ImusBy Anne Dachel

This from Don Imus's radio program this morning:

IMUS:  Interview with guest Brit Hume, Foxnews

IMUS:  Let's talk about John McCain.  He's talked about something that I've talked about for years now.  The link between thimerosal, a mercury preservative in vaccinations, and autism.  There's a body of evidence saying there is a link and a body of evidence suggesting they can't find a link.  Anyway, McCain said, I believe down in Texas some place, that he felt there was a link.  Have you heard anything about that?

BRIT HUME:  I don't know anything about that issue, I'm embarrassed to say.

IMUS:  Well, that's fine.  The vaccine court, trying to get to the bottom of this, also ruled in favor of a family, whose child developed autism, and, suggested in some configuration, there is a link.  People call those devastated parents with autistic kids, mercury moms, and they just rail against them.  So, I wouldn't be surprised if he hears about that.

BRIT HUME:  I wouldn't either.

IMUS:  Then you'll find out about it.

BRIT HUME:  Yeah.  I'll be forced to get up to speed on that issue, which I am manifestly not.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor of Age of Autism.



Whatever happened to fact-checking? Less than 2 minutes at Google would have revealed official CA documentation regarding the continued use of Thimerosal in vaccines through 2006.


I am a Fox News Fan but and deeply disappointed with Fox over the Vaccine/Autism issue.Recently Greg Gutfield on Red Eye(Fox late Night)viciously attacked Imus, Robert Kennedy and other autism heroes when a report was released saying there was no vaccine autism connection(when the CA numbers came out). Greg Gutfield said Imus,Robert and others should be issuing apologies for the damage done by their autism/vaccine propaganga and he was vicious.


Gotta love the I-man! All essential body parts are intact.

Bringing about change

"Specifically, what does it mean when Hume says, "....which I am manifestly not"?"

"Manifestly" is a word brainy and well known people used back in the 19th and 20th centuries when they talked of bringing about far reaching changes. Such as:

Don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible.
Edwin Land

Tim Welsh

By the end of the week everyone will be asking...

Why wasn't this article Headline News? John McCain Enters the Autism Wars February 29, 2008?

We are up to more than 100 web logs around the world looking into this question... I will not rest until there is an answer. The two top reasons this should be front page (I would like the top ten please help go answer the question on Yahoo questions Media link above)

1. Senator McCain is one of three people that will posibly be leading our country.

2. This might be bigger than the Watergate scandal... Brush the news that the Government conceded under the carpet... Well we will make it public now... They can not stop us... They are providing the words!!


I guess giving up coffee (after being a one pot a day drinker) has lead to the demise of my ability to understand the english language. Can someone please explain what that entire conversation means? Specifically, what does it mean when Hume says, "....which I am manifestly not"?

Heather O

This is a great piece to wake up to.
Here's the e-mail address to Brit Hume's show Special Report:

[email protected]


"BRITT HUME: Yeah. I'll be forced to get up to speed on that issue, which I am manifestly not."

Yes it is good that it is now *manifestly* apparent to Britt Hume that he needs to get upto speed on this current fiasco threatening to submerge the ENTIRE vaccine program into murky waters. It might also serve some national TV stations - who shall remain unnamed - to get upto speed with the accurate picture regarding some faulty research that the bio-medical community has brought to their attention. Yes, it will doubtless serve everyone *manifestly* well to start speaking the truth, as even Presidential candidates are starting to question the blatant lies being propagated by one and all.

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