I just sent this to everyone on my contact list. Yea Forbes! Way to go!


I am 100% convinced the reason all shots are given before children are fully verbal is that it is so much easier for the cdc,pharma and pediatricians to blame any negative vaccine reactions on coincidence or bad genes. If the child was older he could tell his mommy after he got a bad vaccine "Mommy I do not feel good,my head hurts and my stomach hurts and I am so scared.Why did the doctor do this to me?I do not like doctors any more.
The cdc,pharma and the aap will fight to the death to avoid changing the vaccine schedule in any significant way because if they delayed vaccines until kids could talk they would be up to their necks in lawsuits.


Mito mom

"-- Up to 20% of all children with autism may have underlying mitochondrial dysfunction."

We took our son to Dr. Ken Bock ( just yesterday, and during our appointment I asked him whether he had seen other kids with mitochondrial problems (since my son is a mito kid). He said "Not so many kids with straight mitochondrial disorder but many, many, many, kids with mitochondrial dysfunction." He used the word "many" three times. I don't know if 20% qualifies as many, many, many. He was also pretty sure that they DID have mitochondrial dysfunction, there was no question of "maybe" anywhere.

He says it straight, he does not ever mince words. Maybe a reporter might want to interview him to get an accurate picture of the prevalence of the condition as Dr. Bock sees it.


This is HUGE! Forbes is considered mainstream media - no? We will see this everywhere in a few days, hours. Thanks for the heads up - I sent the link to everyone I know!



Julie Rishel

CNN is running an all day Autism show on Wednesday, April 2. You can also view the interview with Dr. Gerberding and Dr. Sanjay Gupta there. I wonder if this will be good or bad publicity? Everytime I see a "special" on autism, I cringe. I hope this one tells the truth, and does not hand the world a pacifier courtesy of the CDC. Good job, Forbes, for coming out with the News.

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