Flush_toiletBy Jenny McCarthy

I’m asking all parents and autism groups to join me in demanding Julie Gerberding’s immediate resignation as Director of the CDC.

On Monday, March 10th, beginning at 9:00am Eastern Daylight Time, let’s all start calling the White House and ask President Bush & Laura Bush  to demand Julie Gerberding’s resignation for incompetence during the autism epidemic. The White House switchboard can be reached at:


Also, on the same day, please call your local Congressperson and Senators from your state and ask them to call for her resignation, too.

Julie Gerberding has led the CDC for 6 years during a time when the autism epidemic has only gotten worse. Despite tens of thousands of children who declined just like Hannah Poling, Ms. Gerberding stood before cameras yesterday defiant, cold, and defensive. Where is her humanity in the face of such tragedy? Why couldn’t she have said, “We at CDC want to make sure what happened to Hannah doesn’t happen to any other children, we want to make vaccines safe”?

Rather than listen to the heartbreaking stories of so many parents, you can be sure that Ms. Gerberding is spending her time right now trying to get the Spin Machine up and running to minimize, confuse, and deceive the American public.

The autism epidemic won’t end until we fix the vaccine schedule by reducing total vaccines, separating shots, waiting until our kids are older to begin shots, greening our vaccines, and screening for at-risk kids. Ms Gerberding has stood by and watched self-interested parties more than triple our vaccine schedule and I’m certain her inactivity to help our kids will continue.

The chances of Ms. Gerberding taking the radical steps to reform the CDC and reform our vaccine schedule to make it kid-safe are zero! We need a new CDC Director who is an open-minded reformer and who recognizes that we are experiencing an epidemic of autism, which Ms. Gerberding has never publicly admitted.

Please, parents and national autism organizations, let’s all help make our voices heard on Monday.

Thank you,

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy is an actress, author and autism advocate.



Our governement is evil. They don't care who is hurt with vaccines. to them it is russian routleete.....yea, a few kids will get autism but who gives a shit, we will make money and others will receive shots that don't hurt them so we will deny that vaccines hurt people, even though we know that they do, but who gives a rat, we've got to catch our next flight to France and have another important CDC talk and deny more risks and then go Japan and have sushi and maybe meet with obama, who can push through a bullshit healthcare plan that pushes MORE vaccines that cause autism...oh wow..this is the friggin life man...weeeeee....


There is no doubt in my mind that vaccinations can be linked to autism.

Bottom line about vaccinations, there is a VAERS fund that will pay you money if you can prove that vaccination screwed your child up (which is hard to prove because the doctors are usually on the side of the pharmaceutical companies) AND those doctors make you sign the dotted line on not holding them responsible. Also, these vaccinations haven't been around long enough to know the long term effects and then look at the vaccinations that used to be given yet were discontinued (smallpox, polio, etc.)

Just research a little people. I have 2 unvaccinated children and let me tell you, their health compared to all the other vaccinated children is unbelievable! No ER visits, no ear infections, nothing! And it is not a federal law in order for children to go to school. RESEARCH!!


Thank you so much for your responses and advices. I will check out the user-friendly vaccine schedule by Dr. Donald Miller, Jr., MD. I also found out about "The Vaccine Book" by Dr. Sears in which he has an alternative vaccination schedule. Here is his site: http://www.askdrsears.com/default.asp
I know now that I will not follow the current schedule. I will be "in touch". Thank you, again :)

Terri Lewis


Please check out the user-friendly vaccine schedule by Dr. Donald Miller, Jr., MD. It can be found at www.generationrescue.org.

In Dr. Miller's opinion, you shouldn't start vaccinating until age 2, and then your child should only receive one vaccine *every 6 months.*

He also advises against live virus vaccines.

If you want my advice, I would never again vaccinate a 2 month old baby, because I just know about all the things that can go wrong.

If you're tempted to go along with the current schedule anyway, you risk the following:

1% to 2% chance of full-blown autism
10% chance of somewhat lesser brain/immune system damage, which might be labeled Asperger's, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.
10% chance of asthma

(So the odds are like playing Russian roulette with your baby.)

Additional chances of seizure disorder, diabetes, food allergies (sometimes life-threatening), other allergies, and even death (esp. after multiple immunization). They like to call this "SIDS" when the baby is young.

Your baby can (and should) be kept away from people who are known to be sick, especially in the first year of life, to the degree that this is possible.

Since the childhood diseases are rare today, it won't be that hard, at least not in the U.S.

When your child is older, the risk of complications from many of the childhood diseases (chicken pox, measles, mumps, flu) is actually less than the risks you face if you overvaccinate!

Good luck; come back and let us know what you decide. You are far from alone in facing this decision.

Terri Lewis

Craig Willoughby

Dorota, my advice is to go ahead and get the vaccines, but do it on YOUR terms. Insist on single dose vials, and DO NOT let them inject the cocktails (the MMR and DTaP). Make sure you get them one at a time, not 6 a once like so many doctors are prone to do (don't want to inconvenience those poor doctors, do we? I mean, they have a lot of golf to play!). If you can, wait a week between each individual shot to make sure your baby doesn't have a bad reaction. Also, make sure your baby isn't sick when you bring him in as that may compromise his immune response. Finally, always feel free to post here; all of us are willing to help parents who are scared. If anyone else on this site has additional pointers, please post them so that Dorota can get a good range of advice.

Good luck to you!


Thank you Jenny for bring autism to the forefront. I also have made my voice heard by sending an email to Julie Gerberding. Now, I’m stock with impossible decision. I have a 6 week old little boy, and his 2 month immunization vaccines are coming up. I am a stay-at-home mom, so I don't plan to send my son to preschool. After reading your site and gathering information about mercury found in vaccines and autism, I am desperate to getting some advice on what to do. Should I wait longer to get him his shots? Is there such thing as a safer vaccine schedule? I can't help but cry while writing this because I don't know where to get the advice. I've been reading all the information on this site, but I'm not sure what the advice is for desperate parents like my husband and I. How should we handle the needed vaccines? Please, can anyone give me an advice?. I am so worried and nervous. At least, point me in some direction. Please.

