotovirus vac.

Fortunately she has just been released from the hospital - colostomy bag, infections notwithstanding..........

Intussusception is terrible, This little girl barely made it. The docs have adamantly dismissed any ties to the the vaccine.

This report will hopefully convince them to demand compensation and an official VAERS report.


intussusception from mmr?

VAERS report #208134

Information has been received from a pharmacist concerning a 44 year old male with no pertinent medical history and no allergies who in 4/02 was vaccinated with a dose of MMR (second generation) (lot 639694/1212L). It was unknown if concomitant medication was given. Subsequently, the patient developed intestine intussusception and anorexia. Medical attention was sought and an extensive workup was performed but no specific information given. It was unknown if treatment was required. The patient recovered. The reporter stated that they have not established that MMR cause these symptoms. The reporter also stated that in doing some research on his own he knows that hepatitis B virus vaccine had contained Thimerosal and he knows that from his research that Thimerosal is Mercury and that it can cause some strange things in the nervous system in the body, he also reported that thimerosal was linked to intussusception. Upon internal review, intussusception was determined to be an other important medical event (OMIC). Additional information has been requested.

Fed Up

there are 62 pages of intussusception descriptions from the VAERS DB, I only posted a few here:

2 days p/vax pt devel intestinal bleeding;pt hosp for 3 days & tx w/02, IV fluids & IV ATB;pt mom stated that MD believes cause of bleeding may have been intussusception or volvulus;
Pt recv vax on unknown day; post vax pt exp intussusception
9DEC98 pt recv vax & unspecified heart murmur detected; afternoon of 14DEC98 pt devel small amount of rectal bleeding;bleeding worsened throughout noc, pt devel vomiting & lethargy;seen by MD next AM pale & tachycardic;dx intussusception;
pt w/intussusception;adm to hosp;
pt recv vax 19JAN99 & 6 days later pt devel fussiness & dec appetite & was not sleeping well;pt was seen by MD on 26JAN99 who noted pt was inconsolable;during abd exam pt arched back;28JAN99 pt began passing blood in stools;pt hosp;1/29/99 child diagnosed with intussusception.
pt vomiting on 5, 7 & 14 DEC98;pt recv vax 15DEC98 & 19DEC98 mom reported that pt was vomiting;MD instructed mom to take pt to ER;dx of intussusception was made & pt underwent surgery on 20DEC98;
pt recv vax 28DEC98; on 31DEC98 pt presented w/fussiness & a mucous stool, tinged w/blood;pt hosp for 1 or 2 days & disch;1JAN99 had bloody diarrhea, then began passing just blood;MD dx sigmoid intussusception which was reduced w/an enema;
pt recv vax 15NOV98 or 16NOV98 & 3 or 4 days later, devel fever & lethargy & became limp;w/in hours of fever onset, began vomiting;vomiting cont & pt began vomiting blood;taken to MD dx intussusception;pt hosp & underwent emergency surgery;
pt began to exp malaise and vomiting 26APR;no BM since 26APR AM, progressively listless, vomiting all fluids,1 small black streaky stool;abd firmer & firmer, cried in pain, waxy, ill, listless in appearance;dx intussusception w/ resolution;
pt recv vax 5/11/99 & 5 days later pt began vomiting & passing blood in diaper;dx of intussusception was made & pt hosp;
pt fell on 3/14/99;taken to ER 3/15/99;dx acute gastroenteritis & sent home;later that day taken to clinic w/vomiting, dehydration & blood in stool;pt hosp;urine cult positive for E. Coli;abd x-ray poss ileocolic intussusception w/obstruct
3 days p/vax pt devel bloody stools & dx w/intussusception required surgical repair & loss of 9cm of bowel;
breast-fed pt suddenly became constipated p/vax;5/2/99 surgery for intestinal intussusception;
1wk p/rotavirus vax devel intussusception;
Ileocolic intussusception dx but not reduced by barium enema;required surgical reduction-no bowel resection;
pt devel intussusception of small bowel 6 days p/vax;intussusception did not reduce w/enema & pt required surgery;
pt suffered intussusception & underwent surgical reduction;
