The Eve of Battle

By Kent Heckenlively

The war has begun.

On Thursday March 6, 2008 at 11:30 a.m. at the U. S. Federal Courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Jon Poling, M.D., Ph. D. and his wife Terry, an attorney and nurse, will hold a press conference about the government’s recent concession that “vaccines” (not just thimerosal or the MMR shot), “significantly aggravated” their daughter’s underlying mitochondrial disorder and led to her diagnosis of autism and seizures.  (The seizure part of the equation was conceded on February 22, 2008.)

Later on March 6, Dr. Poling and his wife will be on the Larry King show.

Let me say that again.  The war has begun.

Hannah Poling was normally developing up until her 18 month vaccination and her “mitochondrial disorder” did not appear until after her vaccination.  It is well-known that approximately 75% of mitochondrial disorders are caused by medications such as the drug AZT (for AIDS) or toxins.  It will be the contention of Dr. Poling and his wife that the vaccines also caused her mitochondrial disorder.

The national media is expected to be out in force for the Poling press conference.  I spoke with a source close to the Polings who told me they were also being interviewed for an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  The source told me he expects this story to quickly go national.

From what I’ve been told, the government could not have picked a more credible couple to whom to make their first concession.  Dr. Poling graduated from Boston University with a masters and undergraduate degree in biology and a GPA of 3.90.  He received his M.D. and Ph.D from Georgetown University and did his neurology internship at Johns Hopkins University, Department of Neurology.  Have I already mentioned that the mother, Terry, is an attorney and a nurse?

My source recommended parents stay away from the press conference tomorrow, but that our community should stay tuned for something big in Washington, D.C. at which we might be able to show our support.

My friends, I believe we are on the eve of battle.  I encourage you to use your voices now to call the Larry King show to tell your own stories, send letters of thanks to those news outlets which cover this event, and anything which in your own estimation will help advance our cause.

I don’t know how long the fight will be, but I’m guessing it will be short and bloody.  When the dust clears, I hope we will have not just an admission of this terrible tragedy, but the best minds of medicine working on how to help our children.

That would be the greatest victory.



What would you like us to do? Let's stop all immunizations. Guess what will happen? Measles,mumps,rubella,tetanus,polio, influenza,etc will all come back. We will now not only have people scarred from the diseases,but so many people dying. People do not remember when people actually died from these diseases because they have been literally obliterated from the industrial nations. I would give just about anything to have a grandmother,but she died from polio when my mother was 17 months old. I have empathy for those with autistic children,but we have gotten so focused on immunizations that we do not look at any other causes. So the next time you hug your child remember my mother who cannot remember any hugs from her mother. Be thankful you have a child to hug,

Frank Hoogestein

It seems to me that the good doctor on Larry King who treats 10,000 Amish only has 1 autistic child, ergo it is not the vaccines, he fails to acknowledge that, of course the Amish have not been exposed for generations to all the Dow chemical foods that has been the staple of the American diet. Which destroys generations of Americans , plus the diseases that are caused because of the chemical foods, which are mostly not accepted in other first rate countries, are also subsequently treated by more chemicals from Big Pharma, which in turn destroys more Americans.

We are now at the stage that three generations of chemically laden Americans are producing children of which a progressively higher and higher number of children have become autistic..

It seems to me, that the Amish proof of no autistic children, confirms this theory. And when money interests i.e. the Chemical Foods and Pharma precedes any health issues this just perpetuates a sicker and more vulnerable public that is an automatic consumer for more Chemicals in perpetuity.
May be this is where all the good doctors should be looking, but it is difficult for any doctor to incur the wrath of Big Pharma and the chemical companies. So everybody seems to dance around and trying to blame every other issue they come up with. It has become a cultural American acceptance, to look everywhere for solutions but for the untouchables.

