Flat_earthBy Ronna Hochbein, OTR/L

Know what may be my least favorite sentence in the English Language?

"I don't believe in biological interventions for autism." Um, ok. Did I miss something? Last time I checked, the deluge of scientific information continues to mount on the chemical and physiological deficits in autistic children; and the subsequent therapy models are working.

This is not a construct that one can choose to believe in….or not. It is like saying, "I don't believe in the periodic table of the elements."

In time with David Kirby's coverage on The Huffington Post (HERE) I want to point out yet another recovery story. Before I begin, I must add to the reports EVERYWHERE that the numbers of autistic children are not decreasing—so it MUST not be the thimerosol. Well….I have been in early intervention for 8 years, and OT for 16 years. Five years ago, 90 percent of my caseload was full blown autism.

And now?

My caseload is filled with many other disabilities…rare chromosome disorders, stroke etc. Autism is only 20 percent (if that) of the children I treat daily. Who's wrong? Who has ties or interests? Who's lying??

I don't…I am not in the 5000 cases being tried. I never even filed a claim. I'd like to also post another recovery story if I could. My only 'special interest' is that every kid I see end up on this journal…with their own recovered video. Videos, standardized tests, and dates corresponding with initiation of treatments were kept on this patient.

I will distribute these free…. Recovery IS happening. And I keep taping it! (With the total participation of the warrior moms!) If we now know sulphation (nerve conduction- dyspraxia), methylation (cell signaling and a cascade of other functions), immune modulation and oxidative stress, and glutathione deficits (detoxification, nerve conduction again), gastrointestinal are all issues, why aren't more doctors jumping on the band wagon? All stemming from some specific genetic profiles with possible mitochondrial dysfunction.

Chemistry is chemistry.

Instead of listing the hundreds of applicable research studies…I will insert one link from with video HERE. Our patient below participated in glutathione (inhaled), detox of heavy metals, hbot, anti-fungal treatments, casein free, gluten free diet….numerous supplements.

Here's our girl. Lets all give her parents a cheer—and say hello to her mom at DAN! She'll be there. Why? Although she is doing very well, there are still glitches in the system. Recovery from autism is a rehabilitation process, just like for a cerebrovascular accident, etc. and even recovered kids parents want to know the latest chemical findings…..and to implement them.

Age One

Age Two

One Year Later

So, in closing…some of us have been at this a very long time. Never give up on your child. Keep seeking answers, and they will be given. Don't categorize extremely well thought out treatments as children's myths.

There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere.
Isaac Asimov

Ronna Hochbein, is an Occupational Therapist in Pennsylvania.



I have a 5 y/o Autistic boy with Sensory Integration Disorder, Severe Apraxia, Gastrointestinal & Feeding Issues. All I know is when he was born, I was told he was a healthy baby boy, apgars 9/9. 2 years later he was diagnosed. My son is somewhere inside of himself and I want to pull him out. I believe and have hope that Biomedical & HBOT Treatments are the answer. Please visit my site for information on how you can help bring this into reality.
Thank you

Managing Editor

YG - I suggest you invite your BabyZone members to come to Age of Autism and check out our posts and our sponsors' sites for more information about treatment and the very real possibility of recovery for more children.

Kim Stagliano
Managing Editor


Barbie Hines,
Thank you for your response. I invite you to come to Bulletin Board:Immunizations, Thread subject: Gov't settles vax suit and respond to a mom who had those questions originally.

Barbie Hines


I know recovered kids. In fact, I have personally met at least 5 now in my area...and I haven't gone looking for them. I have heard of many, many others. It is happening...quite often, in fact.

Ronna did not claim that all cases stem from mitochondrial disorders. She said "All stemming from some specific genetic profiles with possible mitochondrial dysfunction." Clearly, genetics are at play here...or the epidemic wouldn't be happening. Since most children would not be tested much less diagnosed for mitochondrial disorders prior to receiving 36 vaccines by the age of 18 months, as those with mild mitochondrial disease may go undiagnosed until adulthood or even until after death, it remains unknown whether or not our children truly had mitochondrial disorder at birth. At the very least, after 36 vaccines by the age of 18 months, our childrens' bodies were functioning as if they had mitochondrial disease.

When my son was 2, we ran our first Metabolic Analysis Profile. It showed deficiencies that are very typical in a person with severe mitochondrial disorder. However, prior to the vaccine assault, he did not have any of the typical symptoms associated with mito disorders. Does he have mito disorder, or did the vaccines just mess him up that bad? Who knows...who cares...I'm concentrating on recovering him. Get out from under your rock...lots and lots of kids have been recovering for years now.


Ronna, One mom from message board has some questions regarding your article. Who says recovery is happening. DANs? Do they have some case-control studies to back up their claims? Given mito occurs at a rate of 1:4000, how can you claim thal all cases stem from mitochondrial disorders?

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