I agree stagmom (about incredible work!), i just would like to understand more about David's position. my question is a real one, no rhetoric- why does a journalist have to say "vaccinate" instead of "decide for yourself"? i was under the impression that David believed vaccinations to be unsafe and was surprisedto hear his answer. i understand that M.D.s for example are bound by AAP regulations and such and medical advice would have to follow some guidelines, so i am not surprised when i hear something like that from Dr.Jon Poling (we all want him to keep his license to practise medicine, right?), as for journalists, isn't it ALL about THEIR opinion?
again, i am not trying to critisize, i am trying to understand what's going on.


Because David is a journalist. Jenny speaks out as a mom. And both do incredible work for our kids.


Why is David Kirby saying vaccination is still ok??? i understand that he hints at doing their own research (google), but why can't he just say it should be a personal decision? so far only Jenny has said "no way in hell", why is that?


I think it's wonderful that Autism Media has made this clip available. I know many people who missed the press conference on CNN yesterday. I wish someone would offer the entire press conference, however. It is my understanding that the press conference lasted much longer and that Mrs. Poling actually had a Q&A session where she discussed the biomedical interventions they used.

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