Emily Fano

CONTACT: Nancy Massotto, Executive Director

Poling Case Demonstrates Need for Transparency and Reform

Caldwell, NJ – The Holistic Moms Network (HMN) - a national non-profit with more than 120 chapters across the U.S. - extends its support to the Poling family, whose daughter Hannah descended into autism within 48 hours of receiving 9 childhood vaccines. “We are always saddened to learn of adverse reactions to vaccinations and the repercussions parents must face when their child is injured,” says HMN Executive Director Nancy Massotto. “The Poling case demonstrates that the ‘one size fits all’ approach to vaccinating children is unsound. Every child has a unique physiology that will dictate their reaction to a drug or vaccine,” says Massotto. “We encourage parents to research the pros and cons of vaccinations, trust their instincts about their children’s health, and take the time they need to make their decisions; because ultimately, parents are the ones who will live with the consequences if something goes wrong, not the doctor and not the government,” says Massotto.

The Holistic Moms Network is not opposed to vaccination, rather the organization firmly supports parents’ individual informed choice for all medical interventions and believes that more transparent and unbiased research into the safety and efficacy of vaccines is needed. Some HMN members like Laurie Cunningham in Fairfax, Virginia decided to vaccinate their 9-month-old daughter after researching the issue. “We’re working with her pediatrician to come up with a schedule that is close to the American Academy of Pediatric’s recommendations, but we have chosen to limit the number of shots at each visit to 2, and we’ve decided to decline certain shots: the Hepatitis B shot because she’s not at risk as an infant, the Rotavirus [live virus] vaccine because we felt the risks outweighed the benefits, and the flu shot because we felt there was too much controversy over its formulation and effectiveness.”

The rising number of vaccines included in the mandatory schedule - given to babies during the most rapid and critical stage of brain and immunological development - has raised additional concerns for parents. In the 1970s, parents were told their children needed 23 doses of 7 vaccines by age 6; today it’s 48 doses of 14 vaccines by age 6. Some HMN members have chosen to delay shots until their children’s immune systems are more robust and others choose not to vaccinate. Cassandra Alls, an HMN member in Annapolis, Maryland says, “I’ve done my research to determine whether vaccines are harmful or not, and for me, the children with vaccine injuries are the evidence. It’s a money machine. It has nothing to do with health.” Critics like Alls point to a February 8, 2005 Los Angeles Times article which reported that, as early as 1991, vaccine-maker Merck knew that the cumulative amounts of thimerosal given to infants in vaccines by 6 months of age was 87 times higher than levels thought to be safe. But thimerosal – preservative containing ethyl mercury - is no longer the only concern.

Parenting expert, Dr Robert Sears has raised red flags about the toxicity of aluminum, used as an adjuvant in vaccines. (Adjuvants are used to amplify the body’s response to a vaccine). At birth a newborn baby typically gets 250 micrograms (mcg) of aluminum in a Hepatitis B shot, and by 2 months - during the first big round of shots - the total dose of aluminum can climb to a staggering 1,225 mcg. Despite a 1996 policy paper by the American Academy of Pediatrics acknowledging that aluminum can cause neurologic harm, Sears says there have been no studies to determine whether the doses of aluminum in vaccines are safe for babies and children. Sears and others are troubled by the lack of adequate safety studies for vaccines. Dr Lawrence Palevsky, a board certified pediatrician in clinical practice in New York, goes further. He encourages new parents to read the ingredients in vaccine inserts before deciding whether to vaccinate their child(ren). Parents are often shocked to see that the list includes Beta-propiolactone and formaldehyde (noted human toxins) Phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), monosodium glutamate, and numerous antibiotics.

