WhrewBy Kelli Ann Davis

The story that the Bush administration is trying to seal vaccine court records (CLICK HERE) has been circulating around the internet causing quite a stir – to put it mildly – during the last several days. In fact yesterday, a few AoA readers posted the link along with their comments.

When it was sent to me yesterday morning, I just about blew a gasket.

But thankfully, it is a “repeat” of A STORY that ran in 2002.

But just to make “double sure” I put a call into my source who is up on all of the Vaccine Court proceedings.

According to him, there is “no current legal document” requesting that records be sealed. 
Furthermore, it is “not currently an issue” although “it’s an on-going concern” because if it were up to the government, they would “prefer to conduct this in secret.”

But, he wanted me to relay the message that we can “be confident that our attorneys would never let that happen.”


Kelli Ann Davis lives in Washington, DC and works closely with members of Congress and Government Health Officials on national autism issues.  Her son Miles, 15 was diagnosed with autism in 1995.  She also has a daughter Janna, 9 who is in a self-contained, academically gifted classroom and enjoys reading college level chemistry books in her spare time.    


David Collins

Who is The Reiki Matix referred to in this article?

Angela S.

The story is definitely getting more attention the second time around! I'm glad it's out there again for people to see who didn't know about it. It helps paint the bigger picture.


Todd Zwillich may have done us a favor by reposting this article since it reinforces a pattern of government coverup with regard to the vaccine /autism connection going back to at least 2002(we know it goes back much further). I think we should cut Todd a little slack since after all he was just giving the other side a small taste of the lopsided information that they dish out to the public on a consistant basis.


AHRP was one of the healthcare blogs which inadvertantly reposted the Winnipeg-disseminated recycling. But the AHRP article which the Winnipeg recycle was linked to was in support of our position and a reiteration of how the CDC is trying to spin the concession away from what it really means: that vaccines cause autism. It was an excellent post other than the link the the Winnipeg reprint. Point being, the fact that some blogs picked up the old story was well intended, even if the reason that Winnipeg reposted this old story and (weirdly) changed the date seems somewhat skeevy. AHRP posted a retraction, though I haven't seen whether Winnipeg has done in kind.


Promoting Openness, Full Disclosure, and Accountability
http://www.ahrp.org and http://ahrp.blogspot.com


Yesterday's Infomail containing an article from the Winnipeg Independent
Media Centre, "US Government Asks Court to Seal Vaccine Records,"
is NOT current! http://winnipeg.indymedia.org/item.php?12522S

I've been informed by several readers that the article was originally
published by Reuters in 2002--

For unexplained reasons the article was re-posted on March 6, 2008 on the
Winnipeg website .

However, the facts are not contested--except that the 1,000 cases mentioned
in the article, now number 5,000 cases waiting to be heard.
And yes, there are other cases of vaccine-related brain damage (autism
spectrum) that have been quietly settled by the government.

Contact: Vera Hassner Sharav

Kelli Ann Davis


It’s anyone’s guess on why the author of the original piece would repost the same story 5 years later without citing that fact.

The original request from the Bush Administration to seal the records was withdrawn because of the public outcry that ensued when they attempted to do it “under the radar” – the ploy totally backfired on them!

We must never forget that our COMBINED voices are a very, very powerful force in this fight!


I was in attendance during last November's "forced immunizations" at the courthouse in Maryland.

I don't know if you saw the YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=forced+vaccination&search_type=) but I was literally escorted to the restroom by 4 armed guards and their attack dogs!!!

If you watch the video, you can see them in the background roaming around the enterance to the building.

For some reason, they considered me a threat. :-)

Jim Witte

>Smith-Kline rep told me that they did not start making thimerosal free
>Hep B vaccines until Jan 2007. I had him repeat this to me twice.

You don't happen to have a cassette tape of that? It would be very useful for the Congressional and/or criminal hearing that will probably be coming up soon. I'm surprised that S-K *admitted* it - isn't that admitting they blatantly an FDA "recommendation". I'm sure it was only a recommendation - the FDA doesn't seem to have the guts to actually put its proverbial foot down when it comes to public heath. ~Jim


Thank you Kelly for your work in DC.
Have you seen this??? Off the AP wire this morning.
This is the lunacy that we are up against. More "free rider" comments as though vaccines are infallible. I was vaxed for the measles twice and have no immunity. I am a vaccinated risk.
Parents May Be Jailed Over Vaccinations
Mar 12 09:06 AM US/Eastern
AP Medical Writer
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LONDON (AP) - As doctors struggle to eradicate polio worldwide, one of their biggest problems is persuading parents to vaccinate their children. In Belgium, authorities are resorting to an extreme measure: prison sentences.

Two sets of parents in Belgium were recently handed five month prison terms for failing to vaccinate their children against polio. Each parent was also fined 4,100 euros ($8,000).

