Dr_doggieA reader sent us THIS ARTICLE about dogs and vaccines from a Pet Food site. Here's the start:

Back in 1991, my four-year-old Golden Retriever Oliver died very suddenly. Like any grieving 'mum', I asked why. Two years later, Oliver's sister Prudence died of leukaemia, and again I asked why. My other dogs were also suffering: Chappie had thyroid disease; Sophie had crippling arthritis; Samson had autoimmune disease (he died when he was five); and Guinnevere had allergies. I thought I must be the worst dog owner in the world, and tried to discover what I was doing wrong.

I learnt that all of the above can arise from over-vaccination and inappropriate feeding.


Charles Cullen

Don't ever lose faith in vaccines, they have saved our species. Your issues are the product of inbreeding and appalling nutrition, vaccines only cause probs 1 in 10000, and that I'm afraid is as good as it gets


To Anahalia - This information is there for all to see. The CDC and AAP are in denial because they are so afraid of the liability and embarassment which would result from admitting to terrible mistakes that have caused harm to many children. Don't blame the vets -- the CDC and AAP are trying to forestall disaster by suppressing this kind of information.

But I do believe that the proverbial sh_t is starting to hit the fan. They are simply making themselves look worse and worse because this information is beginning to percolate up to general awareness (not withstanding the ignorance of so many New York Times & Wall Street Journal readers who posted comments on the subject).


Although we walk on two feet and dogs walk on four, and we read and write but dogs bark, both dogs and humans are mammals with the same organs and similar immune systems. I found it quite remarkable that veterinarians and pet owners have been noticing many of the exact same conditions in over-vaccinated dogs as parents have been seeing in their over-vaccinated children, including: gastro-intestinal problems/IBD/colitis, epilepsy/encephalitis/inflammation of the brain, anaphylactic shock, behavioural problems, short attention spans, nervous/worrying dispositions, allergies, auto-immune disorders, and kidney damage.

Proponents of the genes-only theory of autism say that these conditions, which so often occur in people with autism, either are just coincidental, co-occuring conditions unrelated to autism (and of course can occur in people without autism), or that the genes which affect the brains of autistic people may also affect other parts of the body. And of course the parents who see a connection to vaccines are just delusional and looking for someone to blame and don't understand science.

But here we have pet owners and veterinarians who have noticed the same effects of over-vaccination in dogs. And there do not seem to be such powerful forces lined up to suppress this information in relation to dogs. This article even describes a vaxed/unvaxed study which found that, "The vaccinated group developed significant levels of autoantibodies of fibronectin, laminim, DNA, albumin, Cytochrome C, transferring, cardiolipin, and collagen. This indicates that, when vaccinated, dogs begin to attack their own biochemistry: they become allergic to themselves."

Recent studies have pointed to higher than average rates of sporadic genetic mutations in humans with autism. This article states, "We need also to be alarmed that the Purdue study showed that vaccinated dogs develop autoantibodies to their own DNA, indicating that vaccines cause genetic damage, and we must question the point of scientific research that looks for genetic defects in our dogs when we are constantly introducing new defects with vaccines."

And check out the quotes from the Merck manual, such as "Merck states that patients with B and/or T cell immunodeficiencies, or from families with B and/or T cell immunodeficiencies, should not receive live virus vaccines due to the risk of fatality (i.e. death). Merck describes features of B and T cell immunodeficiencies as inhalant allergies, food allergies, eczema, dermatitis, neurological deterioration and heart disease... Children under the care of good doctors and nurses ask parents whether any of the above conditions exist in a family and, if they do, they refrain from administering live virus vaccines." Well, it's certainly news to me that Merck says this!! This is just what many parents have been saying, but I haven't heard it from most pediatricians.

She summarizes very well: "We dog lovers are used to relying upon the advice of our vets - who surely are more knowledgeable than us - and we are frightened of exposing our animals to infectious disease." But, "Vaccines are not harmless. Unnecessary side effects and adverse events can be minimized by avoiding unnecessary vaccinations."


"The difference, it seems, is a Veterinarian truly cares about the welfare of animals. They are dedicated to their health and well-being."

Well if these veterinarians are so wonderful, why did they not share this information with the CDC and the AAP? Had the CDC and the AAP known this, they would not have allowed the mass vaccination of our kids, would they have? Is there some way we can tell the CDC and the AAP this? So that they know.

Angela Warner

Having worked as a veterinary technician for several years I can say that veterinarians are much more informed than our pediatricians are when it comes to truly protecting the health of their patients. Veterinary medicine addressed the issue of vaccination in animals long before human medicine.

Funny, I posted something about this on A-CHAMP last night regarding some of the issues of child health that we need to be looking into as they compare to vet medicine. In particular I mentioned the comparison of children to animals with regard to timing of vaccination. Animals do not typically receive any vaccines until they are done nursing which in human years would be roughly after the first year of life. Additionally it was widely accepted that small animals, and sick animals would not receive vaccines. Even if a dog came in with a simple unexplained fever, no vaccination would be given until either the fever was gone or the cause was found.

If we were still at the pediatricians office (that I fired) I would be much more comfortable taking my kids to the vet. As it is, and we are very fortunate, we have a wonderful practitioner for our kids. One who listens, does not push vaccinations, respects our decision to no longer vaccinate, and does not push drugs on my kids!

Great Piece and great comments. Thanks for sharing.


what i appreciate the most about this literature review is the reference to vaccinated versus never vaccinated populations. i wonder when humans will warrant the same sophistication in empirical design.

Julie Rishel

I would trust my vet over our former Pediatrician any day. My elderly cat is overweight and grouchy alot. After taking him to the vet, he recommended medication for his gut, and a SPECIAL DIET! He did a complete work up for diabetes, liver problems, etc., and even kept him over night to see what was the matter. When he found nothing else except a minor kidney issue, he recommended no further vaccines. "I don't know if he could handle them. If we can't find a cause, we should not gamble with vaccines."

My child goes to the Pediatrician for his well visit. I had already been complaining that he had chronic intestinal issues, and had lost some words. He had a cold that day. The Pediatrician said he was well enough to handle all of his vaccines. He was never again the same child. I thought he was just really mad at me for allowing shots. Little did I know he had slipped away almost instantly. The doctor's reply after repeated phone calls? Vaccines don't cause this. It's a coincidence that it happened on the SAME DAY? Give me a break.

The difference, it seems, is a Veterinarian truly cares about the welfare of animals. They are dedicated to their health and well-being. They don't have a "CDC" to tell them lies. They see everything for what it is. Dr. Gerberding, can you please consult with a Veterinarian? Mr. Veterinarian, will you see my son from now on?


In 1989 my son became so ill after his vaccinations. He had a high fever and wouldn't wake up. I was assured by the pediatrician that it was just natural after vaccines. But, being scared and alone I called a friend of my mom's to talk. She started to rail that it was the damn vaccines, the triple jabs in particular. She told me they were dangerous and knew this as she bred dogs and they had begun to have liters that started out perfect and after there shots, had immune issues, and were just plain sickly animals. My son is ADHD, my second son didn't seem to suffer the same effects, I was so worried I watched him like a hawk; however, he is autistic. That is a journey no child or parent should have to travel. I wish my pediatrician had known as much as my mom's friend did from what was happening to her puppies.

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