You_got_it_wrongDavid Kirby has a new post over at HuffPo.  You can read it HERE.

.....Dr. Julie Gerberding, Director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), rushed to the airwaves, exhorting parents to adhere to the nation's intensive and virtually mandatory immunization schedule, and brushing off their legitimate anxieties by saying: "We've got to set aside this very isolated, unusual situation."

Well, the days of setting aside are over: Hannah Poling is neither isolated nor unusual.

In fact, the boy who was selected to replace Hannah Poling as the first-ever thimerosal "test case" in so-called Vaccine Court, has just been found with many of the same unusual metabolic markers as... you guessed it, Hannah Poling.


Marilyn Abdilla

When my Grandson was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism (5 years ago) my reply to the doctor was that was the 'problem'. I wanted to look pass the problem and get to the seed that caused the problem. He replied there were no tests for autism. The seed would be what caused the regression and issues my Grandson was having. link with vaccines did not set with with two cases of 'LINKS'.. there must be thousands of parents fuming that the so called 'experts' fudged the truth. If they don't know what causes autism, how can they say what doesn't cause it.

Mito mom

From Lisa Rudy -

"I suspect the statute was made on the basis that such injuries would be instantly obvious and easy to spot."

You would THINK that the injuries would be easy to spot. Not if you have dumb a**es for pediatricians who are unable to READ test results and make determinations. Not to forget the lead dumb developmental pediatrician heading a dumb 7-8 member team at a dumber HMO who is unable to figure out what the results show and recommend an appropriate treatment and pack you off with a - get some speech and OT solution. Thanks to these folks my son regressed bigtime and we are still paying the price several years later. They are all a bunch of a**holes. PARENTS with injured kids who get on the Internet to research treatments are far more savvy than these dumb docs with their heads up you-know-where!!

And parents who want to make their vaccine injured kids better had better STOP listening to these pediatricians because they are 1. giving you wrong information and 2. are not interested anyway because they are not their kids. Why bother.

You in particular need to stop spouting "doctor/ expert" dictums because its WRONG information, all of it from these *expert* doc sources. Look up Rossignol/ Bradstreet paper to find out if your kid has mito problems so you can DO something about it. There are several soft markers for mito dysfunction. Get to a DAN doc, get on some REAL autism treatment lists, talk to some REAL autism parents treating their kids who actually know a thing or two. Assuming you want your child to get better.

Tracy Stewart

Pyruvate is also a marker of mitochondrial dysfunction, as well as low CO2 on a standard CBC/CMP and another on this is the liver enzyme AST (these two are huge and they're on standard CBC/CMP from LabCorp, Quest, etc--not "specialty" labs that someone could claim are jsut reporting BS to get us to keep coming back). Creatinine being low is also a cue (CBC/CMP as well).

However, to my knowledge, porphyrins are a measure of heavy metal burden only--not mitochondrial dysfunction. Clearly there may be a link between oxidative stress from metals and mito dysfunction, but as far as I know it's only potentially indirectly related in this manner. If someone has reliable info to the contrary, please post. thanks, guys.


Thanks, Anne et al, for the background info; I was wrongly informed about the source of vaccine court $. Wonder whether, if parents start winning cases, pharma will have to replenish the funds?!

It would also be VERY interesting to see a study looking at the etiology of regressive v. non-regressive autism. I'm betting they turn out to be quite different.

Lisa (


I couldn't get through the video. From what I saw (and admittedly, I did not watch the video in its entirety) it was the same SH$#, different day. I pressed the stop button when little miss informed everyone that autism rates are not climbing, it's just a case of better diagnosis. Click. Goodbye.

Tanners Dad

Wach this video... Good news all the candidates are on the record... Presidential candidates, Autism, and Vaccines
All in one sentence. Bad news they are already spinning it.

Tanners Dad

Wow..I thought that the invasive issue was part of the Wakefield debacle. I hope that this will resolve itself before many more Hanahs have to be chopped into. Again, I am reminded of a few of the scenes in Planet of the apes... Remind me again...Who is the more developed being?

Thanks for the resources and links. I am sure we are just seing the tip of the iceberg... I doubt we can prevent the big ship pharma from getting into a big crash soon...

Anne Dachel

Answer to Lisa Rudy's question:
"Thousands of parents who tell a story just like Hannah Poling's" was a reference to the countless parents who had normally progressing children until they were vaccinated at some point and then regressed. When the Poling case was made public, news shows around the country had lots of local parents recounting similar stories.

The vaccine court was set up to protect the vaccine industry. This court doesn't have any history of compensating for vaccine-induced autism. Your point about making the drug industry pay is an interesting one. When the total bill for the lifetime care for all these affected Americans is finally recognized by the taxpayers, will the vaccine makers simply get to walk away?