p/vax pt began gastroenteritis sx including vomiting, diarrhea & lethargy, irritability,abd distention & tenderness,bloody stool, dec po intake &felt warm;hosp for rehydration;Dx w/ intussusception reduced by Barium enema;
intussusception 5 days p/vax;pt hosp;
3days p/vax devel abd distention & vomiting; dx w/intussusception which was reduced by air contrast enema same day;
p/vax pt eyes glazed; 1 bloody mucousy stool; vomited x3; would not eat;became ghost white; dehydrated by evening;lethargic;adm to hosp; tests revealed obstruction;dx w/intussusception;surgery 4/24. Annual follow-up received on 9/26/00 states that she has recovered but may have the irritable bowel syndrome for the rest of her life.
3days p/vax pt dx w/presumptive intussusception; to hosp & tx w/air contrast enema which relieved sx
4days p/vax pt awoke not acting right/lethargic; began persistent vomiting; adm to hosp & dx w/intussusception
6days p/vax pt exp vomiting, bloody stools, crying;Dx w/intussusception; ultrasound confirmed
6/18/99-6/20/99 vomit;6/20/99 bloody stool,Dx w/ intussusception; surgically repaired;
p/vax pt exp projectile vomiting, irritability, refusal of feedings, bloody stools; dx intussusception
5days p/vax pt to hosp w/lethargy, poor PO intake & bilious vomiting; no bloody stools; tests confirmed intussusception; barium enema successfully reduced intussusception
it was rpt p/vax pt exp intussusception requiring surgery & resection of 15cm of intestines.
p/vax pt presented w/V; treated symptomatically for presumed viral gastroenteritis;5/22 V & stools w/bloody mucous;adm to hosp for hydration;persistent vomiting & bloody stools; intussusception reduced w/ air contrast enema;
4days p/vax pt had intussusception;
approx 3mos p/vax pt devel intussusception, treated w/barium enema;
p/vax pt devel bloody vomiting & diarrhea which was intussusception unable to be reduced by enema;pt went to surgical reduction & has done well since;
pt exp severe abd pain-crying fetal position;resolved spontaneously;several other episodes during evening & noc;taken to hosp ER;adm for simple reduction & incidental appendectomy; dx: intussusception
pt devel abd pain & passed bloody stool; A BE was done & intussusception reduced; pt went home & did well;
p/vax pt devel vomiting w/ no diarrhea & was then hosp later in the day cont vomiting & was found to be obstructed;was transferred to another hosp & had surgery for intussusception;
pt exp ileocolic intussusception; OR repair
approx 7days p/vax pt became listless & refused all po intake; p/12 hrs, devel bilious emesis. barium enema revealed an irreducible ileocolic intussusception. this was reduced during surgery 5/27
pt started vomiting on 7/21 for 3d, then had cramps, abd pain w/blood in stools; cont vomiting & stools w/blood - on palpation a midline mass was noted; dx intussusception
approx 12days p/vax pt had episode of flaccidity, cyanosis, & staring off into space. treated @ ER as seizure initially w/dilantin. bloody stool passed & dx of intussusception;head MRI;EEG;CBC;lytes;stool cx-all neg
approx 7 days p/vax pt had poor feedings, cough, fever, emesis x2; admitted to hosp; dx intussusception w/perforation, rt hemicolectomy performed; unremarkable post op course
12 day p/vax pt exp blood in stools x5 + episode of vomiting, skin cold & clammy. some sweats, stool foul smelling, acting as if in pain; barium enema reduction of intussusception
approx 5 weeks p/vax pt devel intussusception which was successfully treated surgically
12hr of crying/somnolence-emesis x 2, not bilious, dec po intake; no fever; in clinic guaiac positive stool, rt abd mass; intussusception-reduced air enema; adm for observation;
pt devel persistent vomiting of bile stained emesis 6 days p/vax;child adm to hosp 5/19/99 where had bloody stools d/t ileocecal intussusception requiring surgical reduction;no complications post-op
intussusception reduced by barium enema;
acute onset of vomiting & bloody stools;dx w/intussusception;resolved w/barium enema;
pt recv vax 7/9/99 & devel fever 102 on 7/11/99;pt vomited 7/12/99;hematochezia 7/12 - 7/13/99;intussusception reduced by radiography 7/14/99;
