BritishClick HERE to read the most recent coverage of the British medical trial as reported by Cry Shame.

CryShame is a campaigning group co-founded by a number of UK parents and professionals who are concerned about the catastrophic rise in autism spectrum disorders and in the potential link with environmental toxins– particularly MMR and thimerosol (mercury) containing vaccines.

CryShame is not an anti-vaccine group. Indeed one of the major factors that brings all co-founding parents of CryShame together is that they all complied with vaccination advice from the department of health in ensuring their children were vaccinated against the recommended range of infectious disease from age 2 months onwards.

The immediate mission for CryShame is to support Professor Simon Murch, Dr Andrew Wakefield and Professor Walker-Smith as they stand accused before the General Medical Council of the UK. CryShame additionally supports the democratic rights of scientists and medical practitioners to engage in valid research and to publish relevant findings without fear of prejudice or attack.

CryShame exists to tell the story of what brought these doctors to where they are and to bring public attention to the plight of thousands of children worldwide who regressed into autistic-like regression and/or bowel disease following exposure to childhood vaccines.



When you personally know a child whose lab tests show vaccine-strain measles in his gastrointestinal system, you watch these trials and wonder why doctors aren't looking for the obvious.

I can't believe all these nitwits who try to promote epidemiology as a diagnostic -- it's clearly no substitute for lab tests.

Recently a Wayne State toxicologist referred to reliance on epidemiology as "performing surgery with a dull knife."

Media Scholar

The charges are maudlin. Wakefield is a genuinely brilliant man of impeccable character.

What's the worst? A couple o' fivers for a blood draw? Why forty years ago my dad gave me a sawbuck to have a look at a loose toofy. Alright, so he's a bit of a cheapster?

So what else? He attempted to invent an alternative to the MMR. Have you thought about that lately? The M in the MMR ain't so bad, except it pops up in the darnedest places inside these kids. That's one. I've looked it up and do say the mumps part basically sucks. Statistically, you've got to admit something is defective when failure rates for the mumps part reach the high seventies. The mumps part will always appear to be efficacious so long as something sinister like the actual mumps don't come around. When they do there's no bleeding protection among the MMR vaccinated. That's two.

Rubella? Has that got a problem? I dunno. One out of three ain't good.

So Wakefield poo-poo'd the MMR because he discovered vaccine strain measles in the guts and spinal fluid of children who'd regressed terribly into autism, and all you've really got is the ??R vax plus a guy, Deer, biting his arm off to create a medical version of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Please. Let's not confuse serious medical investigation with junk science. You know junk science....on the radio one day you hear coffee is good for you, and the next day coffee is bad for you. We all hear the confusing mixed messages of banana republic trade and marketing associations in daily life. While they're both seemingly honest they befuddle your sensibilities and sound judgment in making a choice.

Wakefield's real scientific work done of real autistic kids proved something. The fact that his paper was pulled from Lancet based on the issues surrounding meal money means more than the steady diet of Eurekaism the folks have been fed by the UK press. A guy's gotta eat, right?

This is completely maudlin to go on. Haven't you already scrapped the ??R vaccine? Enough said, except you might expect Wakefield to file those fivers on expense vouchers. He's a bit of a cheapster. Five pounds. What a jip!


checkout the Horton piece it shows a prosecution crumbling.

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