Question_mark_kidsThe Sunday Post reports:

The number of Scots children rushed to hospital with pneumonia has rocketed by more than 50 per cent in three years. This coincides with the introduction of a new vaccination against the condition in 2006. While a child health expert insists there’s no connection between the two, the Scottish Government has ordered an urgent investigation after we presented the findings to them. Newly released NHS Scotland data shows 2454 children were hospitalised for pneumonia in 2006/07 — compared with 1620 in 2003/04.

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is this the same story the independant reported last week ?


John Stone


It is a fair point - also the article gives figures for 2003-4 and 2006-7 but not the years in between, which is a little odd. But note also the apparently self-contradictory remarks of Dr David Spencer, the quoted expert.

Josh Day

Has anyone looked into the figures for the last twenty years in Scotland? Just to rule out if every three to five years the hospitalization/death rate hasn't presented a pattern of climbing then falling back.

There was a story several months back advising congressional aides to get a plethora of inoculations (includuing hepatitis a and b and tetanus!) to attend nascar events in the "south."

John Stone

This is truly nauseating: the story will never be reported in the wider media although it could easily mean 60 additional child deaths across the UK. On the other hand you will be warned to get your MMR by the BBC if you are travelling to a football match in Switzerland.


As I have just been pointing out in the NYT "Well" blog there have been no deaths in the UK resulting from falling MMR rates, although the rumour has been widely spread, notably by AAP president Renee Jenkins.


Nevertheless, if there had been any deaths are day would not pass in our country without the BBC blasting us with the information. But I promise you 60 extra child deaths a year will not weigh against the theoretical benefit.


"Pneumonia, or inflammation of the lungs, is usually caused by an infection and symptoms include chest pain, high fever and breathlessness."

As per my peds nurse, when your child is suffering from a condition such as this and you have gone in to get some antibiotics, its a good time to suggest getting a DTaP shot. This system of medicine is unparalleled by anything else in the world.

Then they begin to "worry" why kids are dying, or why autism is on the rise. Then they have empty meetings to discuss empty agendas to do empty research. Whilst kids continue to die, whilst autism continues to rise. Then they scratch their heads some more, suggest some more meetings, to suggest some more "initivatives" (that includes everything BUT the vaccine schedule) and suggest more non-items. Its bureaucracy at its best. A nice eyewash, if you will.

Bottomline - if you want to be safe, run away from these people as fast as you can, and in the opposite direction. If they catch you, you are done for. Any chance at having a meaningful life, to be lived the way Nature intended, is considered over.

Sorsha Anderson

What about creating a vacuum do these people not understand? One day, the strain that moves into the vaccine-induced vacuum will be more deadly and dangerous than anything the vaccine was designed to prevent. Short-sighted medicine at its best.

They mention the US 'success' of Prevnar..nonsense - we know the vaccine is causing serotype replacement, including the rise of antibiotic resistant staph infections in those vaccinated - even reported here in the WSJ http://online.wsj.com/article/SB119255399772260679.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

God forbid they actually admit the vaccine has the potential to cause more harm than good and take it off the schedule.


"Last night, Dr Richard Simpson, Labour’s shadow minister for public health, described the figures as “worrying”.

He said, “In 2006 a vaccine against the pneumococcal infection was introduced into the childhood immunisation schedule and the uptake has been very high.

“This will go some way to reducing the numbers of children from future generations who are admitted to hospital with pneumonia."

Seemingly there is no dearth of idiots EVERYWHERE. Or maybe their jobs depend on them continuing to be idiots. Now lets count the dead!! Yay, the numbers are up. Now lets make-up a new vaccine, 12 strains this time.

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