Berlin_wallBy Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

On August 23, 1989 the government of communist Hungary opened its border with Austria and for the first time since the Iron Curtain had risen more than four decades earlier, citizens of eastern Europe could travel to the west. 

Less than three months later, on November 9th, the government of East Germany decided people could pass through the Berlin Wall, the barrier which had separated the two Germanys for more than 28 years.  On Christmas Day 1991, the Soviet Union which was founded in 1917 and had for more than 70 years proclaimed itself the vanguard of the future, ceased to exist.

In any successful struggle there comes a tipping point when one knows the back of the enemy has been broken.  Retreat and eventual surrender is only a matter of time.  And sometimes that change can come quicker than anybody imagined.

As first reported by David Kirby in The Huffington Post, March 11, 2008, when “a conference call was held between vaccine safety officials at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, several leading experts in vaccine safety research, and executives from America’s Health Plans to discuss childhood mitochondrial dysfunction and its potential link to autism and vaccines” may be a tipping point similar to the opening of the Hungarian border.

Hannah Poling was supposed to be a unique case according to CDC Director Dr. Julie Geberding.  But according to a Portuguese study published last October, more than 7% of children with autism in their study had “confirmed mitochondrial disorders” and 20% had indications of mitochondrial disorders.

While David Kirby’s sources were anonymous and did not divulge the identity of a different group of medical researchers, this group had been studying the biochemistry of 30 autistic children for a period of 5 years and discovered they all “had moderate elevations or imbalances in the exact same amino acids and liver enzymes as Hannah Poling.”

Why do I think this is so important?

I’m guessing that this anonymous group of researchers is none other than Dr. Jon Poling's associates from Johns Hopkins University, the Kennedy-Kriger Institute, and the Cleveland Clinic, three of the country’s finest medical research facilities.

If I’m right, then other facets of this case begin to make more sense.

On April 11 in Washington D. C. the National Vaccine Advisory Committee’s Safety Working Group will convene a meeting to “review the current vaccine safety system.”  Perhaps this meeting was called in response to one of these researchers who told Kirby that in the March 11 conference call “the CDC people were informed, in no uncertain terms, that they need to look into this issue immediately, and do something about it. . . The clock is ticking, they were told, and if they don’t respond, the information will be made public.”

At another point during this conference call there was speculation on to prevalence of a genetic mutation which could cause the mild mitochondrial dysfunction observed in the autistic children from this anonymous study.  Those estimates ranged from 1-in-400 to 1-in-50.  Previous estimates put the number at 1-in-4,000. 

The direction in which this inquiry is going is clearly different than Dr. Gerberding’s previous claims.

From this underlying genetic susceptibility to mitochondrial dysfunction it’s a relatively simple medical jump to some “environmental adversity” like vaccines (certain medication such as AZT and toxins like mercury, aluminum, and pesticides have already been clearly identified as causing mitochondrial dysfunctions) to low cellular energy, neuroinflammation, then autism and/or seizures.

I've been informed that part of what was presented to the CDC was evidence of ongoing neuroinflammation in autopsy specimens of people with autism up to 47 years old. What appears to be happening now is that solid medical evidence is accumulating of what's actually going on in the brains of people with autism and most of it parallels what the bio-medical community has been saying for years.

When more than half a million children have been afflicted with autism or related conditions it's incumbent on the CDC to investigate these associations, even if it reveals their own culpability in this tragedy.

In January of the year in which the Berlin Wall fell, the leader of East Germany, Erich Honecker, predicted the wall would stand for a "hundred more years." 

Eleven months later it was a pile of rubble.

Kent Heckenlively is Legal Editor for Age of Autism.


Kelli Ann Davis

Totally ironic but on March 11th (same day as the conference call) I put in a follow-up e-mail to Ray Strikas from the NVPO in regards to this Vaccine Safety Working Group and their White Paper.

At the March 3rd IOM meeting (that I found out about 3 hours before it took place) Ray had made a mention of the Paper during his presentation and of course it “caught my attention.”

Afterwards, I approached him, got his card and followed up – on March 11th.

