Karen Beauvais Atlanta

I just returned and unpacked my car from our 2 screenings today.
The first was at a restaurant across from the CDC.
The highlight of that screening was that a family drove from Alabama to be there. A couple of the mothers had just started treating their kids, a few of us that had been treating, shared our success stories.
Quite amazing that across the street was a multi-million dollar national health complex - but a little huddle of parents were across the street were the ones dishing out real answers for Autism.
From that screening, I drove 40 minutes north to Stone Mountain where we had our second screening at a therapy center.
At that screening we had new parents and one child who had completely recovered. His mom shared their incredible journey. He was so normal, I thought he was a sibling!
A dad of an affected child supplied some professional quality AV equipment
so we were able to view this beautiful film on a big screen.
Again parents of newly diagnosed children lingered, taking home materials and porphyrin testing kits. We had a local DAN doctor field questions and explain labs. It was very nice to see smiles and optimism at both screenings. Parents left with solid biomedical information.

I don't have words for this film. The parents embody my thoughts for the last five years. I could watch this over and over again and not get tired of seeing these beautifully transformed kids!
I will be showing this film wherever I can.
Thanks JB and Lisa for your constant effort on behalf of our kids.
Big thanks to the parents who participated in this project opening the door of your homes to cameras. Because of you, there is a child out their getting help and healing tonight!


is there a place to watch this online? i don't live in the US and really want to see it...

Robyne Rohde

"I don't have autism anymore". I think one of the first people our Nicholas is going to say this to is the head of special services in our school district who said to me: Mrs. Rohde, I've never seen a child like yours recover". Thank you JB and Lisa for this wonderful movie.

Kelli Ann Davis


That's Baxter -- Julia's son.

It's so funny, cuz when I met her for the first time last year at the DC DAN! Conference (she walked up to a group of us) I looked at her and said, "You're Baxter's mom."

I didn't even know her name -- I just recognized her from Stan's video from a few years earlier. lol

BTW: Julia's a riot.

Kevin Barry

"I don't have autism anymore."

Baxter, representin'

Sandy Gottstein

I can't wait, either! Thank you JB and Lisa for everything you do. I don't know how you have the energy!

All the best, Sandy


"I don't have autism anymore."

That wonderful little boy's sentence says it all.

I can't wait to see this movie.

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