IllinoisBy Ed Arranga

In 1992 there were five school-aged children in Illinois with autism. Today, there are 13,000. 

More and more children are lost – more and more families overwhelmed – more and more money is spent - and less and less is accomplished. The best of intentions fail when outdated models drive the decision-making process.   

The old way has not worked. It’s time to change everything about autism in the State of Illinois.   

We Are Proud To Announce The First Annual Autism in Action: Illinois Mayoral and Policymakers Partnership Program

The Autism in Action: Illinois Mayoral and Policymakers Partnership Program will educate and partner with mayors, state legislators, and other Illinois government officials on all things autism.

Covering a variety of topics, the Autism in Action Program provides answers to the most pressing questions state officials face -- answers that can be implemented immediately to help children and their families.    

The Program is a series of best practices in medical treatment, education, law, model municipal and state programs, and an overview of how Federal programs impact Illinois.

Partnership Program Particulars

Invitations have been mailed to every mayor (1280), every state legislator (178) and many public health officials (50), in Illinois. In all, more than 1,500 officials are being invited.

This highly influential group of leaders has never had the opportunity to learn about autism from the leading experts in the field. And they have never had the opportunity to be exposed to, meet, and be inspired by so many passionate and intelligent parents.
Date, Time, and Location

The Partnership Programs will be held at the Westin O’Hare Hotel, in conjunction with Autism One 2008.

- The Program for mayors and other officials will be held Thursday, May 22, from 10:30 – 3:00.
- The Program for state legislators will be held Saturday, May 24, from 10:30 – 3:00.

Dream Team
Among those presenting will be: Martha Herbert; MD, PhD, Doreen Granpeesheh, PhD; Anju Usman, MD; Laura Cellini; Kristi Chrysler; and Jim Moody, Esq.
We Need Your Help

Please join us in helping to get your mayor and legislators to the program. We need you to call, write, and fax your mayor, state senators and representatives and ask them to attend.

Even if you are not from Illinois calling the officials will have a positive impact. Local officials will understand the importance of attending by the involvement of parents from around the country.  As we plan to take the program national next year it’s in the country’s best interest for Illinois officials to help end the epidemic and become a national leader other states can look to and learn from.    

Contact information for Illinois Mayors and Village Presidents is HERE.
Contact information for Illinois State Senators is HERE.
Contact information for Illinois State Representatives is HERE.

Talking Points

- Autism is treatable.
- One in 88 boys is diagnosed with autism.
- The Partnership Program will save Illinois money.
- The Program will help children recover.
- The Program covers best practices in medical treatment, education, law, model municipal and   state programs, insurance, and an overview of how Federal programs impact Illinois.
- Recovered children will be on hand to meet officials.
- Congressmen Burton and Weldon are in favor of the Program.
- Illinois can become a leader in the fight against autism.
- Mayors can come to the Program while their police or fire chiefs attend FIRST RESPONDER'S TRAINING. (Both First Responders and the Partnership Programs are free.)   
- Attending officials will have the opportunity to meet the leaders in the field and network with other officials.
- Again, the Program will save children, families, and money.


Invited state officials can RSVP HERE or email [email protected]

Thank you for helping in this important initiative. State-by-state we are going to end the epidemic and take back our children. We are starting in Illinois. 

The Mayoral and Policymakers Partnership Program is supported by the Autism Society of America, A-CHAMP, Autism Research Institute, Generation Rescue, National Autism Association, SafeMinds, Schafer Autism Report, Talk About Curing Autism, and Unlocking Autism.

My Best,
Edmund Arranga
earranga @



"In 1992 there were [only] five (5) school-aged children with Autism .... Today there are 13,000 [!]" That's rather mindboggling .... Perhaps the cause of autism DOES have something to do with new and/or combinations of vaccinations given to toddlers after 1990.

mary wright

i am in Alabama. we(my son Gabe ) need help. we are light years behind everyone in the nation. He is nine years old, and my heart is is broken. i will do anything for him. if i can help let me know. mary wright

Wendy Fournier

I just want to say how wonderful Ed and Teri Arranga are. What amazing advocates for our kids. They work incredibly hard every day while taking care of their two beautiful boys. They quietly and humbly make the world a better place for our children. Teri and Ed, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do!


Every state needs to do this. Great job Ed! I will forward this to my son's doc in IL to see if she can get it around for you.

Teresa Conrick


This is an excellent idea and so great that you are implementing it! Count me in. Autism One is way high on my top ten list and this year looks just outstanding.

Thank you all so much.

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