Bunnycake_4By Kim Stagliano

Here's to a season of hope, renewal and faith for our children. I thought you'd get a kick out seeing the GFCF Easter cake I made for Mia, Gianna and Bella.

Of course, the M&M's are not GFCF and they have food dye in them, so I'll have to eat them all myself. Ah, the sacrifices a mother makes for her children.

From all of us at Age of Autism, Happy Easter, friends.



Thanks so much for sharing your bunny cake! It is a work of confectionary art. My son likes it a lot.

Cathy Jameson

Happy Easter to everyone! Ronan gobbled up his gfcf dinner and got in some awesome snuggle time with us before he went to bed. That peace-filled snuggle time was icing on the cake (wish we had that bunny cake, Kim!) to this beautiful weekend.



Nice cake Kim! Happy Easter everyone at and on Age of Autism!


I remember the first day we started the my son on the GFCF diet. I poured some rice cereal into a bowl for his breakfast. I was thinking hard about the diet -- wondering how would it be for us, whether it would help him, whether he would mind it, thinking about all the pros and cons that I had heard and read about -- I was thinking so hard that I automatically poured cow's milk on his cereal! So I ate that cereal, and mixed up some more with rice milk.

Beautiful bunny, Kim. Thanks so much and Happy Easter/Happy Springtime to everyone.


Gayatri, that sounds like those delicious little pizzas from Publix bakeries - 'frocaccias' (?). (We are not GFCF.)


Happy Easter Kim. Mia, Gianna and Bella are fortunate to have a mom who loves them so much.

Terri Lewis

Tanner's Dad,

Since we're talking about GFCF, I have to mention that Sami's Bakery has the best GFCF bread we ever tried. I am in no way whatsoever affiliated with Sami's, but I can honestly say: we bought many kinds of GFCF bread and we also tried baking our own. Nothing else came close! (They're online now, and easy to find.)

GFCF is easier now than ever before--lots of convenience foods, lots of alternative breads, crackers, cookies, pasta--you know, the stuff that matters to kids!

Happy Easter to you, too. Peace to all. Terri


"Er, then you DO have to add pizza sauce."

Please tell my husband that. He got the ingredients for a homemade pizza last week - dough, cheese, mushrooms, onions, etc. NO pizza sauce. Which is how we ended up eating it :).


What a beautiful cake!

Happy Easter Age of Autism (and posters). Thanks for all you guys do for us.

April is Autism Awareness Month, so hold on to your Easter bonnets! :)


Oh Tanner's Dad! I am laughing! Don't fret, our first GFCF breakfast, many years ago, was potato chips and OJ - I swear to God! Gluten Free Naturals makes a GREAT GFCF pizza dough mix - just add a few ingredients, stir and pat into a pan (yes, on GFCF you get to use your rusty Pat-A-Cake skills!) Er, then you DO have to add pizza sauce. Don't even bother with a cheese substitute - they're all soy and pretty gnarly. If your child eats veggies, cook em up and make a face on a small pizza. I make them and freeze them. As far as the cookie? So sorry about the tooth! Last year I broke a tooth in half on an Italian hard candy I'd bought for Easter. ARGH! has a TON of the GF foods at good prices. Check it out! Kim

Tanner's Dad

I made my first stab at stocking the shelves with GFCF foods this week. I bought a beautiful looking box that had a pretty picture of a frozen pizza on it. I got it home only to be told by my wife that I had only bought the crust.

I also bought some GFCF chocolate cookies she took one bite and broke a tooth in half. I know that Jenny M. could have a blast with writing a book about the humorous side of our lives. Life is too short to spend too much time crying... Please enjoy your Easter... Thanks to everyone that is fighting for our kids, the world's kids, and our future. Smiles!

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