PaddleBy J.B. Handley

Did we all just watch that?

Jesus Christ. Jenny McCarthy, David Kirby, and Jay Gordon just put a whoop on the CDC and AAP so big, they may never recover.

We’re moving at light speed now, and it couldn’t happen soon enough. I just checked the poll at Larry King’s website, and 85% of respondents believe vaccines can cause autism.

If you think pediatricians were hating life last week, wait until their patients start showing up today.

There have been times when it’s been a bit painful for me and many other parents to hear how quickly Jenny’s son responded to treatments and recovered. Now we all know why –- she needed to be here on this night doing her thing.

David Kirby, with your moments on air, you landed several knock-out punches. Words can’t do justice to our collective gratitude.

I’d also like to thank Harvey Karp. Without a stereotypical example of what complete arrogant assholes some pediatricians can be, some may not fully appreciate why we parents are so mad and frustrated. With Harvey Karp demonstrating it on Larry King, the world understands.

An historic night. The train is on the tracks. And, so many babies will lead the lives they were meant to live because of it.

JB Handley is Editor at Large for Age of Autism and Co-Founder of Generation Rescue.



Rebecca - I understand your feelings. I am very happy to see all of this coming into the daylight. At the same time, I'm angrier and more sad than I have been in YEARS!!! So much suffering - for WHAT? Ego? Jobs? Public Safety (the 1983 schedule would ensure that)? Profits? All totally unacceptable. This is a great start, but I would be most happy if it all ended with criminal charges.


I really wish other advocacy groups would step up to the plate here in the vaccine debate! So many of our children are learning disabled and the school system is going to great lengths to hide this alarming fact. 1 in 4 are currently diagnosed and so many more out there that are not!! I am estimating that in some parts of this county there are as much as 80% learning disabled. Nobody understands how expensive it is for a diagnosis (children usually test average on school assessments and private assessments are thousands of dollars and NOT covered by insurance) and how grueling fighting the school system for Special Education placement can be. It might require hiring an Advocate, an Attorney, and it may end up in court ($100,000 for litigation). IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT AUTISM!!

The sad part is that MANY learning disabilities are actually listed under ADVERSE REACTIONS to many vaccines. With 80% of pediatricians not recognizing delays and schools further masking this enormous problem, this country has one huge mess on its hands.

For example: Merck's Meruvax II vaccines lists the following adverse reactions:

Special Senses: Ear - Nerve deafness; otitis media
Special Senses: Eye - Optic Neuritis; papillitis; retrobulbar neuritis; conjunctivitis

** This would explain the alarming number of current learning disability statistics to include the following: Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorder, Visual Processing Disorder, Speech/Language Impairment, Developmental Delays, etc. etc. etc.

Sandy Gottstein

Here's a link where you can see the entire 4/2/08 Larry King with Jenny et al -

Go to the bottom of the page. You will have to watch it in 7 segments.

Rebecca Bilek

I've had to be tough almost 24/7 for 10 years now, ever since the diagnosis. Tough enough to refuse to believe that there was no way to help my son. Tough enough to drag him (and my infant daughter) to every therapy under the sun over and over again. Tough enough to help hold my screaming boy still while they inserted IVs into him more times than I could possibly count. Tough enough to cram pills into him 4-6 times a day, every day, for 8 years. Tough enough to suppress my needle phobia and give him shots every night that he didn't want to get (only Mommy could give the shots, Daddy wasn't acceptable). Tough enough to refuse to give in to his tantrums (gotta modify that behavior!). Tough enough to give up everything else in our lives in order to help him get better. Tough enough to ignore all of the people who said biomed treatments were foolish, cruel, and dangerous and that I was just a desperate mom looking for someone to blame. And tough enough to put on a happy face for my kids when what I really wanted to do was scream and break things. And now I turn on the TV or sit in front of my computer and FINALLY hear the truth being shouted to the world, and it does what no amount of stress or trauma could ever do. My toughness evaporates and I find myself sobbing with anger, with long pent-up frustration, with joy.

I remember attending the DAN! conference in Atlanta in '01, watching the U. of Calgary mercury video and thinking, "Well, it might be another year or two, but the CDC won't be able to deny this for much longer." HA!

