Carol W

Hello Jenny, I am not sure if you will read this but I understand you will be opening a center for Autistic Children. My sister has been studing Autism for many years and has had some hands on experience, she was amazing with this one little boy. I watch her work with him for 3 years and the progress she made was, again I will say amazing. Just a thought if you need someone to stand by your side and help you with any of the centers, I would highly recomend my sister, Nancy. Thank you

Linda Cucek

I saw Jenny MCcarthy, & Jim Carrey, on TV heading the Autism Walk in Washington DC; and I really wished I could have been there! All the mom's were holding their autistic childrens picture, well I would be doing the same. I would love Jenny to contact me... because I have a lot to talk to her about.
My web page:

God Bless all the parents and autistic kids and adults.

Linda Cucek
Mission, British Columbia Canada
Ex-United States Marine

Linda Cucek

Try this URL above...Thank you, Linda

Linda Cucek

Here is a story done On our family, from the New York Spectrum Magazine:

Sandra Wardwell

When I read your book, I went though the same experience all over again from 6yrs ago. I had not even heard of Autism, so I got on my computer also. Two yrs later I found myself in the hosp. with my son and they for 5 days gave him volume, I thought to myself and told them please help us, he no way should be like this. So they had me send him to a special hosp, which gave him more drugs, he could not walk. I was very upset when they told me he might not be able to come home. Ever! I flipped out and told them if they ever said that to me again, I would sue. I could go on about this but to make a long story short I did get him home and I'm glad someone has finally taking a stand for what all of us are going through. Maybe we can talk sometime. See you in D.C. Louder than words!
Sandy Wardwell

Terri Lewis


Welcome! Thank you for joining us here. Our struggles as parents reach across all political and national boundaries. You will find excellent daily reporting and commentary here, as well as many other individuals who have taken, and continue to take, action. Some have been working on vaccine information and safety issues for decades.

Terri Lewis

Linda Cucek

I saw Jenny Mccarthy , on Larry King Live, two nights ago and she was awesome and absolutely inspiring to me!
I agree with everything that she said, and really think she is spunky and very courageous for taking on the doctors who, clearly, were just the spokesmen for the pharmaceutical industry.

I have two web pages:

I am an ex-United States Marine, living in Canada for the past 20 plus years. I have been advocating for my son ever since he was 13 years old, I took on the Canadian (BC) Government to get him the right treatment. My son is currently 23 years old.

In 2004, I spear-headed a Canadian class-action lawsuit alleging that mercury in vaccinations was responsible for the symptoms of Autism. I remember he was really sick with a fever after getting the vaccination shot at about 3 years of age. Jenny mentioned on Larry King, that now, they give baby’s 36 vaccinations and two of them still contain thimerosal, which needs to be removed from the vaccines. At this time I am on hold with my class action law suit, pending my lawyer finding out how a similar class-action lawsuit is going to play out in the United States. I still live in Canada at this time. I had an article printed about my advocacy efforts in the Spectrum magazine (based out of New York), it was a Christmas 2007 edition.

I would like to contribute my testimony and advocacy efforts on the behalf of all Autistic children, everywhere.

I hope that we can meet, one day.

Best Regards,

Linda Cucek,

Mother of Autistic Son
and a former United States Marine


Just a thought... I went to the autism walk in our area today, and handed out fliers for the movie "Autism Yesterday". I started talking to other parents who seemed interested in coming to the movie. My husband had an idea that we should get a bus, and fill it to capacity to take people to the rally. We already have many people interested, and a business willing to sponsor us, to defer the cost. All you have to do is ask people. Go to an event, a support group, etc. and ask- I bet you could fill a bus, make it affordable, and go voice your opinions. This is our time. These are our people. I heard, maybe rumor, that McCain will be there?


I can't go to the rally but would love to pay for a stand in to go for me!! Is this even possible? Maybe someone could organize a temp agency around the DC area to find the stand-ins? I'd provide my story and what I'd like the poster that is carried to say and have someone march for me and my vaccine-injured daughter - who is now NT thank God!

K Fuller

Like so many other Mom's I wish that I had an opportunity to personally speak to Jenny. After reading her book I said to my Husband, READ THIS. Jenny is so free, she can say what she wants without fear. I hold all of the bad words I want to scream at all of the talking heads inside until I almost explode! Maybe if I had thrown a couple of F bombs out there we would be heard! Beauty and Money talk! But with Jenny her beauty goes all the way through her, and her spirit is helping all of our children.
We are unable to afford to participate in a Rally in Washington. What else can we do?
I sign every email
1in150 AMERICAN children are affected by Autism, including our son.


Jacqueline, if he won't eat anything but milk and crackers that is a sign that the proteins found in milk and wheat (casein and gluten) may be like drugs for him. Start by reading the book, "Unraveling the Mysteries of Autism" by Karen Seroussi. It is available from Best wishes!

jacqueline Diaz

Jenny I love your passion for this cause, My son is 5 years old and is doing great, I don't believe Autism is reversible but it is treatable, We are still working on a lot of issues with him but I have hope that he will get to be normal menber of society. This is his firts year at regular school setting and his social skills have been tested and is the area were we have the bigest problems, and the eating he will not eat anything only milk and crakers, cookies and juice, I WILL LIKE TO FIND HELP ON THIS AREA BECAUSE NO BODY KNOWS WHAT TO DO.... THANKS
Jacqueline Diaz
Round Rock Tx.

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