Seems this is the newest talking point for the other side:

M. wrote:

“Since most autistic children slowly improve over time, so did her son. But the con artist “doctor” took the credit for the improvement.”

Now this is interesting.

Seems this is the “newest” talking point from folks who need to devise some sort of explanation for the thousands of recovered kids.

When Pharma “popped in” to see a “very interested” science person in a congressional committee, this was the argument they used in an attempt to steer this person away from taking a closer look at all of this.

Thanks goodness this person was smart enough to “ask them for the studies” to back up their unscientific claim.

They are still waiting….just like me.

So M. – got any studies to back up your claim that children just “grow out” of autism?

Terri Lewis

Lots of exciting news and suggestions in the comments. I tried to post, but maybe it just didn't show up yet.

Lots of talk about Julie Gerberding and the CDC, of course.

Did I mention? The White House has basically asked Jenny McCarthy if we can all stop calling! We need to just "shut up" and let them "take care of things" I guess!!

Ya know, the last time I looked, this is still America.

And in America, "shut up" is not considered an appropriate response to the wishes of the American people.

This is a national emergency, and we need immediate action.

Once again:

White House main line: 202-456-1111

White House switchboard: 202-456-1414

I tried twice; is anybody getting through? Can you let us know?


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