I am SO angry that we've all had to go through all of this--so angry for all of the children and families that have been ravaged. But I'm so happy that it's finally going to end (although it can't end soon enough) and that we'll finally be listened to and believed. The range and depth of my emotions over this is frightening to me.

There are no words to describe the gratefulness I feel toward all of the people who have helped in this fight and have helped me help my son: Dr. Rimland, Dr. Kartzinel, Dr. Bradstreet and his PA Scott Smith, Boyd Haley, J.B., Dan Olmsted, Dan Burton, Jenny, Dr. Eisenstein and the doctors at Homefirst (our homebirth docs!), the's impossible to list them all. There are so many GOOD people out there. It helps me deal with the fact that there are so many evil ones too. I truly believe that some day justice will be meted out to those who knowingly, or carelessly, hurt our children.

My son (now 12) has recovered to the point that when he sees other kids still affected by autism (usually tantrumming or crying and unable to enjoy all of the things that he now loves to do), he says, "Boy, Mom, I sure am glad you found out about mercury and found out how to fix me! I really feel sorry for those kids." Wow.

Teraza Real

Wow... was that ever the best interview on Larry King ever! I was yelling bulls*it with Jenny.. I loved how she tore down all their tired arguments... Hopefully it was really help for some families out there and this is the start of something good!

Carol A.

I don't have an autistic child but I have been concerned about vaccines for years. I read Jenny's book last year and it really opened up my mind as to the truth about autism. She took away wheat gluten and her son could talk. Wheat gluten. Wow. Think of all the people out there who have allergies to this stuff. Wheat gluten was one of the culprits in the pet food recall too.

The show last night was fantastic. Of course vaccinosis is the issue.

What I would like to see are some homeopaths and TCM practitioners on to talk about alternative ways of preventing/treating childhood illnesses like mumps, measles, and chickenpox. I had those childhood vaccines and I got every one of those illnesses. Of course this would involve a major change in public policy. But Europeans use homeopathy -- it's as common as drugstores in Europe -- it can be in North America too.

Flu shots too can be dangerous -- I won't get them. My doctor got his and had the worst flu of his life in 10 years, he told me.

The FDA is really behind the times on these issues and compromised because these committees have Big Pharma on board. Just take a look at the FDA's website to see how the lobbyists for Big Pharma write the rules.

Great to find this site and citizens taking the lead in making their doctors do the right thing -- and yes we know what a battle that is -- they think they know it all, their egos get in the way, they are so embedded financially with these corporations -- this involves a whole different way of thinking.



Perfect statement on Harvey Karp. When he came on the show, I said to my husband, "This guy's a big dick." I then had to explain to my typical 5 year old what a dick is. (Jerk was the explanation I gave.) Opps. I hope he doesn't start using that one in class when discussing the antagonists in stories.

Teresa Conrick

Great comments J.B. and my deep appreciation to Jenny, David, and Jay Gordon! Hearing David say,
"This debate is over. Vaccines can trigger autism"
was a historic moment for television and to all of us who have been living it.

It has been our job to keep sane as the years have passed and the insane denial had perpetuated but these past weeks have been electrifying. Larry King also deserves a high five. Can we send him a Generation Rescue t-shirt or even better, make him a GR tie? I bet he would wear it.

Thanks to all who keep up the fight ~


At first I thought the paddle image with the text read "ORAC" rather than "OUCH"

Darren and Sandra Fullmer

Thank you Jenny our son is very severe and we feel so alone in this fight,
They may have silenced our son but they won't silence us !!!!

Cindy Stolten

Hi everyone! I just don't know what to say! I feel dumbfounded today. After researching for nine years to finally see this on a live news broadcast can't even be put into words. I definitely agree with Terri about the photos!

Mary Ellen Vichiconti

I have been a special education teacher for 24 years. i have also done extensive research on Chemtrails. Aluminun in deodorant which gets ingested through everyone who uses a commercial, not organic deodorant is also one of the culprits along with the military chaff that our country is manufacturing, using , and selling to third world countries. After writing my Senator, and asking every agency I know about the materials used in chemtrails, no one has given me an answer. The lead in Jet fuel which is released in the jets before they land ( after 9/11 they release any extra jet fuel for fear of terrorism). In New Jersey, we have Newark Liberty which is one of the most prolific airports in the North East. The trails are all over the place. Is ther any wonder New jersey has the highest rate of Autism in the country ? All heavy metal exposure inutero or environmental ingestion is the the culprit.