pt presented to ER on 7/31 w/vomiting & diarrhea. dx on 8/1 w/intussusception. pt had bloody stools and diarrhea
p/vax pt exp yellow/green vomiting w/every breast feeding; 10% dehydration treated w/IVF x2day; intussusception dx'd w/ barium enema & reduced in radiology;
5days p/vax pt exp vomiting, no stool; 7/28 inc vomiting (currant jelly stool),w/ large blood; adm to hosp; ,barium enema reduction (unsuccessful); laparoscopic surgery to correct classic intussusception; still recovering
p/vax mom reported pt had been vomiting all day;later that evening, pt was taken to hosp;x-rays revealed Dx of intussusception;intussusception reduced by contrast enema;pt hosp overnoc for observation & disch;
6days p/vax pt was seen in ER where a dx of intussusception was made; surgery 7/19; intussusception & a duplication cyst were noted at surgery; cyst was resected
5days p/vax pt devel pain, vomiting & irritability. hosp & dx w/intussusception was made. barium enema unsuccessful, a surgical reduction was performed.
3days p/vax pt vomit; to clinic; 7/2/99 pt pale, listless, dehydrated, no stools x1 day;hosp;pt screaming, bowels hyper w/bloody mucous; air-contrast enema dx & reduced intussusception. 7/3 pt exp bloody stools;surgery for nodule & resectio
2days p/vax pt fussy & vomit; 6/28 pt lethargic & began passing currant-jelly stools; hosp; dx=intussusception; not reduced by barium enema; surgery-ileocolic intussusception reduced & appendectomy
approx 1mo p/vax pt began vomiting & vomited throughout the day; hosp; lab tests nl, tx w/IV's; cont'd to vomit, pale, passed bloody stool, underwent surgery; dx intussusception.
4days p/vax pt taken to ER w/abd pain, fussiness, bilious emesis & bloody stool. barium enema revealed intussusception & was reduced by the enema.
5days p/vax pt devel vomit, diarrhea, fever; hosp w/fever & dec appetite; hosp w/ fever & dec po intake; disch & hosp again-vomit; disch & hosp w/weight dec; barium enema performed, dx intussusception.
p/vax pt had a sudden onset of abd distension, lethargy, paleness & grossly bloody stools;adm to hosp w/ ? dx of intussusception; child doing well;
pt given vax 1/7/99; surgery at Childrens hospital for intussusception 1/14/99;
7days p/vax pt devel intussusception requiring surgical reduction
intussusception dx 1week p/ Rotashield vax;
7/25/99 colon - intussusception; no surgery needed
4day p/vax pt admit to hosp w/malodorous dark stool rotavirus +; surgery to correct intussusception transverse colon;
7/8/99 225PM began vomiting & shrill cry;phoned MD & child taken to ER;pt went into shock,transferred to ped ICU;coded 15min later 11:30PM;taken to surgery,all intestines were black;had malrotation (intussusception);7/9/99 sz;
7days p/vax pt devel intussusception requiring surgery;
pt began screaming in pain, drawing up knees & vomiting; seen at clinic; dx w/intussusception; had surgery to correct obstruction;
6/7/99 pt devel fever; 6/8/99 seen in MD office w/vomiting p/ feeding & fever; went to ER ,found to have dilated loops small bowel, vomiting, diarrhea; very pale, vitals remained stable; Dx intussusception;colonic bowel w/ infarction;
p/vax pt devel intussusception requiring reduction in OR; septic shock secondary to re-perfusion injury-PICU-intubated, dopamine; fungemia & pseudomonas pneumonia during hosp course; D.I.C.;ARDS;acute renal failure s/p peritoneal dialysis;
7/21/99 irritability & fever of 101; 7/22/99 seen by MD,Dx viral illness; later that day had 5-8 episodes V; MD noted pt look dehydrated but not seriously ill; hosp for IV rehydration;bloody diarrhea;Barium Enema revealed Intussusception;
unresponsive, lethargic; vomiting of blood & blood in stool; dehydrated; to hosp for tx of intussusception-poss from Rotavirus vax;had the enema, didn't work;surgery;
pt had intussusception p/vax approx 30 days;child may have an associated milk protein allergy - RAST test was negative;
4wk p/vax pt devel intussusception (colocolic intussusception)
p/vax pt devel intussusception
p/vax to hosp w/bloody stools,slight fever & dehydration;Dx Intussusception;enema x2 at Childrens Hosp;