Bran Leal

I have a niece and two nephews. Although, I, myself will probably never conceive, I hold a dear concern for those in need. I have made my voice heard, sending a personal email to Julie Gerberding, as well as calling the White House on the number provided. Is there a site that I could be alerted on these updates where I can help as much as possible in this fight for the future generations? I know there are many, just wondering if there are certain things I should be on the look out for.

Damn the man.

kim oakley

Okay, I see that some people aren't thrilled with Ms. McCarthy's diet for her son. Yes, I, too have used diets and they didn't "cure' my son's autism. Nor did they stop his self-abusive behavior (only skin shock therapy contained it and taught him self control that led to a drastic reduction) However, diet does make some difference, so we can conclude that there is much to be learned about what we feed our children. Let's go from there. Maybe, with more ideas and cross-analyzing what others have learned, we can learn new techniques that will enhance our children's lives. After all, it's no secret that food can dramatically alter mood, much like drugs do. Let's keep open dialogue people! We are united by our suffering in this! We need to support each other.

kim oakley

I am the author of Chapter 18 of Families of Adults with Autism: Stories and Advice for the Next Generation. If I can say one thing it is we need to keep fighting for our children, because for some of us, our children are "forever children" who cannot speak and thus require constant vigilant advocacy. I am tired of the lies. For over 18 years I have witnessed the apathy of those who allegedly are "charged with the duty" to help families with autism. Naturally, not all, but there are many folks who claim to be "concerned" and want to "help" our kids....YET, by their apathy we know where they stand. The brutal reality is unless we keep exposing these people are children are going to be names stuffed into file cabinets and computer data bases without the slightest shred of remorse. The fact is our children are fragile. They deserve compassion and dedication. Not words. Not more meetings. Not more empty promises. Not more drive by analysis. Not more funding for programs and experts that never know, aren't sure and are forever perplexed. We need action NOW. C'mon people! Years and years and years of research and we still haven't found a cure? There is soooo much hope! So much we can do. We can't give up. Yes, it's complex, but so is life. Let's keep going. Keep speaking out. Keep telling the experts what we expert parents know to be true. We, the parents are the ones who hold valuable insight that could unlock the keys to so many of the questions floating around on pieces of paper. For example, the fact we know our children were different AFTER immunizations! HELLO! Likewise, the plethora of evidence we know to be true that points to our children's brains were forever changed by a casual shot or shots. So, yea, maybe we can't turn back time, but we can sure as hell do all we can to get our children to a place that they receive the care and treatment they deserve. Don't politicians realize that by caring for the least of us, we are showing true humanity? Isn't God watching us? Doesn't HE expect us to make a difference? Yes, it's complicated. Yes, it takes time...but isn't that what we are here for? Taking the time to make a difference in the lives of ALL of our childrenand the families of children with autism?

Terri Lewis

RE: Our efforts to get Gerberding to resign--this morning, as promised, I've contacted the media--so far, TIME magazine, CBS news, and Larry King Live.

The story: Parents flood the phone lines at the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the phone lines of presidential candidates, and the CDC "hotlines" for a week.

The response is denial and silence. (But I sense fear, since they know we're onto them now.)

But now it's being passed along that we've done this, that we are doing this, that there are hundreds of thousands of us. . .

Dan, your comments elsewhere that the fall will be fast and furious (but that it could still take years) are right.

The wall is already crumbling in various places, not just here.
There is so much corruption, and it's so very, very rotten from the inside out.

Barbie Hines

Most states have some type of exemption...check out this site and see what your state offers:


Many public schools receive additional funding if a certain percentage of the children at that school are up to date on vaccinations...so the school nurses are required to really push for updated vaccinations...many of them do not even know what exemptions are allowed...you may have to educate your school...or your nurse...just check out the link above...they will have examples, etc. of letters you can use...don't let them pressure you!

Sandy Gottstein

Hi Cathy, That's why I said, unless they are in day-care. I should have said day-care or pre-school because that is what I meant. Sorry about the confusion.

Cathy Jameson

Amy..Bella's Mommy,

You are welcome! I am on a mission to help educate other parents since I was so blind before. I feel like I am still learning about this issue. I just wish I had the resources that are available now to new Moms and Dads. Google is the best tool when it comes to doing the research.

Keep reading and do what your Mommy gut tells you. You can delay any or all of the vaccines. It took me a long time to figure that out and too late for my older son Ronan unfortunately. Now though, I can tell his story and continue to educate myself for his future and the future of his younger siblings. When we get ready for our new baby in the next 2 months, you better believe we won't be going anywhere near a vaccine schedule! I already have my birth plan stating to keep all needles away from our newborn.

Keep the faith!

Cathy Jameson


My son's preschool 'required' the shot record. School age is typically kindergarten. Since my preschooler is vax-injured (as is my 5 year old) we got a coveted medical exemption. Even with our toddler, if I had to put her in childcare, they'd require the shot record at registration. I'd do everything possible to make sure she had a religious exemption at the minimum. I hear it is different state to state on how easy the exemption process is. It depends on who at the school is familiar with the laws and how knowledgeable the parents are.

I think the docs try to keep the vaccine parade going and that's where the parents get into the mindset that pediatrician visits = required vaccines. If we can get the message to the parents prior to that first well-baby appointment (heck, even in the hospital at birth with the ridiculous hep B shot), that parents have the right to say thanks, but no thanks, a lot of parents won't feel scared or bullied like I did years ago when it came to 'mandated vaccines.'