Helen Wagner : Naples Florida

I was cheering and screaming with Jenny when she said "Bull****" live on TV. Finally, a program that revealed the truths about vacines that all the other programs all day were not addressing. Especially the financial gains and links that the pharmacueticals have in the research. And the fact that there is still mercury in the vacines (which I thought was suppose to be out by 2006).
I have used DAN protocols as well with my son who is 100% better and mainstreamed in Publuc School. We still have issues and Luc, who is 8 has good days and bad ones. Unfortunately, I have run out of $$'s. Does anyone know if there are donated $$'s or sliding scales to have access to DAN Doctors. I feel desperate that my son needs follow up attention. Help!!!!

Greta Hovsepian

Regarding too many vaccinations too soon, I must say, whether thinking of Autism or other reactions, I made my doctor to give my two girls their vaccines one at a time( my girls now 5 and 8 years old), and I would schedule to bring them back in three weeks for their next vaccine. Just the thought that this is a chemical to their fresh body, I nor the doctor can tell if they will be any reaction. Obviously the doctor tries to convince you that it is ok or that the newborn needs it at this time, I did not let them and was very determined that I want it one every three or so weeks.

Sandy Gottstein

Here's the link on CNN, but it says it's only 10 1/2 minutes, so I'm not sure what is going on -

Craig Willoughby

I missed this! I want so bad to see it now, because I have a feeling I'll be getting a real and heartfelt laugh. Not at the expense of the arrogant APA, but because so many of us parents have been fighting this for so long, and now we see what we were fighting for come to fruition. I am so disappointed I missed this!

Anyone have a link to where I might possibly watch this?

Kelli Ann Davis

It was absolutely IRONIC that they ran the Edward Jones commercial during this show!

Talk about the ultimate “foreshadowing” of what’s to come.

We ought to flood the CDC with sticks of gum!

I’m going to the Rally and I’m going to incorporate that idea into a sign:

“CDC – Here’s what you can do with your outrageous vaccine schedule – STICK IT where the sun don’t shine”

Well, I might leave off the “where the sun don’t shine” depending on how ticked I am on the day of the Rally.

Deborah in Gilberts, IL

Jenny was outstanding! What a STELLAR show...I'm so fired up, it's hard to sit still. J.B.'s comments are right on! I share Jenny's beliefs that getting rid of a child's toxins will help them recover. If our cells are unable to communicate, illness results. And health is a cellular event.

I'm a mom in the Chicagoland area who was fortunate to listen to a local pediatrician's radio show for years before having my son, so I chose not to vaccinate. This pediatrician, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, wrote the book "Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate", featured in national reporter Daniel Olmsted's study comparing a ZERO occurence of autism in both the Amish population and Dr. Eisenstein's 30-year medical practice. Jenny planted the Amish question last night. For 5 years, I've been reading, researching, and collecting info on autism and vaccines, because I'm so incredibly grateful for refusing them but am so passionately sensitive to parents' struggles, while also terribly disgusted by the medical community's cover up. I submitted to Larry King's comment site this morning that his follow up program (a must!) should leave the pasty med boys at home and host Dr. Eisenstein (pediatrician AND attorney), Daniel Olmsted, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (environmental attorney, author of "Deadly Immunity"), and Drs. Mark & David Geier, who created a urine test showing mercury in autistic kids. That would be a terrific, educational sequel.

Terri Lewis

I've posted already this morning, and I'm posting again, because J.B. is right:


The rules of this battle have changed OVERNIGHT, and WE are in charge now.

Whether we like it or not. (I don't especially like it.)

Because the doctors have SHOWN us that they can't keep up. They have shown us repeatedly that they can't or won't keep up.

The FDA can't keep up.

The mainstream journalists can't keep up.

The CDC was afraid to even SHOW UP.

And I'm done fighting these ignorant and sad and hopeless and desperate people, at least for now, because I have some parents to help.

More and more parents will simply turn to us--the other parents who have gone before them--because they are being FORCED to.

