Latin_mass(Thanks to Harry for this piece, most appropriate since The Pope just visited America.)

By Harry Hofherr

In fifth grade I was selected to be an altar boy. In a Catholic parish in the fifties, in Chicago or anywhere for that matter, this was a big deal. It was sort of like NFL draft day on ESPN. The priests and nuns were sizing us up to see if we heard "The Calling".

A major drawback to being selected was memorizing the entire mass in Latin, a living, breathing dead language. I remember having to recite the mass to my father one Saturday before I could go to the movies with my friends. It was cruel and unusual, but I managed to mumble my way through.

t the beginning of the mass the priest recited the "Confetitor", or Confession to God. He admits that he, and by extension all of us, has sinned in thought, word, and deed. Then he strikes his breast three times and says; "Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa." (Through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault).

NB: For a careful examination of Catholic theology you can listen to George Carlin's album; Class Clown.

I'm reminded of those days as the evidence continues to mount that vaccines are implicated in causing much of the autism epidemic. There are more and more Hannah Polings than previously thought and to the surprise of only the vaccine mongers, mitochondria disorder is not as rare as they suspected or are willing to admit.

So what's a government and Modern Medicine to do when their most holy of sacraments, mass vaccinations, is shown to have caused incalculable damage to possibly millions of infants? Do they bow their heads, beat their breasts three times and recite mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa?

Com'on! We're talking about the smartest guys on the block here. These are the guys that for years have denied any possible connection between a neurotoxin in vaccines and neurological damage in babies. These are the guys that think babies are tough enough to handle 10,000 or 100,000 vaccines at once. These guys are head and shoulders above us mere mortals. Just ask them.

For the most part, I think these guys have their heads up their asses.

To throw a bit more gasoline on the growing fire, the government announced a week or so ago that more voices should be added to making decisions regarding vaccine policy. Let's just hope the voices aren't from Merck, Sanofi, Eli Lily, the AAP or the CDC.

I'd like to nominate David Kirby, Dan Olmsted, and Barbara Loe Fisher as voices on any government panel discussing vaccine policy. These three people, and they are just three of the many more we all could name, know more about vaccines and the damage done than probably 99.9% of the doctors licensed to stick needles in babies. 

The feds also need to pick a couple dozen moms and grandmothers and maybe a few dads from Environment of Harm, or one of the other Yahoo groups working to heal their kids and save future generations from the arrogant ignorance of the government bureaucrats, mad doctors, and Pharma zealots.

After all, isn't healing and saving what it's all about?

In spite of their multi billion dollar efforts to make us accept whatever discoveries modern medicine makes as gospel and inerrant, sort of like the Pope and the whole infallibility shtick, a lot of us know better.

Modern Medicine is full of sweathogs and is far from infallible. There have been too many screwballs and screw-ups for us to completely trust them anymore.

I'm still waiting for modern medicine to cure cancer, and for Jerry Lewis' telethons to cure Muscular Dystrophy. What about the billions we've donated to heart disease and diabetes? Where are those cures? I think the only thing that's been cured in the last few years has been Erectile Dysfunction. And where was the celebrity telethon for that deadly disorder? And why don't we have a "Walk for Restless Leg Syndrome"? That's a natural.

And if they're so damn good, how come they haven't cured the common cold?

If you read the newspapers or watch the evening news, you can't miss the steady drumbeat of corruption, deception, outright lies, and junk science coming out of the pharmaceutical industry.

They've stolen billions of tax dollars, bought hundreds, maybe thousands, of politicians, rigged countless elections with their dirty money, assaulted the reputations of anyone that challenged them, compromised science in the name of profit, and turned physicians into petty street corner drug pushers. And that's only what they've done to the U.S.

I may be naïve, but I believe that the day is soon coming when these guys are going to have to stand up in front of the people of the world, accept responsibility for the monumental damages they've done, and in a humble contrite voice, say; "Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa."

Harry Hofherr and his wife have three children; two daughters and a son, Eric 11, who has autism. He has been in sales and marketing for over 25 years.


Richard Jr

Good article... agree 100%

Sandy Gottstein

Harry, I laughed out loud more than once. Thanks, as always, for bringing some lightness to such a heavy topic.

As for the "experts" curing disease, I would think the whole push for vaccines was because they decided they couldn't cure most diseases. They would prevent them instead. Of course, they assumed the method of preventing them would be safer than the disease; they assumed most of the diseases were more serious than they are; they assumed there was no benefit to having the diseases; they assumed they should try and conquer nature rather than understand and work with her. They decided to administer the "prevention" to everyone, even though few would suffer much from that which was allegedly being prevented. And after assuming, rather than testing and studying all this, they are now finding themselves in quite a bind, having to defend something they never fully researched to being with, yet recommended universally ad nauseum.

And unlike most "medicines", given as "cures", vaccines are given to healthy people to avoid something that is unlikely to happen, i.e., suffer long-term consequences from the disease. But they confused us by comparing the unacknowledged, unstudied, ignored, and/or dismissed risks of vaccination to the mere incidence of the disease. So they mongered fear among us and we took the bait.

