Knight_on_horse CryShame (please note their web address is is a campaigning group co-founded by a number of UK parents and professionals who are concerned about the catastrophic rise in autism spectrum disorders and in the potential link with environmental toxins– particularly MMR and thimerosol (mercury) containing vaccines.

CryShame is not an anti-vaccine group. Indeed one of the major factors that brings all co-founding parents of CryShame together is that they all complied with vaccination advice from the department of health in ensuring their children were vaccinated against the recommended range of infectious disease from age 2 months onwards.

The immediate mission for CryShame is to support Professor Simon Murch, Dr Andrew Wakefield and Professor Walker-Smith as they stand accused before the General Medical Council of the UK. CryShame additionally supports the democratic rights of scientists and medical practitioners to engage in valid research and to publish relevant findings without fear of prejudice or attack.

CryShame exists to tell the story of what brought these doctors to where they are and to bring public attention to the plight of thousands of children worldwide who regressed into autistic-like regression and/or bowel disease following exposure to childhood vaccines.


Terri Lewis

From several doctors, including pediatricians, I've seen nothing but arrogance and an actual contempt for me and my children. Most others are simply uninterested in what's happened to my son. (Or to my daughter, for that matter, whose asthma was surely related to her vaccinations.)

I've heard the disparity between what doctors say publicly and what they say privately.

From another mother with an autistic child, I heard of a very respected, very highly positioned doctor making the comment privately, "Well, it isn't that there's too much mercury in the vaccinations, it's just that these kids can't handle it."

My blood just froze in my veins at hearing that.

Most disheartening to me was that this other mother continued to work with and (apparently) trust this person!

I could never verify this remark, of course, so the woman who allegedly made it shall remain nameless, but I don't doubt for a minute that it was said, after meeting with this doctor myself. I decided she had nothing to offer us, to put it nicely.

There are good doctors, to be sure, and many who do the best they can.

I wish I knew more of them.

Media or Medicine

From the website, from an essay called "The Complainant" -

"Battles between industries, industrial science and renegade scientists
have become relatively common over the last two decades. It seems
to be a singular feature of these conflicts that they easily spin out of
the academic arena, where the rules of scientific debate used to hold
sway, into the domain of the tabloids where a manufactured essence
is regurgitated in lurid sound bites."

It is a sad commentary on a state of affairs where EVERYONE seems to rely solely on the fickle proclivities of a frivolous media to decide whether or not the state of health of a future generation should be sacificed like a lamb to the slaughter. The moral fabric of those in the medical profession is truly at an all time low - that they find the necessity to have it play out in the public eye like fodder for a media circus. Indeed the medical community, once endowed with the foremost privileged task of safeguarding public health, now seeks its justification and the drive for its survival from manipulating its perception in the very public eye of a recalcitrant audience.


Someone had this site listed with an anti-spam site so that if you tried to send an email with the link in it, some email filters were deleting the message to the trash so that you wouldn't even see it. Sounds like certain people must be afraid of it.

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