Most parents don’t know that they have that right to refuse shots. Barbara Loe Fisher, Director of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) in Virginia says, “The right to informed consent to use of any pharmaceutical product or medical procedure which carries a risk of injury or death is a fundamental human right and a central ethical principle in the practice of modern medicine. Vaccination should be no exception.”
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control acknowledges that 1 in 150 children develop autism in the United States today compared to 1 in 2,500 in 1970. Vaccine choice advocates see a correlation between the rise in the number of shots and chronic illnesses in children. Since the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed in 1986, federal Courts have awarded nearly $2 billion to victims of vaccine damage. Although the government continues to deny a link between vaccines and autism, public concern about vaccine safety, and wariness of official denials, is growing. The decision by the Department of Justice to seal all court documents in the Poling case only serves to fuel suspicion. “The more parents feel deceived, the more they will start to question mandatory vaccine programs and demand more flexible laws,” says Massotto. Both NVIC and HMN support efforts to amend vaccine laws to include philosophical exemptions in states that only have religious and medical statutes (see for individual state laws). “Our love for our children guides us in the decisions we make on their behalf. Parents must be given the time and support they need to make informed decisions with respect to vaccination and other medical procedures,” concludes Massotto. Parents can find a Holistic Moms Network chapter in their area at


I sick over this my son is now 15 and I been living with this now for 15 years and now they are saying from his shots. What a joke. I think these Dr. should live with my son just for a few day to see what I go through. I hope they will have to pay for this and they should. I tell you if I could get them to pay for my son I would do the same.


Finally, just wonderful! I have CHILLS!

In response to "how do they sleep at night?" Well I'm sure the nice vacations they take to exotic places clear their heads somewhat....hmmmm....

Lanie Ashworth

It is astounding that they are still claiming to the general public that the MMR vaccines do not have any links to autism. How many more babies and families will be affected by this before they own up to the truth (and how can they sleep at night).



Bottom Line: Use SINGLE VIALS...they don't contain Thimerosal or Mercury.

A full generation of children in America was exposed to dangerous doses of highly toxic ethyl mercury from 1990 through 2000. Children were injected with toxic mercury that was a major ingredient in a chemical product called thimerosal, an additive and biological preservative packaged into multi-dose vials of many childhood vaccines. With each dose of vaccine that contained thimerosal, a child would also get an injection of toxic mercury. Each one of those mercury injections exposed the child to levels of toxic mercury in excess of the federal government's own safety guidelines.
Mercury is widely known to cause neurological damage, often permanent. Current clinical and epidemiological research suggests that the mercury-laden thimerosal so widely given to children by the drug companies in the 1990's might cause a range of neurological and neurodevelopmental injuries, including autism. Compounding this public health disaster is that the toxic exposure was entirely avoidable. The thimerosal was added merely as product packaging for the multi-dose vials, and is not needed as a preservative when the vaccines are packaged in single-dose vials or single-use syringes. Thimerosal had nothing to do with vaccine safety, and everything to do with the profits and convenience of packaging for the pharmaceutical companies.


If this were China, several hundred federal employees would be facing execution in the very near future. They have dishonored themselves and deceived the very souls who came to them seeking shelter from disease.
I would say, "God help them," but I just can't.
I hope they burn in hell.

Martha Cray

My son was administered the pertussa shot, part of the dpt shot when he was one and a half months old. 18 hours after the shot, he threw up, high running fever, and a high pitched shreeking sound..I even gave him tempra drops right after his shot was administered. I ran him to the hospital, he was collapsing in my arms.
The pediatrician met us there. My son was in the hospital for over a week, when his fever finally broke.
The doctors said his prognosis was rule out sepsis...However, the doctors never gave him pertussa shot after this happened, only dt....

When my son came home from the hospital his entire deminer changed, I had to wake him up to feed him, he gave me no smile back. Before the shot, he was a very alert baby....

At three years old, he was diagnosed with Autism PDD..He grew aggressive, at the age of 10, was residentially placed, and has been transferred to many different group home facilities, he is currently in a NJ institution,and is 23 years old. He has agressive behaviors....I am convinced that the mercury in my sons immunization strickened my son with his autism.

When he was two years of age,


Please let this fight enable all of us in the autism community to FINALLY have a voice, and to have some closure, knowledge, and most of all PEACE OF MIND about what has stolen our children from us.