Amy....Bella's Momma

Thank You so much for your helpful information and advice. I am so thankful to have other mothers in the world who care about this issue. It seems everyone I talk to think I am crazy for not wanting to continue Bella's vaccinations. So I want you to know that I appreciate you responding to my post.
Thank You Again,

Sandy Gottstein

Everyone needs to remember that vaccines are only required for school. If you have a baby that is not in day-care, there are no requirements, as far as I know, that you vaccinate, even in those states that make it most difficult to get an exemption.


Terri, if you are there, just sent an email to Larry King. My mom suggested we contact him in regards to the fact that our phone calls and emails are being blatantly ignored. I thought it was a good idea. Anyone wanting to help, please go to the CNN website and send Larry and email asking him to investigate why we are not getting a response. Let's keep the momentum going. I feel certain that someone is going to pick up on the story soon.

Cathy Jameson

Amy (Bella's Mommy),

Please try to find a copy of Dr. Cave's book (http://www.mothering.com/articles/growing_child/vaccines/biochemistry.html) and read about the safer vaccine schedule if you want to continue vaccinating. Read about the immune system and how it develops. Read about the reasons to vaccinate, the pros and the cons. Then, read about why each vaccine was created, the chances of you/your child being exposed to the diseases the vax are meant to ward off. Read as much as you can. Also follow the link I posted in the comments section yesterday about vaccine exemptions. You have the power to protect that baby of yours!

Well-baby visits nowadays seem to be just the "line 'em up and shoot 'em up" appointments. I take my children to their well-baby appts., but it's to track their development, not to get ANY vaccines. I've made it clear to our doctor that I cannot continue to immunize my children after what happened to my 5 year old son. Thankfully, I have a doctor who listened to me and is helping us.

I wish you the best--I was once in your shoes thinking I had to vaccinate since that's what 'they' told me to do. I've read to much, seen too much and know too much about the ridiculous vaccine schedule and the fact that it is harming more kids than helping.


Amy....Bella's Momma

I am scared to death and completely confused! My daughter is eight months old and has had all the vaccines required up to this point. About a month ago I bought Jenny's book and I must say it terrified me to think that I could lose my blued eyed baby to darkness all because of vaccines I allowed to be pumped into her for what I thought was her own good. Now I am really freaking out because her next appointment is on March 26th and I dont know if she is scheduled for more shots or not and if she is what do I do? Can I refuse them and go by the safer vaccine schedule or since she has already had previous shots will they affect her if left alone in her system. I really need some help if anyone could please give me some advice because I am going nuts here trying to figure out what to do. Thank You and God Bless everyone going through this horrible and unspeakable nightmare. My heart and prayers go out to everyone! Thank God for Jenny and her resources and efforts I commend her for all she has and will continue to do.
-Bella's Mommy

Cathy Jameson


You tell your doctor you do not want to vaccinate your baby. You have the right and power to do this. If you run into trouble, claim an exemption (depending on what state you are in, you can do a religious, philosophical or medical). Check out http://www.909shot.com/state-site/state-exemptions.htm for specifics.

I wish I'd known as much as I do now about vaccines. I never thought I had any control of the schedule the doc's, CDC, AAP recommend before my son was vax injured. Now that I know, my other children are vaccine free.


Matilda Patterson

I am a special education teacher who is very concerned about the rise of diagnosed autistic students. I have a four month old who is suppose to go for her immunizations tomorrow. This has been bothering me since I was pregnant, but what do I do? Ask for no vaccines or is there a safe schedule that is available for me?

Pat Niehaus

SOMEONE needs to stop this chicanery. Please hear the voices of the people and take the appropriate actions to protect us, rather than considering what is in the best interest of pharmaceutical companies or the wealthy few.

April Howell

I believe that we should also set aside a day to call the White House to demand that the Federal Government pass a law that makes it illegal for vaccinations to be mandated.

Of course Julie should be brought up on charges as well along with anyone else that is worthy of being charged. The CDC has ignored too much to be trusted. The CDC needs a good housecleaning.


Adelaide Zindler, FP (Fearless Parent)

Thanks to Oprah and Jenny many more of us are reconsidering our allegiance to the American Medical Association. The Fearless Parenting Institute has joined in the fight to reverse the epidemic of preschool expulsion and dispel the myths that overshadow the empowered parent.

From the foremost authority in the U.S. on the effects of vaccines to the Chair of Child Development from San Diego State, the Institute is helping to shatter the secrecy surrounding the pre-school years. The 7-week audio training series for parents is finally setting the record straight.

The Fearless Parenting Institute is a think tank of child development, healthcare and parent professionals collaborating to address the needs of today's families. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/medicatedchild/

As early as pre-school we are using book, audio training and life coaching resources to dispel the myths that overshadow the compelling parent. This grassroots effort is the brainchild of our founder Adelaide Zindler, who is regularly featured on Fox and interviewed on radio shows nationwide.

There’s a fearless parent in all of us. Seen your lately?


Thank you, Jenny! Your voice helps the rest of our voices be heard publicly thanks to all your efforts in speaking out against
vaccination safety and the autism link. Keep on fighting and paving the way, we are listening and assisting you by participating
in calling officials too.

Jenny, the statute of limitations for vaccination injuries is seriously flawed too. Not only did the expert neurologists tell parents
that our children's vaccine injuries were "coincidental" they wiped their hands clean by not keeping their cases open for more than
three years when some of the permanent damages could be better assessed. My son still has seizures and they didn't go away as promised.
The neurologist said we didn't have a case, therefore the lawyer wouldn't represent us. Such total b.s!!!
Please help the middle class get appropriate medical care for vaccine injured kids too!
Blessings to you and Evan,


Julie Gerberding = Baghdad Bob without the humor.

Angela Warner

OMG!!!! I've wanted to post this comment for two days now! Jenny - you are our hero! And we love you!

