ContortionThis classless comment from Dr. Julie Gerberding, head of CDC and Forbes Magazine #23 in the 2006 100 most powerful women in the world:  In a telephone press conference, Dr. Gerberding said the case -- although "sad" -- doesn't change the CDC's recommendations on childhood vaccinations.

"Sad?" She has no idea.

And from Dr. Trevathan: "There is nothing about the particulars of this situation that should be generalized to an understanding of the risks associated with vaccines for normal children," he said."

Is he delusional? Normal Children??? This is the CDC folks. Still trust them after these contortions?

Read the full article  in MED PAGE TODAY HERE.



Whoever provides the pictures for your articles is hilarious!!!! I nearly wet my pants!! Great article, BTW.


I recall in the Autism One Radio interview, it was stated that Hannah Poling's particular case was representative of many of the 5000 cases waiting to be heard.


"Thimerosal was removed from infant vaccines as a precaution following a 1999 agreement involving the Public Health Service, the American Academy of Pediatrics and vaccine manufacturers, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says."


If 'they' are so sure Thimerosal isn't the problem, why do they continuously repeat that LIE?


Diane Farrr

Doesn't anyone else see it! We are talking apples and the CDC and AAP is talking oranges. They are saving lives; they do not care about the quality of life after a vaccine. They will tell us that although vaccines may cause autism, asthma, and ADD; we are saving one or two lives a year so millions can suffer.


From the Forbes magazine -

"Less than a year later, she was promoted to director, and since then she has been readying the nation for the next big health disaster."

How true is that! We should have paid attention sooner.


"The Georgia case was "a very special situation in a child who was genetically predisposed" to develop neurological symptoms under stress, according to Julie Gerberding, M.D., the agency's director."


"Most children with autism do not seem to have mitochondrial disorders," he said.

Someone needs to send them the Daniel A. Rossignol, J. Jeffrey Bradstreet article "Evidence of Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Autism and Implications for Treatment," American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology 4 (2): 208-217, 2008

Turns out my son is this subset:

"One study of 100 children with autism and a
history of clinical regression, but without classical
mitochondrial disease, found evidence of MtD that was
expressed by significantly reduced levels of free and
total carnitine and increased ammonia, alanine, and
lactate blood levels[64]."

MtD is evidence of mitochondrial dysfunction and not classic mitochondrial disease.

Dr. Amy Yasko rountinely prescribes mito supplements to the kids as part of her overall supplementation protocol. You take the mito supplements differently depending on whether you are an over- or under- methylator. Maybe Dr. Yasko or DAN doctors can give more information on how prevalent they think the mitochondrial dysfunction is in the autism population. The Rossignol Bradstreet article describes how you can test for mito dysfunction.

It is grossly incorrect to keep saying that the mito dysfunction is restricted to the Georgia family. I should add that even though we had tests to show that my son had panic levels of alanine, and elevated ammonia (above the reference range) at the time of diagnosis, no recommendations were made for any kind of medical treatment.

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