"It's a pretty extraordinary case," said Dr. Ross Upshur, director of the Joint Centre for Bioethics at the University of Toronto.

"The Belgians have a right to take some action against the parents, given the seriousness of polio, but the question is, is a prison sentence disproportionate?"

The parents can still avoid prison—their sentences were delayed to give them a chance to vaccinate their children. But if that deadline also passes without their children receiving the injections, the parents could be put behind bars.

Because of privacy laws, Belgian officials would not talk specifically about the case, such as why the parents refused the vaccine or how much longer they have to vaccinate their children.

The polio vaccine is the only one required by Belgian law. Exceptions are granted only if parents can prove their children might have a bad physical reaction to the vaccine.

"Polio is a very serious disease and has caused great suffering in the past," said Dr. Victor Lusayu, head of Belgium's international vaccine centre. "The discovery of the vaccine has eliminated polio from Europe and it is simply the law in Belgium that you have to be vaccinated. ... At the end of the day, the law must be respected."

Some ethicists back the hardline Belgian stance.

"Nobody has the right to unfettered liberty, and people do not have a right to endanger their kids," said John Harris, a professor of bioethics at the University of Manchester.

"The parents in this case do not have any rights they can appeal to. They have obligations they are not fulfilling."

Aside from Belgium, only France makes polio vaccinations mandatory by law. In the United States, children must be vaccinated against many diseases including polio, but most states allow children to opt out if their parents have religious or "philosophical" objections.

In the U.S. state of Maryland, prosecutors and school officials in one county threatened truancy charges against parents who failed to vaccinate their children. The measure sharply reduced the number of unvaccinated children although nobody has been charged.

The only other case of mandatory polio vaccines is during the Muslim yearly Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. Pilgrims from polio-endemic countries—Afghanistan, India, Nigeria and Pakistan—must prove they have been vaccinated. Saudi officials even give them an extra dose upon arrival at the airport.

Since the polio virus can live in the human body for weeks, it jumps borders easily. That makes health officials even in developed countries nervous, since the threat of an outbreak remains as long as the virus is circulating anywhere.

Polio is a highly infectious disease spread through water that mainly strikes children under five. Initial symptoms include fever, headaches, vomiting, stiffness in the neck and fatigue. The polio virus invades the body's nervous system and can lead to irreversible paralysis within hours. In extreme cases, children can die when their breathing muscles are immobilized.

Incidence has dropped by 99 percent since the World Health Organization and partners began their eradication effort in 1988. But the virus is still entrenched in Afghanistan, India, Nigeria and Pakistan, and occasionally pops up elsewhere.

For developed countries, imported polio cases could cause chaos in the health system, warned Dr. Steve Cochi, an immunization expert at the United States' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

He said that unlike other medical problems, in which rejecting treatment only affects the individual, refusing a vaccine for a transmissible disease like polio puts others at risk as well.

"Most of the time, polio outbreaks do spill into the general population," Cochi said.

Ethicists argue that people who refuse vaccinations are taking advantage of everyone else who has been vaccinated. Once the majority of a population is vaccinated, there are few susceptible people the disease can infect, thus lowering the odds of an outbreak.

People who refuse to be vaccinated are "free riders," Harris said. "They can only afford to refuse the vaccine because they are surrounded by people who have fulfilled their obligations to the community."

Health officials doubt that Belgium's strategy will be useful to countries still battling polio.

"It is up to individual countries to decide their own policies, but we do not feel that imprisonment would help," said Dr. David Heymann, WHO's top polio official.

Cindy Stolten

The article even stated that thimerosal was removed from the MMR vaccine. It was misinformation plain and simple. Is there some sort of memory block? Or, just sloppy work?

Activists Allege Influence Over Vaccine Studies
According to the CDC, all vaccines recommended for children are available in thimerosal-free versions. But some parents say millions of previous exposures helped caused a spike in autism cases since the 1980s. The CDC contracted with the IOM in 2001 to generate a series of reports on possible links between vaccines and a variety of health problems. An IOM committee of outside experts, chaired by Harvard researcher Marie McCormick, MD, found no evidence of a link and concluded that proposed biological explanations for a mercury-autism relationship were "theoretical."
Todd Zwillich, Medscape


I believe as per Google that Todd Zwillich is a freelance reporter covering "science and health care politics and policy since 1996 for publications including Reuters, Science magazine, and WebMD."


So my question is, did he deliberately repost his old 2002 story with a new 2008 date on it and attribute it to the Reiki Matrix? Why should he say thanks to the Reiki Matrix if it was his original story?

Lastly, isn't this a simply unethical and immoral thing to do, letting autism parents think *incorrectly* that this was something that the Bush Administration has done recently. Especially since autism parents have been calling the White House asking for Julie Gerberding's resignation. Letting them think that the President has retaliated by sealing records!

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