8/11/99 vomiting up to 6x day; T102; given pedialyte only;8/12/99 hx of no stools, rectal exam revealed guaiac + stool; BE done w/partial reduction of intussusception;surgery; appendix nl; still in hosp;
p/vax pt devel bilious emesis,lethargy,currant blood stools; abdominal x-ray+; barium enema confirmed Dx intussusception + reduced successfully barium enema x3;
pt dx w/intussusception during visit to ER for hematochezia on 7/10; hosp; reduction & appendectomy performed;
p/vax pt was hosp w/Dx Intussusception reduced by barium enema & pt disch; Per doc 198120, child is no longer a patient of this physician.
irritable, fever, currant jelly stools;Dx=intussusception;
p/vax pt presented w/intussusception
pt had an intussusception which could note be reduced w/ air contrast enema & required surgery;hosp
major abd swelling, severe colic;major pain when trying to have bowel movement;intussusception;for now poss damage internally;
p/vax pt throwing up continuously till blood; hosp all night; blood & mucous in stool; X-ray=intussusception; corrected problem radiographically; stools still messed up; recovered hopefully
p/vax pt devel abd pain, vomiting;tx for dehydration;taken to surgery for intussusception, confirmed during surgery;
pt devel intussusception; s/p surgery
devel D/became mucous/bloody; stool culture/abd x-ray=small bowel obstruction; barium enema=ileo-ileal intussusception; to hosp where intussusception reduced by barium enema;D persisted but no intestinal obstruction
p/vax episodic irritability crying & vomiting; few hours later large bloody stool; seen in ER & adm with R/O intussusception
p/vax pt noted to have bloody stools; further eval revealed intussusception;required surgery to reduce;
p/vax pt work up for GE + occult blood in stools; severe abd cramps; #1 barium enema-intussusception suspected, believed to be reduced w/ diagnostic enema;hosp; 2 additional BE's confirm no further intuss;disch
p/vax pt Dx w/intussusception; bloody stool which was reduced w/ an air-contrast enema & sent home from ER; improved 6/23
p/vax pt had possible intussusception; seen at medical center; KUB was possibly pos; BE neg; had painful crying
p/vax pt had intussusception 4/26/99; air enema reduction
p/vax pt intussusception 2/4/99; unable to reduce w/barium enema; required surgical reduction; no resection needed
p/vax pt began vomiting & passing blood per rectum;taken to clinic where abd was noted to be distended & painful;pt taken to ER where KUB was consistent w/ileocecal intussusception;pt hosp & intussusception was confirmed by barium enema;
pt seen @ hosp for fussiness & vomiting;found to have intussusception that was reduced w/an air contrast enema;monitored x 23hr-home;
p/vax pt devel episodic irritability, crying & vomiting which lasted 1 to 2hr;5hr later pt passed a large bloody stool;pt seen in ER & hosp to r/o intussusception;Intussusception was not confirmed;pt recovered & was discharged w/in 24hr;
presented on 10/2/99 w/vomiting & lethargy, 10/3/99 had surgery @ hosp for intussusception;
p/vax pt adm to hosp & underwent surgery & subsequently was dx w/ileocecal intussusception;
devel significant fussiness, screaming, tender abd, felt clinically to have intussusception (guiac positive stool);work up negative;observed in hosp x 2 days & dxed w/ pyelonephritis.
pt had intussusception w/resulting surgical correction @ hosp 5/23/99;
A physician reports child received vaccine & developed projectile vomitting & bloody stools & was hospitalized with intussusception on 11/4/99. Infant recovered and was released after 24 hours. A recurrent intussusception occurred on 11/18.
Info recv from attorney indicating pt recv Rota Shield & devel intussusception. Intussusception was surgically reduced.
Intussusception, after vaccine for rotavirus.Reduced w/ barium enema.Dev a 2nd one on 11/19/99 again reduced w/ barium enema(not confirmed by vax provider)
Intussusception 8 days s/p rotavirus vaccine
Child had intussusception at 10 months of age reduced by enema.
Diagnosed with intussusception 2 weeks ago. Received barium enema, which pushed food out.
Intussusception-Surgery could not be relieved by BE.