Bottom Line: Obviously, they are getting “pressure” from multiple sources and we all need to keep it up.

Terri Lewis

Josh Day,

Welcome! And thanks for sharing your story. Lots of younger parents, like you, are going to be way, way smarter about vaccines, and for some, it's been knowledge earned the hard way.

I'm sorry for all you went through, and as an older parent who bought into the whole vaccine "program"--hook, line, and sinker--well, there are days I feel like the biggest fool in the world. So me and my kids had to learn it the hard way, too.

You commented that, "I used to think we wouldn't see the genesis of this until at least 2010. . .but things appear to be speeding up now."

Yeah, they are speeding up like crazy. Hope you'll stick around and we can all push on that wall till it's absolute rubble.

Terri L.


Off topic, I'd just like to express my undying gratitude to Kent and all the other parents here who have gone before me and who work so hard every day to pay it forward and fight for the truth. You are the ones who put the cracks in the foundation of this wall.

Josh Day

An interesting excerpt from a new book about the AMA's rise to power (in the URL in my name below). Hope you have a smoker's taste for irony -- get ready to rasp on a lungful!

Also remember that research on the hazards of tobacco and the correlation between smoking and lung cancer had been conducted for years and years prior to this but discreetly swept under the rug. Check out "The Secret History of the War on Cancer" by Devra Davis for some real skinny on environmental toxins and the massive cover-up by conglomerate interests and regulatory government bodies.

A quick history about me and why I care about autism and vaccines...

My younger brother and I had severe reactions to a couple of vaccines, with the worst one being the DPT shot (my parents report I was violently crying in what they described as a new, frightening scream they'd never heard before for three days straight, refused food, and could not sleep). They had to change doctors in order to refuse the next rounds of DPT as the first administrating doctor refused to acknowledge a reaction and turned into a belligerent old terrier when my parents said NO to her "immunizations." My brother's reaction was even worse than mine, my parents claimed.

We both had asthma, my brother's much more severe than mine with many trips to the ER growing up. We both had allergies, mine bad. I had wicked learning and behavior problems and could not read a single word until 2nd grade. Good news is, with a largely junk food-free diet growing up (that was hell lol), I grew out of most of those problems over time.

We had it lucky as this was back in the early-mid eighties. I have a 1 year old son now. I don't even like thinking about what the shot schedule is today. Last ped' appointment the vax tray contained five vials of toxic fun -- so much serum you could mix the monkey juice in a shot glass, top off with vodka, and enjoy a helluva shooter.

I have no doubt this period will ultimately be called the period of Vaccine Science, the older, more evolved, better tweaked, and vastly more destructive brother to the era of tobacco science. I used to think we wouldn't see the genesis of this until at least 2010... but things appear to be speeding up now.

Train ride

"this group had been studying the biochemistry of 30 autistic children for a period of 5 years and discovered they all “had moderate elevations or imbalances in the exact same amino acids and liver enzymes as Hannah Poling.”"

Has this group taken the time to present this information to the CDC? And the AAP? And the other nay-sayers?

We have been seeing this for years now, on the autism lists. If the kids were different, the Yahoo boards would not be exploding. The reason some treatments work for some and not for all is because of the different genetics. Even if your lab findings are the same, you might process the supplementation differently as you might have blockages upstream or downstream. You might eventually get to a point where you can now begin to process your supplements better because you have shed more infections and your sulphur chemistry is better. You all do ride on the same train, its just that you get on and get off at different points. Several passengers overlap different segments along the journey. Some need to get off, take a rest, and then get back on. The one who got on at the first stop and NEEDS to ride to the end, sees it all. And when these longtime pasengers talk, you had better believe it because they have seen it all.


Great article! I love this site.

Dan Olmsted

Kent, great piece. I think it's a historical fact that the bigger and more corrupt and more top-heavy and authoritarian an institution is, the quicker it can go from absolute dominance to utter ruin. (Someone expressed it much better than that: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.) That's because it has lost -- if it ever had -- the support of the people, and so the first sign of vulnerability leads quickly to the end game. Let's see if history repeats itself. -- Dan


Nice parallel!

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