HellHere's the CDC's latest slide down the slippery slope to acknowledging what I've taken to calling So Effing Obvious: Vaccines can trigger "symptoms that have characteristics of autism" in susceptible kids.

Recall David Kirby's recent piece that mitochondrial susceptibility might be 1 in 50 kids. -- Dan Olmsted

JULIE GERBERDING, DR., CDC DIRECTOR: Well, you know, I don't have all the facts because I still haven't been able to review the case files myself. But my understanding is that the child has a -- what we think is a rare mitochondrial disorder. And children that have this disease, anything that stresses them creates a situation where their cells just can't make enough energy to keep their brains functioning normally.

Now, we all know that vaccines can occasionally cause fevers in kids.

So if a child was immunized, got a fever, had other complications from the vaccines. And if you're predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism.

The transcript is HERE.



Since Gerberding and her equivalents have been so often willing to pathologize and psychobabble enviro parents to death, I have no problem returning the favor.

The mushy-mouthed, widdle girl pronunciation of "gover-ment" had me wondering too. She can't even pronounce part of her own job description? So many in the healthcare professions are on drugs and half the problem seems to be that they *do* take their own medicine (depending on the substance). If Gerberding is a "true believer" in mainstream "medical" theory, then she would surely have interpreted the sleepless nights, anxiety, road-rage and irritability she's no doubt had in response to the growing public concern over vaccination safety and the coalescing of her "opposition" as, um, signs of "genetic brain chemical imbalance" rather than the more sensible explanation: guilt, shame and terror that her impunity and her position may be crumbling.

The other psycho explanation is that it's just deep-seated dissembling: "Wook at me I'm onwy twee! I'm not wesponsibew! I couldn't huwt widdew chiwdwen because I am one!". Some very good people just happen have little voices but it's very weird to see someone this generally aggressive and conniving simper-speaking and, with Gerberding, the tendency seems to have increased as the controversy heats up. Interesting that child molesters are often age-regressed and reduce self-punishment for abuse of children by viewing themselves as peers of their victims.


To me, Gerberding seemed to be drugged. Her speech was a tad slurred. Do ya think she's on some anti-anxiety pills these days?

Diane Farr

I couldn't concentrate on a thing that Gerberding said; pink is definitely not her color.

Tim Welsh

GERBERDING: One of the things that concerns me is while the attention is focused on vaccines, in a sense, it means people are not looking for other causes. I mean, we've got to keep reminding ourselves that the vaccine story has been one that's been debated for many, many years now. We keep looking and looking and looking. And we really cannot turn up any information.

"We keep looking and looking and looking"

Are you kidding me. Where are they looking on the golf course helping OJ find his wifes killer????

Theresa Cedillo

Hi Kelli Ann - thank you. It's such a stark contrast to see her so perfect and healthy in the baby videos and then now when she is so sick. Even we still can't believe it...


Conflict conflict conflict

Gupta: "While the court considers the vaccine autism case, the medical establishment has already passed judgment. More than a dozen large studies finding no vaccine-autism link."

Does Dr. Sanjay Gupta see the conflict here? Can he maybe harp on this a bit IF he actually wants to do some good? Else, its a write-off like any other. Unfortunately.


You would have to be brain dead not to see that she avoided answering questions directly and just answered in spin and talking points.
I think Gupta and many others are starting to get the picture that they would be more truthful if they had nothing to hide.


Kind of like saying a food is "peanut free" except that it was fried in peanut oil, yes? Oh, we MADE it with peanut oil, but that's not an ingredient in the egg roll itself. Sir? Sir? Are you OK? CALL 911!


Again, THE LIE:

"Thimerasol has since been removed from all childhood vaccines and only remains in some flu shots."

K Fuller

I cant believe that Gerberding would talk about the CDC and the Mom's and Dad's that work there! Read the Simpsonwood transcripts where the Grandfather who works for the CDC states that he did not want his brand new grandson getting any shot with thimerosal in it. And then remind us that they are parents also.


The partial link is here -

Why the smiles, was that a veiled threat? If it were me, I would be very worried indeed, there is an ongoing autism epidemic for some 15 if not 20 years now and my agency (which can trace E-Coli in spinach right down to the yardage in a trice) is so far incapable of tracing the cause. There has to be someone providing patronage to the head of the CDC, nobody would be able to smile like that in the absence of that.

And before Dr. Gupta shakes any more hands he needs to understand that just because his daughter is 2.5 years old and so far unscathed, it does not guarantee that she will remain that way the rest of her life. Poison is poison, depending on your genetics it will get some early and it might possibly get some late. Hopefully not, I might add. What we DO know is *this*, that vaccines definitely adversely impact the DNA and the RNA of individuals in a very real way, and caution needs to be observed in the use of the same.

Finally, if there *was* a reporter interested in real reporting he would have known by now that the "government" is not to be trusted. The best people to ask about the disorder are the doctors who treat this, namely DANs - who are not the CDC, who are not the AAP, and who are most certainly not the pediatricians. Certainly not Offit (why him again, don't you know he is extremely boring)!! Also, why only ask the moms and dads at the CDC, why not the moms and dads of spectrum kids?

By the way, the comment on the need to look for the "real cause" eerily reminded me of someone called OJ who weirdly enough has the last name of Simpson! Ouch or Ugh, whatever you might fancy. It might be better if CNN just shut the heck up, that way we wouldn't have to listen to the same old garbage all over again.

Kelli Ann Davis

Gupta: First of all, is there a difference? I mean, does she have autism or autism like symptoms? What's the difference?

Gerberding: Well, you know, I don't have all the facts because I still haven't been able to review the case files myself. **As if she needs any case facts to answer this simple question**

And then she proceeds into the whole A = B = C explanation and ends with “some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism.”

“Dodging the Question” – A+

“Telling Us Something We Don’t Already Know” – F

To Teresa: I absolutely LOVED seeing you and Michelle (with Hubby) on this segment! Your video of Michelle as a young baby broke my heart.

God's best for you -- always.

Teresa Conrick

OK. I avoided listening and reading posts as I didn't want to ruin my day but just read the transcript. Hats off to Gupta for not jumping out of his chair to say, "answer the damn questions" as it was just another infomercial about how great vaccines are and that CDC and Julie G will do little except continue to promote and disseminate the info that THEY WANT THE PUBLIC TO HEAR...

"What we can say absolutely for sure is that we don't really understand the causes of autism. We've got a long way to go before we get to the bottom of this."

She obviously is going to serve her time as CDC honcho and do as little as possible. She and Offit are out of touch with reality as the charade is over yet they still seem to think that they are magicians and can keep us all in the dark as they keep pulling the rabbit out of the hat. It's not working anymore. Their denial of truth (lies) is pathological, DSM worthy, and I'll toss in evil too.


Thanks for the advanced warning.


They are saying vaccines can cause fevers in kids and that this can cause the problems...I am bracing for the next line of thinking - 'well, kids are certain to get a fever if they catch the measles anyway - so better just to keep giving vaccines.' Of course, if this were the case - where are all the autistic children from natural cases of measles and chicken pox? I'm trying to be patient - this is all good progress...but its not enough. They are 15 years late and Gerberding is still spouting off about 'scientific research' proving no link between vax and autism and still we have no study of vaxed vs. never-vaxed. I wish Gupta would be a little more aggressive with Ms. Julie.

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