I am hopeful that this will stop. I'm hopeful that parents will not only arm themselves with knowledge about possible vaccine risks, but also with understanding of the risks of long-term consequences of each disease in DEVELOPED nations. I am hoping that the risk of dying of measles in AFRICA, will no longer scare parents in the UNITED STATES or any other developed nation. And if we have changed the epidemiolgoy of these diseases by vaccination, making them more serious, we shouldn't buy into the argument that we need more vaccines to fix the problem we have created. It will take knowledge and strength to fight this.

Please consider reading my columns, which cover all this and more. These columns represent around 20 years of research on the topic. (More if you consider when I first started reading about this, i.e., in 1982 when my first child was born.) The link is .

Just my one cent.


I'm still waiting for modern medicine to cure cancer ...

It's more lucrative to keep people sick (or at a minimum drugged up). I'm reminded of the articles I read recently - the biggest research in targeting cancer tumors came from a radio executive ... (Google "cancer" + "radio waves") Large medical institutions conducting research studies now. (Doesnt say much for the experts). Not surpristingly - the man has cancer - hopefully he can cure himself. Innovation and truth comes from within - those that live and breath it daily!

Excerpt ...
Targeted, noninvasive therapy is the Holy Grail of experimental medicine. A treatment called radio-frequency ablation is currently used by some oncologists, but the therapy involves a surgical procedure in which probes are driven directly into the cancerous tissue. [John] Kanzius's idea would require only an injection of substances that would accumulate in tumors and act like tiny antennas. The marked cells could then be heated by radio waves -- just as had happened with his colleague's wire glasses. The heating would be done from a transmitter outside the body. Nearby healthy cells without the "antennas" would not be affected.

If it worked, he thought, maybe the awful chemotherapy treatments could be eliminated. His idea became a round-the-clock obsession, leading to the experiment with Marianne's pie plates -- and eventually far beyond.

Angela Warner

Harry! Great piece! Keep writing, please!

Elucidatus, I don't really think The Pope will be telling Jenny that vaccines do no harm... as Catholic doctrine is against vaccines in the sense of the ingredients in vaccines are objectionable and not to be injected into the human body. So I don't think we'll hear that from The Pope.


Harry-That is a kick-ass piece. I hope to read many more from you here


Whats up with the Pope? Can't he see whats going on? I can just see it now, the Pope trying to tell Jenny McCarthy that vaccines do no harm...

John Stone

I imagine the strategy would be much like that of government in the UK in the Blair era, looking to legitimise dodgy policies. The likelihood is that anyone thus co-opted simply finds themselves party to decisions they deplore, and then the politicians and officials can turn round and say they consulted widely. This just looks like cosmetics.

Anne Dachel


You sum things up perfectly! Health officials and mainstream medicine have no choice but to continue the mantra, "Vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives."
What can they say? "Oops, guess there WERE serious side effects." Hardly. They're stuck on the SS No Evidence of Harm and it's sinking fast. What is undeniable is that
these kids are everywhere. They try to explain them away with one absurd claim after another, but they'll never make them go away.

If we think we're hearing a lot about autism NOW with so many affected kids, imagine the coverage when they're adults with no place to go. Will we still be told it's all
"better diagnosing" when they cost taxpayers billions and billions with no end in sight?

Anne Dachel
Media editor


"I think the only thing that's been cured in the last few years has been Erectile Dysfunction."

Yea, even that is in the news again. Today's AP headline: FDA says Pfizer's online Viagra ad did not mention risks.

Nothing is ever "cured" with a drug. It's band-aided, with major side effects.

Josh Day

Let's get a mandatory peanut allergy vaccine thrown into the mix... merck can combine it with the heb b and hit up infants an hour after they're born. Hell, let's throw in a pollen and animal dander vaccine as well. Why not?


"I'm still waiting for modern medicine to cure cancer, and for Jerry Lewis' telethons to cure Muscular Dystrophy. What about the billions we've donated to heart disease and diabetes? Where are those cures?"

Forget about cures to anything - how about an explanation for the rise in all of these diseases/ disease conditions -

ADD/ ADHD, MS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid disorders, MS, lupus, heart disease, MRSA, obesity, diabetes (all kinds), breast cancer, asthma, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer in kids, kidney disease in kids (nephrotic syndrome), autism (sorry I made you wait for that one), rare brain cancer masquerading as bacterial meningitis. There are so many diseases on the rise no one can possibly write about them.

If this vaccine program was so wonderful and this system of medicine so great, people would be healthy, they would not be slugging millions of pills each day. The number of people with disabilities would not be rising, the system to deal with that would be sitting around twiddling their thumbs wondering what to do next, not overwhelmed and broke. This system is a walking health disaster in every sense of the word. When you go in for an annual health check up the person behind the reception asks you "What medications are you on?" Excuse me, since when did that become a given?

PS: I have decided not to waste my time going in for annual physical check-ups anymore. I have found out that you can have serious health problems of the auto-immune kind and not have anything show up on the grossly inadequate tests. If that isn't a symptom of a seriously wanting system of medicine I don't know what is. It also turns out I don't particularly like being prodded and poked. Why bother.




Dear Harry--from your fingertips (on your keyboard) to God's ears.

Fed up

More voices? Hmmm, could be that they want to spread out the liability amongst more people.

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