These calls are probably handled by an outsourcer who have a script to follow when they type in a reason code. Obviously, management hadn't prepared a script for, "do you get the flu shot?" They most definately should have been prepared for the effecacy and thimerisol questions. To the world's delight this girl was not trained and the manufacturer looks foolish.


I'm sure this girl no longer answers phones. I'm thinking she's in the copy room or fired.

Unvaxed surprise

I was really surprised to hear that the employee herself was not vaxed and more so that she freely admitted it. It must have been the surprise element, you would think that at the very least they would teach their employees to lie with the same ease that they practice themselves.

Now I really would like to know WHY the employee is not vaxed. Do her employers not fear for her health the way they fear for the rest of America? Do they not want EVERYONE to be vaccinated? Are they so zealous in their pursuit of the rest of the country that they simply forgot to take care of the well being of their own employees? What a shame.

It seems they must not be aware of the adage - "set your own house in order before you take on the world." Maybe this adage would have served the current President well. He is so busy taking pot shots at the rest of the world that he clean forgot to put out the fires in his own backyard. Too bad the house is ablaze now. Gee, all you have to do is look out the window and "see."

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