I will be calling tomorrow, as will my husband who is deployed. He usually calls me in the morning and I asked him to call the White House instead of me! JG ding-bat-head needs to go BYE BYE! She is a schmuck and a dink! I don't typically resort to such, but a spade needs to be called a spade and she is much worse...

My husband and I will not be asking for her resignation, we will be demanding it!

Jenny, thank you for all that you (and Jim) have done for the autism community and thank you to the thousands of other parents and advocates I know will be calling tomorrow! Together we CAN, HAVE, and WILL CONTINUE to make a difference!


Tim Welsh

This does not represent anything other than a very special situation," said Dr. Julie Gerberding, head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Who are you going to believe the Boss doing the spin or the Judge that slipped?

The case may not be a first, said Gary Golkiewicz, chief special master for the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. He oversees the special "vaccine court" which rules on requests for payments from the vaccine injury fund.
"Years ago, actually, I had a case, before we understood or knew the implications of autism, that the vaccine injured the child's brain caused an encephalopathy," he said. And the symptoms that come with that "fall within the broad rubric of autism."
And there are other somewhat similar cases, Golkiewicz says, that were decided before autism and its symptoms were more clearly defined


The Definition to "Pulling a Gerberding"

Pulling a Gerberding is ignoring all facts to an unprecedented disaster while in charge at the wheel when it happens.

I would like to get this in the Webter's Dictionary!

CDC I beg you to OUST!!!! Gerberding.


Here is my email to the CDC. (I will call as well.) Thanks, Jenny!

Director Julie Gerberding's response to Hannah Poling's story was truly reprehensible. Per Medical News, "Dr. Gerberding said the case -- although 'sad' -- doesn't change the CDC's recommendations on childhood vaccinations. 'There is nothing about the particulars of this situation that should be generalized to an understanding of the risks associated with vaccines for normal children.'" If nothing else, this story should prompt the CDC to recommend that children not receive many vaccines at the same time. Congressman Dan Burton's grandson had the same experience -- multiple vaccines followed by regressive autism.

I know a couple who adopted a three year old child who was very verbal, social, and meeting age appropriate milestones. They took her to the pediatrician to catch up on her vaccines. After receiving multiple vaccines she lost her ability to talk and became autistic.

Hannah Poling's story is not unique. Many parents tell similar stories of children who develop normally for a year or so, and then react to vaccines with a high fever, shrieking all night, sometimes febrile seizures, and then regress into autism. There are too many stories like this to be just coincidence. This is not just a matter of autism tending to strike at a certain age.

Vaccines have both risks and benefits. The risks and benefits must be weighed. The problems must be studied, not cavalierly denied.

The CDC should be focused on helping our children, not just engaging in a gigantic "CYA". This problem will not go away by itself. Sticking your head in the sand will not help. Thimerosal is not the only problem. There is also aluminum, multiple live viruses, and more. Injecting foreign substances into the bloodstream can sensitize the immune system, provoking an over-reaction. Today's children are suffering from increased rates of a number of conditions such as asthma, severe allergies, autism, and auto-immune disorders, which are the result of immune systems run amok. This is not a good trade-off for illnesses such as chicken pox, mumps, flu, and rotovirus.

Giving babies over 25 vaccines before the age of 2 is an experiment unprecedented in human history.

CDC, please help today's children!

Start by firing Dr. Julie Gerberding. Appoint someone who cares about our children's health and well-being.


Twyla Ramos


Autism Advocate, why waste your energy (and our time and comment space) posting here? Find another site that has like-minded individuals such as yourself (I hear the CDC has a site you might want to post on). You can say what you said, but you don't have the balls to use your real name. Your negativity cannot and will not stop us in our quest. Not one person has ever said that Jenny McCarthy has "discovered anything new," she's just stood up and said, "You can't shut me up!" Do you understand that? I am sorry your child did not respond to the diet (the number of kids successful with the diet is actually higher than "a small percentage"), it is sad when that happens. I understand your anger and resentment; but, we are all on a mission to stop this insanity (meaning vaccine injury and the obscene amount of denial involved), so that no other child or family has to suffer as our children and families have had to suffer. Anyone not wanting that to happen has some serious issues. Anyone not wanting to be a part of something to help the kids is insane. The VAST MAJORITY (do those words mean anything to you? you seem familiar to me) of parents understand the intentions behind Jenny McCarthy's actions. It is a shame you do not.

Barbie Hines

Autism Advocate:

"The CDC has much more on their plate than autism. I have two autistic sons, I am not unfamiliar with the issue. Placing blame on one idividual or even one organization is nonsence. Jenny M. has not said or discovered anything new. Many before her have used the same techniques and interventions, she is not a pioneer in this arena. The diet she touts works only for a small percentage of those with autism. I am all for autism awareness and research but Jenny needs to put herself in check, she does NOT speak for all parents of autism, not even close. Joan of Arc? I think not"

Are you truly an Autism Advocate? Yes...the CDC has more on their plate than autism...however, autism is the greatest of all their current epidemics...how about some prioritization? Are you truly content with sitting back and just waiting for the CDC to address autism? How about putting your sons first...some changes and/or answers may help them...

Jenny McCarthy is a pioneer...what other celebrity has spoken up in support of parents and children suffering from this epidemic...not one...she is a pioneer in my book. Furthermore, the public will listen to a celebrity, or what they hear on Oprah, long before they will listen to their neighbor. Many people have put their children on the 'diet' simply because of Jenny's efforts...and even if just a small percentage of these children have greatly benefited from that diet, well then that's great! If Jenny saved one child due to her efforts, then that's great. Jenny's actions have been far more beneficial to children suffering with "autism" then people who just sit back and wait...and defend the CDC!

Thanks again, Jenny...you are appreciated and applauded by many...please keep helping my son...