Anne Dachel
Media editor


Answers: Yes, parents MUST go to the vaccine court. But the money is not taxpayer money; it comes from a fee charged on every dose of vaccine. There's a huge pile of it that hasn't been distributed, and that pile grows every time a kid gets a shot. I'm sure someone out there knows how much it is.

My questions: Can someone file an objection that this was drawn up without public input, if so with what agency would that objection be filed and would it accomplish anything at all to go on the record with such an objection? And if someone exhibited the markers for mito listed below (lactic, ammonia, porphyrins, carnitine -- are there other markers?) what should they do? Is there a way to make this a public campaign -- to publicize Hannah, what the mito markers are, how to get them tested, and what to do if they come back for mito? If enough parents get on board, pretty soon we'll have a really good idea how "rare" this condition is.


Lisa - Studies have been coming out that the incidence of mitochondrial dysfunction in children with regressive autism is quite high. The problem related here is that to test for this condition requires a muscle biopsy which is invasive and expensive. As for the invasive part, it is difficult for a parent to put their child through that, especially after all the child goes through on a daily (hourly) basis. As for the expensive, it is not covered by insurance (gee, why I am not surprised here?) and most of us are already struggling to keep afloat with all the other stuff that we pay for out of pocket. It is my hunch that in the end, a majority of the cases of regressive autism will be proven to include a mitochondrial issue and then the Vaccine Court will have no choice but to turn to Big Pharma for the case. They simply won't have enough in their 2.5 billion to deal with all this.


The phrase "mito cocktail" is familiar to people who use biomedical autism treatments.

Several years ago I met a parent whose child died following seizures after a series of vaccinations. Each round of shots, her physician said "it's not the vaccines." Part of the diagnosis was mitochondrial dysfunction, which meant little to us at that time.

I'm not holding my breath waiting for the CDC to send out an action alert advising parents to test their children for high lactic acid, high ammonia, high porphyrins and low carnitine.

Sandy Gottstein

As I noted at Spectrum, I "like" to call the incomprehensible failure to address vaccine damage public health's "Ostrich (what you don't know can't hurt you) Policy". How much damage, how much evidence, is it going to take to get them to properly study, even acknowledge, this issue?

BTW, is anyone else having trouble posting a comment at HuffPost?

Lisa Rudy

Question for Anne: you mentioned "thousands of parents who tell a story just like Hannah Poling's" - can you steer me to info about who they are? Are you speaking of folks who feel their children were vaccine injured, or are these actually folks who can point to mitochondrial issues as a major issue for their children? If the latter - this should be a MAJOR story!

Totally agree, in theory, with those who are working to push back the "statute of limitations" on the vaccine court. I suspect the statute was made on the basis that such injuries would be instantly obvious and easy to spot.

BUT: seems to me that it isn't quite fair to expect the Vaccine Court to pay all of these parents out of taxpayer money rather than going direct to big pharma... What's your take on this issue? Am I right in thinking that parents now MUST bring cases before vaccine court BEFORE going to civil court?

Lisa Rudy (

Anne Dachel

Thank you David for pointing out the breaking news in the autism controversy. To me, this is more evidence supporting the thousands of parents who tell a story just like Hannah Poling's.

I have a question. Where's the mainstream media in all this?

Shouldn't someone be interviewing Dr. Julie Gerberding, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about this?
When the Poling case was first made public, the media in the U.S. covered Dr. Gerberding everywhere saying this was "a very special situation" with no bearing on the thousands of other cases waiting to be heard in Vaccine Court.
Is it just a wacky coincidence that the very next case being considered is rejected because of the same mitochondrial problem?
Why do we have to go to the Sunday Sun in Newcastle England to find
North doc calls for probe into jab claims and read,
"But now claims that Hannah is an 'isolated, unusual case' have been left in tatters after it emerged the boy has the same DNA markers as she has, suggesting he too has DNA damaged by the inoculations.
"According to research mitochondria DNA dysfunction in autistic children who have the regressive form of the condition could be as high as 38 per cent."

Why isn't the New York Times or the Washington Post telling us about the latest development?

Anne Dachel
Media editor

Alison Davis
Sandy Gottstein

I think it's a great idea, Tanner's dad.


Tanner's Dad....there are some very active parents and attorneys who are working really hard to change the statute of limitations. I would suggest you contact some of the organizations who say it like it is (read: not AS) and do what you can to support them in this effort.

Tanner's Dad

Given the new developments... Does anyone think it is time to start a movement to change the statute of limitations? Those children that were told over and over again that he is just developmentally delayed and there was no connection to the vaccinations. Nobody was speaking about mito dysfunction during the years after my son's shots or his regression.

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