All of us need to continue to educate ourselves and to keep up. And by "all of us" I mean: me, for starters.

I have two e-mails awaiting my urgent attention right now:

One woman has written to me about her severely affected 12-year-old son, and talks about how she was actually discouraged from seeking the very treatments that would have helped him. As we were discouraged, but (thank God, thank God) turned a deaf ear to it.

She wants to know what to do now.

We NEED good DAN doctors where I am (Cincinnati)--we need them desperately, and I will say we do have a handful. But we need more. In the meantime, I will help this woman the best I can; I will point her to the closest, good doctors that I know about (and I don't know enough, and I will say so, because there was NO ONE in this city when we needed help five years ago). I will suggest that if diet helped "some" then that's a step in the right direction, even if she wasn't seeing the miracle she hoped for.

I have another e-mail waiting for me: a woman with 4-year-old twins who are in the process of being diagnosed. She has another, younger child, and has been putting off the MMR. She's afraid to get it; I think she's afraid to skip it.

She asks, "Is there anywhere around here that I can get the shots separately?"

"Can I get a version that doesn't have the live virus?"

People are starting to know. They're starting to ask better questions.

They're starting to see that it isn't a question of "all or nothing." They're starting to know that for some kids it should be nothing, but no one will tell them if it's their kid. They have to make better guesses, because who will help them?

We have to.


Carrie Elsass

That was the best hour of television I've ever seen- even better than The Office:) Oh. My. Gosh. The tide is actually turning. We will see change in this arena in our lifetimes. Not sure whether it could have happened without Jenny McCarthy, but David Kirby, JB Handley, and many others have also made incredible inroads. Bless each and every one of you because JB, you're absolutely correct: we are looking out for other people's children now. Our motives are altruistic, not self-seeking. Right will prevail...sooner or later.

John Best

This was great to watch. I hope it opens the door for Mark Geier, Boyd Haley and Andy Cutler to go on TV and tell the world the whole truth without being bothered by bullshit from the Medical profession.


Vaccines for older kids, teenagers and adults can be dangerous. Very dangerous, since many of them contain significant doses of thimerosal. It hasn't been removed from shots for teens and adults. My suggestion is to research the exemptions for your state and the state where your son will attend college. Most states have religious exemptions and 19 or so have philosophical exemptions. You do not have to risk your son's health to comply with vaccination mandates. You can find exemption links and lots of other useful information on this site:

Jack Russell

I think your title says it all. That was an amazing hour of TV.

I love your line about thanking Dr. Karp. At first I was thinking, seriously? And then I laughed, a good laugh.


Mom in NJ,
I have personally met a boy (now a man) who regressed into autism at 15 after shots. (And a 3 year old, 4 year old, and a 7 year old)
I do not have an idea of what to tell you what to do, but I would not want to vaccinate if I were you.

Mom in NJ

I recently discovered that my older teen son's distinctive quirks since his toddler years comprise almost the entire list of symptoms of Asbergers Syndrome. He also has allergy issues. He's heading to college and facing a new round of vaccinations.

Needless to say, I'm very concerned about the upcoming vaccinations. I cannot find anything on the internet about whether vaccinations have been shown to worsen symptoms in older teens and adults. Does anyone know of any information available? Is there any research addressing the effectiveness of dietary changes in older children and adults? I'm only finding resources relating to small children.

Thank you.


That we freakin' awesome! Thank you Jenny & Dr. Gordon!


Yeah, we just all watched that! Jenny, David and Dr. Gordon SPANKED those bozos! How invigorating!

I agree JB, Evan was destined to recover so quickly because Jenny was chosen to lead us into this battle. I am so thankful that the person speaking for our kids, and for us, is so very strong, so incredibly intelligent, and "don't take no crap off nobody!" :-)

Alison Davis

As I get ready to leave my autistic children to go and teach other injured children, I reflect on what a roller coaster ride we parents have been on in the past years, reminding myself that this is really happening! It's not over yet.

Let's get going and secure appointments in June with our Congressmen- state by state! District by district! Get those spouses, family members, therapists, caregivers (and supplements!) in place so we can all be in DC in June with Jenny and Jim. Thank you for last night, Jenny, her Doc, and David! Thank you for persisting for my 3 boys. I promise to do my part.

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