I will everyone ont his one....anything to help my niece and babies in the future

Diane Farrr

Don't be hard on Jenny. I am guilty as well. I recovered my child from autism and attribute mostly diet. So damn, me for telling the world!


I'm there! I cannot believe this woman, it is a direct slap in the face to my son!

Kelli Ann Davis

From: timezup

"My child like the Poling child was given shots to "catch up". 15 in one day. He *was* totally normal. We lost him to silence and pain."

This is WHY I fight. How absolutely INSANE.

It’s time for the madness to STOP!

And it begins with Gerberding.


If you are not concerned about your tax dollars poisoning young minds that is certainly your free choice. The rest of us with medically documented metal damage and regression give a damn.
We are not content to have other children left at risk.
My child like the Poling child was given shots to "catch up".
15 in one day.
He *was* totally normal. We lost him to silence and pain.
I cooperated with a government mandated vaccine schedule and my child will pay for that for the rest of his life.
In the meantime, Julie Gerberding will have health benefits, make six figures and live in a gated community.
I highly encourage you to attend a CDC ACIP meeting.
You would find vaccine makers on the podium and distribution top of the agenda. Child safety? Eh no. Not a concern what-so-ever.
Thank you Jenny. You could have opted to recover your son and move on.
Proud to fight with you until vaccines are safe.


Check out this blog...maybe you know this woman...I have never heard of her, BUT I think she's got it right.( http://novakeo.com/?p=1344#comment-45109 )

I'm thinking that if we don't get action after we all call on Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday - I'm sure the lines will be tied up) that we should all plan a protest when the weather gets warmer and school is out. Let's bring the kids and show them what this really looks like. How does July 1st sound? Washington is lovely in July. :-)

10,000 vaccines

Paul Offit vaccine news conference:


"Placing blame on one idividual or even one organization is nonsence. Jenny M. has not said or discovered anything new."

To Autism Advocate -

It is said that when the "representative" of a federal agency incharge of a vaccine program/ schedule (call it whatever you want) comes out in public and blatantly lies to the millions listening in that:

1. the Poling case is unique when it is not so
2. that the vaccine program will continue as though nothing happened

then YES, it is indeed perfectly reasonable to demand for the person's resignation just because there are millions of lives at stake here. Not only those that have been irrevocably *lost* but those that could be, would be, in the future.

Just because you are the proud mama of two "autistic" (your words not mine) boys does not absolve you of your responsibility as a moral, ethical citizen no matter what your personal beliefs on the matter are.

As for the rest of us, leaving the star persona aside (there are plenty of stars who do nothing for the rest of humanity), we find Jenny out in the trenches speaking for us. And by golly, can she TALK! And more importantly, can she get people to LISTEN to her? YES, she can. You need to give adulation where its due, it always DOES find a way.


Jenny, let those who resort to mean-spirited comments wallow in their surly misery. Regardless of what anyone's done in the past, I am grateful for your advocacy. The fact that you've put yourself on the front lines fighting for our kids speaks volumes about your character. Your can-do spirit is inspiring and infectious. Evan is lucky to have you as his mother; we're lucky to have you as our friend and ally. I'll be on the phone Monday morning!

Sandy Gottstein

United we stand, divided we fall.

Raymond Gallup

Dear Jenny McCarthy:

Great idea!!! I saw a 1 minute segment of you on the Larry King show on Thursday, March 6th and it was the highlight of the show, because the pro-vaccine baloney was putting me to sleep.

Ray Gallup
Eric's Story on


Families of Adults with Autism
Stories and Advice for the Next Generation
Edited by Jane Johnson and Anne Van Rensselaer
Foreword by Stephen Edelson, Autism Research Institute, San Diego

8. Raymond Gallup. Raymond Gallup, Co-founder and Director, Vaccine Autoimmune Project. 9. Julie Gallup. Julie Gallup, daughter of Ray.


I am with you Jenny and will be calling. Also lets get some help for our adults with autism too.

Autism Advocate

The CDC has much more on their plate than autism. I have two autistic sons, I am not unfamiliar with the issue. Placing blame on one idividual or even one organization is nonsence. Jenny M. has not said or discovered anything new. Many before her have used the same techniques and interventions, she is not a pioneer in this arena. The diet she touts works only for a small percentage of those with autism. I am all for autism awareness and research but Jenny needs to put herself in check, she does NOT speak for all parents of autism, not even close.

Joan of Arc? I think not . . .


Great Idea...Jenny Keep up the great work!
Any help of contacts up Here in Canada to...?
you would not believe the white washing job Global TV did up here to
down play the truth about Hanna..
like.. this is just one case because she is unique in "her" situation..
just about made me sick..
it sure is a horrible what the government has planned for our children for us..and our animals
all I can say is this is only the beginning..
people really need to take notice of this..
I have seen all to well what is happening to our animals for yrs with
Vaccines.. Great Danes use to live close to 10 yrs .. most do not make it past 4yrs old now and that is a very sad fact..99%of mine that I have bred are still living to 10 and beyond because I stopped using any vaccines over 10 yrs ago..and they are doing very well all over North America with out vaccines, so we can live with out them I have bred over 70 Danes out there living with out them to prove it.
please every one who sees this and is thinking on using vaccines for you children or animals..
really do the research about it .. find out for your self from real live people what is going on..do be snowed by the health people either because they have all been conditioned by higher money powers to push vaccines for money .. making everyone believe you are going to die with out them.. there are other ways to get protection with out using vaccines.. and most the time our body already has immunity to most things past down through our well vaccinated genes already.. Titer tests can give people a clue about your own immunity they do not tell us everything but most the time immunity is already there..
I know in my Danes even after 3 generation with out one Vaccine immunity was present in every dog we tested.. past from the family genes.. just to give every one a idea .. that there is hope with out them.. and it just shows how much we over vaccinate.Our animals have been the real test ground I believe of what is yet to come for us and our children Or is already here.. just my well educated and researched opinion on this subject from real people who are living it and going through something like this every day ..