Scott T.

I found an article about the FDA approval of the Glaxo rotavirus vaccine dated 4/18/08. (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ibd/20080418/bs_ibd_ibd/20080418health) Here's a few of the disturbing highlights:

"Merck's RotaTeq brought in global revenue of $524 million last year, with most sales coming from America. About 60% of eligible U.S. children have received at least one RotaTeq dose, says Merck spokeswoman Kelley Dougherty.

Analyst Butler sees worldwide RotaTeq sales of $698 million this year and $752 million in 2009."

They report that RotaShield was yanked even though it was not linked to any deaths.

"In 1999, RotaShield, a vaccine made by Wyeth, was pulled off the market because it was linked to 20 cases of intussusception. Previously healthy children are subject to sudden, loud screams caused by abdominal pain, and the disease can be fatal.

None of the 20 cases tied to Rota-Shield were fatal, though 12 of the kids required surgical intervention."

I'll take diarrhea over death any day. Hey FDA, it's time to pull the plug on RotaTeq.

But for all of you vaccine lovers the CDC rubber-stamp committee is one step ahead of you. They are already planning to recommend Glaxo's vax.

"Glaxo's next step involves a review by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine panel in June. The panel is expected to back Rotarix and add it to childhood vaccination schedules. When this happens, pediatricians will begin using it, and private insurers will pay."


"[Lehman Bros. analyst Tony Butler] sees Rotarix accounting for $25 million in U.S. sales this year, $100 million next year and $150 million in 2010. As for outside the U.S., Butler expects $200 million this year, $260 million next year and $340 million in 2010.

It's really too bad they can't develop a vaccine for greed.


What makes me so mad about all the information regarding RotaTeq on the FDA's site, is that it says not to use in an immunocompromised child. How can ANYONE detect immunodeficiency that young? Hell, it's usually not diagnosed until after age 6!

Why don't they follow the NIH's statement for ALL live virus vaccines in those with primary immunodeficiency "It is not even safe to give live virus vaccines to children suspected of immunodeficiency until a definitive diagnosis is rendered. There is a risk that such vaccines could cause serious illness or even death."

Being that Primary Immunodeficiency is a herditary disorder, why is there no mention in the contraindications of a family history of Primary Immunodeficiency?

Live viruses in babies this young is dangerous. This disease doesn't kill in the US.

info on RotaTeq @ the FDA


This is so sad and yet , not unexpected. I hope the victim's family somehow finds peace and this vaccine is recalled.


Luckily, the rotavirus vaccine was not made available to my son in 2005 (he was born in July). Our pediatrician (at the time) told us that it was pulled from marketing "due to adverse reactions." A quick internet search and word of mouth turned up other cases of bowel obstruction. However, my niece was born a year later and received her share. Makes you wonder, was the problem identified and resolved? Swept under the rug? Why would cases of intussusception continue three years later? These are the reasons parents no longer follow the recommendations of the CDC. My heart goes out to that family.


Isn't interesting that we so rarely hear about vaccine death or problems at manufacturing facilities and when we do its because of the effect on stock prices?

Tim Booton

This is very sad. The only positive is that we will have a ready made retort the next time Mr. Offit spouts off about the one chelation death due to doctor error. Not much consulation to be had there.


So will a reputation as a MURDERER get Offit off it?


Ginger at Adventures In Autism had a post back in March about a study of the reported RotaVirus side effects, including intussusception and Kawasaki syndrome. You can find it in her archives here:


"Otherwise, the FDA says it could suspend the plant's manufacturing license and seize products."

The FDA needs to do that to every vaccine manufacturer out there. Can't wait to see the fall of the vaccine empire. The time has come!

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