Jeff Pipes

Let's not forget another battle in the War being waged across the big pond on our right. Dr. Andrew Wakefield begins his defense on March 27, 2008, of his "Fitness to Practice" case brought by the General Medical Council of Britan for daring to bring to light the dangers of the MMR vaccination. He is joined by two other brave Doctors (Dr. Simon Murch and Dr. John Walker-Smith). This has been dragged along for 18 months by the GMC and they (the Doctors) need help and support. To help, see

Bob Moffitt

I think our public health agencies, the CDC, FDA, IOM, HHS and others with vested interests in protecting their own professional reputations, have begun to lose "control" of the debate.

Recent events clearly indicate their once carefully constructed "wall of silence" is beginning to crack, and, the absolutely last thing they want is for the debate to go mainstream. Personally, I don't think they can stop it now.

Entertainment: Eli Stone episode plus increasing discussions on shows like Imus, Oprah, Larry King, Montel, etc. Jenny McCarthy, Diedre Imus and others are no longer censored by program overly cautious hosts that one time wouldn't permit the words "autism and vaccines" to be used in the same sentence.

Politics: Successful state legislation to ban thimerosal, even when these efforts fail, the issue remains politically radio-active. Presidential candidate John McCain speaks out, growing political criticisms of public health agencies likely to require greater oversight if not a complete overhaul.

Science: More and more credible research being done by independent academia....more and more criticism of "peer reviewed" publications for conflicts of interests...or...failing to publish those credible studies. Pure statistics, such as,1 in every 6 American children suffering autoimmune disorders....diminishing IQ of this generation due to mercury exposure....inexplicable increases in formerly uncommon disorders...simply too many for it to be dismissed as "coincidental" any longer.

The public debate is now in full swing and that bodes ill for public health agencies that will find it harder and harder to cower behind their "wall of silence". Eventually, someone is going to have to venture forth from the fortresses at CDC, IOM, HHS to stem the tidal wave of information that threatens to swamp their careers.

As more and more information surfaces, the "old guard" spokesmen are going to be less and less eager to publicly defend the indefensible...after all....who wants to be the "last man shot" in a war already lost?

Jack Russell

I don't think many will be comforted by the the fact that their child's behavior is just "autism-like" as opposed to real autism.

And isn't that an even worse admission...."We don't really know what's wrong with all these kids, but don't worry, it isn't autism."


I feel so alone here in Australia- I wish we would get more help!!! I just want to look after my son- so pleased for this one family- blessings to you and although I can say yes I am envious it helps me to feel justified that when he had that Damn Needle it was not in my head he changed!!!!!!!!


A scientist and lawyer/nurse combo.This must have blown the minds of the lawyers for the government.
Developmental Regression and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in a Child With Autism
Jon S. Poling, MD, PhD
Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD

Looks like Dad did some of the research.
I bet the government lawyers were petrified of him getting on the stand.
It was just a matter of time.
The CDC and Pharma have been playing russian roullete for years.
They shot themselves twice in a short time span once with Jenny McCarthy and now with the Poling family.
When you defend poison instead of little babies what do you think will eventually happen?

Anne Dachel

Officials will of course, stick to their tired old claims. What else could we expect them to do? It's years too late to pretend that they weren't aware of the evidence out there. Paul Offit has already spoken on the case: "What does this decision mean? It doesn't mean anything. The question of whether vaccines cause autism is a scientific one, not a legal one."

One news story said, "Government officials, including those at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, also insisted the decision does nothing to change their thinking."

It will however resound in the public arena. The Poling family will be featured in the news and on talk shows. It won't be hard to see through "autism-like symptoms" and autism. I can't imagine how this will play out, but the clock is ticking and officials remind me of the people in the bunker as the Russians entered Berlin in April, 1945.

Anne Dachel
Media editor

K Mueller

If you think YOU are excited...

...just think how worked up Orac and Dr Offit are going to be!