Kent Heckenlively


At 6:01 Pacific Coast Time I will be calling the White House to demand the resignation of Dr. Geberding. Thank you for being our own John Brown! No retreat! No surrender!

All the best,
Kent Heckenlively

Katie Wright

Thank you Jenny!!!! We will be calling, we will be marching, we will be right behind you. There will be no stopping parents demanding the truth and help for our kids. Enough already with Dr. Gerberding, if this was the private sector she would have been fired long ago. There can be no excuse for the dangerous vaccine preservatives and insanely reckless schedule she has pushed upon our children. The dangerous vaccines, the poison trailers, it never ends... Shame on her and everyone at the CDC responsible for the autism epidemic.


What a splendid idea.
I'm getting sick of my tax payer dollars going to an agency that has blatant disregard for America's most precious resource-our children.
FACT: Mito dysfunction is NOT some rare orphan illness. It effects 1:4000 kids. More than PKU, that is screened at birth. Every 15 minutes a child is born who will be diagnosed with a mito-disorder before the age of 10.
Look at the symptoms and it is eery. My ASD child has 18 of the mito symptoms.
It is sheer garbage to feed the American public sound bites from the CDC.

Hannah had a vaccine reaction and Autism.
Her parents detailed her story to the press. I was there, it was my story, your story and a story I have heard dozens of times, over and over again, as a Rescue Angel.
THIMEROSAL in published studies, PROVOKES mito failure.(study below)
Lyn Redwood from SAFEMINDS has provided the CDC ACIP (Vaccine Advisory) panel with this information over and over again.
A Nurse Practitioner...
A HHS Concession.
A Neurologist Father.
A Critical Care Nurse Mother.
Do they need God to paint it in the sky!
Vaccines can provoke Autism! HHS Concedes to this.
So anyone saying otherwise is deceiving young parents for profit.

I live in Atlanta. The CDC is regularly written up in our papers for misappropriations(Jets, losses of million dollar computer equipment, conflicts of interests with NIH hiring) all under Gerberding's watch.
She promoted a false bird flu epidemic and let a TB patient fly all over the world unrestricted - just exactly what return are we getting for our investment at the sprawling CDC complex in Atlanta?
I draw the line when the health and well being of America's children, 1:150 risk neuro-toxic fallout. Reform this fat, corrupt, government agency NOW!
Those of us who complied with vaccine recommendations, paid their salaries with our taxes and followed ACIP recommendations will fork out millions in lifetime care AND have to listen to their mindless rhetoric covering their gross error.
They had a chance to ban the toxins or at the very least state a preference for Thimerosal free vaccines. Instead they hired a bozo doctor who worked the Pharma speaker's bureau to present at the CDC ACIP advisory meeting last February.
At one point this jackass actually said that British study data showed Thimerosal - a known neurotoxin - was BENEFICIAL.
CALL MONDAY, DEAR GOD CALL before any other kids are harmed!!!!

Mitochondrial Mediated Thimerosal-Induced Apoptosis in a Human Neuroblastoma Cell Line (SK-N-SH)

Michelle L. Humphreya, Marsha P. Coleb, James C. Pendergrassc and Kinsley K. Kininghama, Corresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The Corresponding Author
aDepartment of Pharmacology, Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, Marshall University, 1542 Spring Valley Drive, Huntington, WV 25704-9388, USA
bGraduate Center for Toxicology, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40536, USA
cAffinity Labeling Technologies, Inc., Lexington, KY 40508, USA
Received 6 December 2004; accepted 25 February 2005. Available online 24 May 2005.


Environmental exposure to mercurials continues to be a public health issue due to their deleterious effects on immune, renal and neurological function. Recently the safety of thimerosal, an ethyl mercury-containing preservative used in vaccines, has been questioned due to exposure of infants during immunization. Mercurials have been reported to cause apoptosis in cultured neurons; however, the signaling pathways resulting in cell death have not been well characterized. Therefore, the objective of this study was to identify the mode of cell death in an in vitro model of thimerosal-induced neurotoxicity, and more specifically, to elucidate signaling pathways which might serve as pharmacological targets. Within 2 h of thimerosal exposure (5 μM) to the human neuroblastoma cell line, SK-N-SH, morphological changes, including membrane alterations and cell shrinkage, were observed. Cell viability, assessed by measurement of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activity in the medium, as well as the 3-[4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl]-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay, showed a time- and concentration-dependent decrease in cell survival upon thimerosal exposure. In cells treated for 24 h with thimerosal, fluorescence microscopy indicated cells undergoing both apoptosis and oncosis/necrosis. To identify the apoptotic pathway associated with thimerosal-mediated cell death, we first evaluated the mitochondrial cascade, as both inorganic and organic mercurials have been reported to accumulate in the organelle. Cytochrome c was shown to leak from the mitochondria, followed by caspase 9 cleavage within 8 h of treatment. In addition, poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) was cleaved to form a 85 kDa fragment following maximal caspase 3 activation at 24 h. Taken together these findings suggest deleterious effects on the cytoarchitecture by thimerosal and initiation of mitochondrial-mediated apoptosis.

Keywords: Mercury; Thimerosal; Mitochondria; Neurotoxicity


LOL How about -


Bob Moffitt

I'm in and I will not be the only member of my extended family calling.

To many people, Ms. Gerberding is not unlike FORMER North Carolina prosecutor Mike Nafong, who willfully ignored and withheld evidence that would have exonerated Duke University lacrosse players from false allegation of rape.
Mr. Nafong was not interested in "justice", his only interest was advancement of his personal political career...and..his actions clearly indicate he was quite willing to send these innocent men to jail for 25 years, for a crime he KNEW they did not commit.

