Doug Flutie is a former NFL footplayer, Heisman trophy winner (Boston College) and father of a son with severe autism. He and his wife Laurie founded The Flutie Foundation.

Doug Flutie on football, autism
By Jennifer Brett | Thursday, March 27, 2008, 09:21 PM

Read the full piece from The Atlanta Journal Constitution HERE.

....After his remarks Flutie took questions about both autism and sports. Here are condensed excerpts of his remarks. Questions, which came from audience members, are paraphrased.

Q: Do you think there is a link between autism and vaccines?

A: There is some relation. What it is, I don’t know. I’m not a doctor. All I know is at 2, Dougie’s shooting hoops and talking smack. Next thing you know, he’s tripping over toys. I was never immunized for chicken pox. I did okay.

Q:What kinds of programming would you like to see offered to children with autism?

A: Whatever is going to push the children to be more and more independent.


Terri Lewis

Doug Flutie is on our side. He seems like a good guy.

It may be that he doesn't speak up louder because he doesn't see the connection as clearly. Lots of people still don't. Or can't. And some won't.

But he is on our side, and I'd like to encourage him--and others like him--to look at it really, really hard (I think Simpsonwood is what finally did it for me) until he can see it and understand the implications and not look away.

I still think that's really hard to do.

For me, it was emotionally hard. I got it intellectually before I was able to get it emotionally.

I still get sick about it, and I've understood it "kind of" for about 4 years, and "fully" for about 3 years. Realizing that they--CDC, vaccine manufacturers, IOM, all who know--continue to knowingly poison these kids. Inject poison into babies that will disable them, and not even under the mistaken notion of some "greater good"--because there is no greater good involved, just poison that wasn't taken off the shelves because it would have shown us what happened to all those other babies!

They had to keep killing them--and make no mistake that some have died--and they had to keep poisoning them, or they would've "talked," in a way. . .like anyone who witnesses a crime, all of the witnesses had to be silenced.

And we need to be silenced, too, of course.

So there are probably people right here, right now, at AOA, semi-regular readers, maybe, who will now read for the first time about what took place during the Simpsonwood meeting in Atlanta, GA in the year 2000, and then the layers and layers of covering it up, and the pediatricians involved; actual doctors who would then knowingly poison babies into autism, ADHD, and similar "neurological" disorders, that are way more than just mental disorders.

The comment at that secret meeting at Simpsonwood that basically conveyed (and I paraphrase): "I sure wouldn't let this happen to my kid, but we better keep it quiet, because we're going to do it to yours. . ."

Some people will just happen to read what I've just written, and for some, it will be a sort of "tipping point," sort of like the "toxic tipping point" when each individual child who's going to become sick with the poison starts to go down--the point of no return for some, and no easy return for any.

They'll wonder, and they'll have already seen some information, but maybe never heard of Simpsonwood, and they'll google it, and they'll see.

But I don't think that most people really understand. They don't see. I have to believe that most people really don't understand. Or I would have to think the unthinkable, and my kids need a mommy who's sane, and can look at this, and then do other things, and then think about other things, and still see goodness in most of us most of the time.


Charlie Hoover

Doug says he believes there is a some sort of relation between vaccines and autism but...but what Doug? You afraid to really speak your mind? You afraid of the CDC? For God's sake you had to run for your life from 300 pound defensive tackles and you don't have the balls to speak the truth with conviction. Why aren't you saying LOUDLY for all to hear that your son's autism was the result of his vaccines. And why aren't you, like Jenny McCarthy, LOUDLY demanding access to the Vaccine Safety Data Link by independent researchers and the firing of Julie Gerberding who has done nothing to halt the autism epidemic.

Our kids desperately need influential people to roar like a lion demanding answers and action. Unfortunately Doug, your roar sounds like it came from a mouse.


A Flutie Fan

"Q: Do you think there is a link between autism and vaccines?

A: There is some relation. What it is, I don’t know. I’m not a doctor."

Its okay Doug. You STILL know more than a doctor anyway. And THAT is more than good enough.

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