Sounds like God created the perfect storm with these parents, a neurologist and a nurse. Looks like they had the position and good graces so that they could document their child's regression.

So I wonder. Is the increase in autism do to better diagnosis or just better diagnosis of "autism-like symptoms"?


I am unsure as to why parents should shy from supporting this family tomorrow. The press should under stand this is one case of many.
Look at the list of mito-disorder symptoms it mirrors common issues that plague Autistic children. Hypotonia, slow growth, gastric disorders.
What are mito-disorders treated with diet, B12.
Time to emerge from the shadows and connect the dots.


All of this happening in an election year... As big Pharma frantically scrambles to throw more bling bling at each Presidential Candidate's feet, we come armed with truths that have emerged from our suffering children. It ain't over's true, we have a bloody war ahead of us. But this time, we have real ammunition.


Let us remember God is on the side of the little ones and not on the side the CDC or Pharma or anyone else who opposes the truth.
I believe the cries of the innocent ones and our prayers have not gone unnoticed by the Almighty one.

Sandy Gottstein

Thank you for mentioning your site, Bob. I will make sure it is included in the list of links on Vaccination News.

Bob Catalano

My website exposed vaccines and all medicinal drugs years ago.
Neither the media nor elected officials had any interest in my findings.
Theese people were too busy promoting the medical industry.
They should be found equally guilty of all the outrage being committed by the drug companies.

Harry Hofherr

I would love to see a complete and total submission, and admission, by the government and Pharma, but, they have too much at stake to simply fall down on this issue. I have a sneaky feeling there are a lot of nasty landmines waiting to be uncovered. That said, I do believe they are afraid, very afraid.

Harry Hofherr


I am on the verge of tears. Allow me to quote Hunter Thompson, "There was madness in any direction, at any hour. . . . You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning. . . .And that, I think, was the handle -- that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn't need that. Our energy would simply prevail. There was no point in fighting -- on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave. . . .So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark -- that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back."

I cannot wait until we can all look back and see the high-water mark, the place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.


I hope that Dr. Alan Clark is watching from heaven, and I hope that this devleopment puts a huge grin on Lujene Clark's face. They put in so many years of hard work.


Tomorrow is going to be a big day. The wow and Christmas Eve comments ring true. The magnitude of tomorrow will be HUGE. I don't think I will be able to sleep.


Beautiful! I hope that Kev Leitch watches closely...very closely. He's a parent I just don't get. And I hope Big Pharma has a night of sleep tonight similar to the ones we normally get.

Sargent L. Goodchild, Jr.

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Sandy Gottstein

Leila, I wondered about that, too.

Regardless, I'm with the all I can say is WOW crowd.

Teresa Conrick

Hi Kent,

Wow is right! Great writing here again, and my gratitude for all of you who fight along with me.

Kelli Devine

Please put the fighting to the side and let all the energy and focus go to the children!

David Foster

What really needs to come out of all of this is that this little girl had NO symptoms whatsoever from her "mitochondrial disorder", prior to receiving 5 vaccines in one day. What also needs to come out is that the mercury-containing perservative thimerosal likely CAUSED the mitochondrial disorder in the first place. Go to to see the science on this.

Cathy Jameson

WOW! I cannot think of anything else but WOW!!!


Do we know where we may view the press conference, while, or after it takes place? That sure needs to be on youtube.


I'm confused... CNN says today that the family would not comment because the case is not yet final; only the lawyer would speak for the family on the press conference. So maybe they'll show up but not say a word? Well, but that wouldn't work on Larry King Live.

Barbie Hines

"When the dust clears, I hope we will have not just an admission of this terrible tragedy, but the best minds of medicine working on how to help our children. That would be the greatest victory."

Yes...oh, fingers are crossed...just help our kids! Thanks again, Kent-

Barbie Hines


Let's just see Dr. Max Wiznitzer go after his COLLEAGUE on this one. He, the hired gun of vax companies.


Awesome! Just awesome!

Oh. My. Goodness!!!

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