Indeed, there is a growing body of incriminating evidence to suggest Ms. Gerberding, in her desire to protect her own political career, may have wilfully ignored or withheld evidence crucial to the investigation of vaccine safety.

Ms. Gerberding should be forewarned of the price Mike Nafong paid for abusing the people's trust....resignation in disgrace, loss of his license to practice law and numerous lawsuits seeking legal redress for his victims.

Fairly or not, Ms. Gerberding's conduct in office has spawned a wide-spread and growing perception she, too, can no longer remain in her position of public trust. She should resign immediately...if for no other reason than to begin healing the broken trust between the CDC and the people they serve.

The clock is ticking, tick, tock, tick, tock.....




If she goes, I pray that she is not replaced by anyone who has spouted similar BS, like Trevathan for example.

I think AAP's Renee should also go. I recall reading a statement from a male "president-elect" of the AAP recently...

There needs to be a major spring cleaning/overhaul of all of these organizations that have been complicit in this autrocity. I am not sure it will happen during this administration though. Remember? "He" promised to removed Thimerosal from vaccines in 1999.

Thank you Jenny McCarthy! You ALWAYS renew my energy when this wears me down.

Cathy Jameson

Sounds like the warpath is being prepped already. What If it does take just us simple ol' BioMoms and Dads to do something this big to get our kids' voices heard? Thanks Jenny and Evan for paving the way!

Cathy Jameson

Sue M

Great idea... count me in. This woman has shown over and over again that she cares more about covering her ass (and the CDC, of course) than she does about the health of American children.

ps. As an aside, would it be a good idea to make phone calls to the CDC directly too (if our fingers aren't too tired) asking for her resignation? Just wondering...

Laura Cellini

Couldn't happen soon enough but maybe we should first ask that she be brought to testify in Congressional Hearings (again) on whether or not the CDC has ANY knowledge - at any point in time- that vaccines or any component in vaccines can cause autism or "autism like symptoms" in a child.
Her use of the term "normal" in her press conference shows she does not even have the tact to be a decent mouthpiece. If nothing else her utter incompetence is pathetic.


I am so glad you stated screening for at-risk children because I believe that is what happened to my son. We've since discovered his underlying problem is an immune deficiency and that's why he should have never had a live vaccine, ie. MMR. Now he is forever damaged.

Diane Farrr

I suggest sending this to everyone in your address book. Plead with your friends to call and support children with autism. Should we also call the CDC, ABC, NBC, CNN, and CBS and jam their lines as well. Let's start raising some hell!


When a football team continues to fail, they fire the coach. The CDC has continued to be negligent in producing factual information about vaccines, their dangers and the connection to Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders. So I say "FIRE THE COACH." The epidemic continues to rise, our children continue to fail at her direction. Get her out of there.. Pronto. Before the life of another child is permanently damaged.


I'm doing index finger exercises right now in preparation for the dial-a-thon (oops! Showing my age there!) My middle finger is already sinewy with muscle.


All the way over here in Norway, this news start to move its way into forums and i think it's not long before it hits the news. Jenny McCarthy are doing a job we have been waiting someone to to. She is "The One" who gets the media attention and she is maybe the one who can make the biggest change we have ever seen in the Autism community.

Wish you all the best in reamoving Julie Gerberding from CDC. I think it might have an global impact...



Jenny you are one of my she-roes! You GO girl! I'm with ya!

p.s. Anyone see the movie Michael Clayton? The character Tilda Swinton plays comes to mind when I think of Gerberding working feverishly behind the scenes to spin and twist this so she can come out smelling like a rose. Sorry, but her b.s. stinks to high heaven!

Carole Frazier

I love all you do for our kids. A great advocate You can count on me and I will pass it onto all I know. My grandson is 9 also regressive autism.





Elizabeth Soliday

You are so right! We need our children tested BEFORE they receive SAFER vaccines, we need testing for mitochondrial disorders, we need insurance coverage, we need disability tax cuts for our children, we need some darn compassion, and we need somebody with integrity in this position that will represent what we need! Thank you for your leadership, Jenny.

Heather O

This is perfect timing. I'm very frustrated with the media and their contusion of the vaccine-autism case, but the media is just a symptom of the bigger problem, with the CDC being at the source. This is a good positive way to channel a lot of energy at a very pivotal time. I'll be calling too!

Michael Hammons

You are our modern age Joan of Ark. I am so with you and by the way I have your back. As it is I feel the problem with Julie Gerberding her main problem wight be one of a many a thing , it might be her heart is 4 times to small but her bank account thanks two the pharmaceutical companies is 100 times to large. I wouldn't touch her ass with a 39 1/2 ft pole. (That was for your Jim) now I need him to make that vomit sound.

Theresa Cedillo

Thank you Jenny for your endless fight for our children. The explosion of autism in this country is a national health crisis. Our children are profoundly ill and suffering. Human lives, our babies' lives, have been irreparably changed and those responsbile must be held accountable.

Theresa Cedillo
Proud Mom to Michelle

Rei Ryan

Count me in! I immigrated to this coutnry for a better life and better opportunity for my son, however, in order to have my son accepted by school district, he had to complete all the vaccinations and these 3-in-1 shot turned my son from a healthy baby to autistic. America, proof me one more time that this is a country where it is great to live and make us proud to count on, I want to make my voice out there, not just have this lady leave, but also get more higher power members( lawmakers, congress members and President of the United States) involved to stop and fix this tragedy for all the children from the past, in the present and future.


You go girl...You are so right! Thank You for all you have done for all of our children. I work for a
DAN Doctor and we have parents calling every day that have read your Book and now have HOPE. You can count me in!

Diane Farrr

Jenny, Bedrok Community will be dialing Monday morning and we will be with you in Atlanta at the CDC. We are ready to "raise some hell"

"Say whoooaaa" to vaccines!

We are grateful for all you have done!

gloria rodriguez


Thanks for all you are doing for our community , We do not have means to re pay you . But our Lord and Savior does have a way to pay back those who are fighting for his angels on earth . You will live along life Jenny and a good one , With Lots of Love if you continue this for our kids .

Many blessings

gloria mother of 2 asd kids


Why does the CDC treat autism parents like a disease to eradicate?
How did this taxpayer-funded agency become captured by industry?
When did fear and fallacy overtake chemistry and common sense?

As one of our guys has stated before, it's time to fumigate Atlanta.


Gosh Jenny McCarthy, you are a doer. A doorbuster. A fearless fighter. A champion for the autism families. Unafraid. Outspoken. Refreshing. There - I've run out of adjectives. Thank you so very much!!


This is great, owing to the timing of the case, but without knowing who they'd try to put in to replace her we might not end up any better off. There'll be a better chance of getting someone better at the CDC under the next administration, however, regardless of who wins the election.

John McCarthy

We can do that

Kristin V.

I am forwarding this to everyone I know. Things must change for the better. I am a mother who is convinced that her daughter has Type 1 diabetes from a particular vaccine she had an injury from, but I am constantly tracking the updates with the Autism link. I am with all of you in mind and spirit! Jenny McCarthy is my hero.

Teresa Conrick

This is GREAT! You are so right that our kids, all kids, deserve better. Humanity, integrity, and concern are traits that Julie Gerberding has never shown about this national emergency.

Count me in!


You have done a tremendous amount to bring autism to the forefront, but I would suggest that you look deeper into the subject matter and really understand that it is everything in the vaccines that is unsafe, not just the thimerosal, or the aluminum or the monkey serum or the formaldehyde or the various antibiotics or the live virus or the dead virus. It is the form of the vaccine, the ingredients and the way it is administered that is the problem.
It would be good for you to be aware that vaccines cannot be safe, ever. In order to make the vaccine schedule kid safe, you would have to abolish it completely. There is no such thing as a safe vaccine.



Jenny's absoutely right on this. There was a time when Gerberding had the oppotnity to do the right thing. She met with a number of us and heard about the dimensions of the problem. We proposed solutions. They were reasonable and actionable. Nothing happened.

Gerberding didn't create this problem, she inherited it. But she has had more than enough time to fix it and she hasn't. She's accountable now and has harmed more children with her delay.

It's time for Julie to go.

Ana Gamondes

I'll be dialing and smiling on Monday. What a great and timely idea and what a great article, Jenny!

Lol, I never knew the words to Cruella-- too, too perfect!

And as long as we're sharing our Atlanta rally song ideas, I wrote this back in the bad old days (a week ago) when the idea of demanding Gerberding's resignation seemed like a distant hope and a radical concept. Not anymore...

Parody of "Fire" by The Pointer Sisters.

For a reminder of the melody:


In a dream the other night
I turned on the radio
There was a health department purge
They had to let some people go
If I said it was a nightmare
You’d know I’m a liar
The whole CDC?
Ooh, Fired

It seems Julie Gerberding
Was sitting on a powder keg
When she said vaccines were safe
She pulled everybody's legs
When they sealed the VSD
You know I felt slighted
And by a grand jury
Ooh, Indicted

They had a hold on us
From the first mandate
Pharma lied about the link
To the rising rates
Now their brass is watching
Nancy Grace from jail
The title of the segment?
“The Pharma Fire Sale”

And in the dream the AAP
Did a Big Tobac
They lied under oath to Congress
Then someone played a wire tap
A bunch of whistle blowers
Sang like a choir
Half the NIH and FDA?
Ooh, Fired

Carrie Elsass

I just sent this on to 200 people. Please let's do this, guys! Can someone at A of A send out an email reminder to all the autism listservs early Mon. AM?

Martha Cray

You can count me in too. The pertussa shot took my sons productive life away, and is now in an institution...


Great idea. I'm with you!

Tim Kasemodel

I was wondering what to do with the momentum.....

Jenny, this is the greatest idea!!

All of us in Who-ville must scream at the top of our lungs!!! From the highest towers, with every trumpet we have!!!

(just had to get the reference in there!)

Jenny Webster

Count me in!

She skinned my puppy!

Cruella de Ville, Cruella de Ville
If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will
To see her is to take a sudden chill
Cruella, Cruella de Ville

The glare in her look, the ice in her stare
You innocent children, you'd better beware
The world was such a wholesome place until
Cruella, Cruella de Ville

First, you think think she's a devil (she's a devil)
And after time has worn away the shock
You come to realize, you see it in her eyes
She's watching you from underneath a rock

That vampire bat that in she released
She ought to be locked up and never released
Like a spider for the kill, that's old
Cruella, Cruella de Ville

First, you think think she's a devil (she's a devil)
And after time has worn away the shock
You come to realize, you see it in her eyes
She's babi-bidi-babi-bidi-badi-bah!

That vampire bat that in she released
She ought to be locked up and tossed away the keys
The world was such a wholesome place until
Cruella, Cruella de Ville
Oh! Cruella
Cruella, Cruella de Ville

Have memory!

Erik Nanstiel

I'm with you, Jenny! Three years ago I was still naive enough to think that Ms. Gerber-ding could do some good at the CDC, but she's part of the problem. A big part. I will join you for calling for her resignation. And I will join you in Atlanta at the rally! Let's get this done!


Oh Gerberding. I will miss her so....


I'm in! I'll forward this to everyone I know!

Christine Heeren

We're with you Jenny! I'll be making my calls on Monday.

John Best

Great idea. I just want to point out that Monday will be EDT not EST.

Angela S

You can count on me monday! Her time is way overdue.

Angela S

You can count on me monday! Her time is way overdue.

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