TwinbrushBy Kim Stagliano

Think about taking your child with autism to the dentist. Did a cold sweat just break out on your forehead? Cleanings are difficult, let alone major dental work!

I met Dr. Bob Porper in January, at an autism event here in Connecticut. When I explained I have children on the spectrum, he reached into his sportcoat pocket and pulled out a crazy looking, two headed toothbrush. My eyes popped out of my head! My father is a retired orthodontist. "Open. Bite. Close." was common dinner table talk when I was a kid.  My girls now use the Twinbrush. It's pretty cool!  And I get to pretend I'm the Two Headed Monster from Sesame Street every time they brush!

I'm pleased to announce that Dr. Porper will be writing about oral health care for Age of Autism.  He is generously donating 5% back to the autism community to NAA.  At the end of this post is info on where to order a Twinbrush for your family, and a 10% savings for our readers.  Here are a few words from him.

Hello, my name is Dr. Robert Porper.  I am a retired Oral Surgeon.  In my practice, I specialized in the treating of special care patients, including those with autism. And I understand fully the challenges you face bringing your child to the dentist for care.

Dental disease is the most prevalent disease in the world.  Over 98% of us have some form of it. The best treatment is, of course, prevention. With your children in mind, I designed a line of products and started a company called to making brushing more effective and easier. The Twinbrush has been clinically tested at a major dental school.

Remember, "The mouth is the gateway to good health."  I look forward to communicating with you and as the past Surgeon General of the United States wrote in an article a number of years ago that "You do not have good health unless you have good oral health."

Let's begin our journey!

In good health,
Dr. Robert Porper

To our readers:  Dr. Porper is offering a 10% discount! And he is giving 5% back to the autism community to The National Autism Association for research.   Go to  When you check out, use coupon code "ageofautism" (lower case, no spaces) to save 10%! You'll see your savings before you hit send for the final order.




They opened at new office in San Gabriel recently, brought my children there after they were feeling uncomfortable in the last office we visited. Dr.Amy was wonderful and the rooms were private, They told me they were trained to care for children with autism.

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Great news! Thanks for sharing

dentist london

thanks dude.. iam going to share this post.. with other dentist ppl


In Atlanta, Dr. Healy treats kids with autism, I think his website is . My boys were seen there, nice office but they do charge an extra fee not covered by insurance to see special needs patients. We are going to a new dentist, Wesley Powell across from Northlake Mall next week. Another child w/ autism was there while I brought my daughters for their first visit today. They told me they have experience in this area, and they don't charge extra like the other office so we will go again next week for the boys first visit.

Beverly S. Glenn

I am at my end. I have been trying to find a dentist in Atlanta, Ga., who will treat my 8 year old son. He is autistic and needs to have cavities filled. Can anyone please help!

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This is very useful. Wish I stumbled your site before. Thanks a lot for this valuable information.


vilma banegas

I live at laguna niguel and I have medical insurance my son has 5 years old and he is panic to brush his teeth he is autistic I can find a Dentist for my son please may somebody help me.


Thank you Kim, and thank you, Dr. Porper. We can all use good dental advice for our children. I know all about dental hell. Because of my very soft teeth, lots of sweets and poor dental hygiene, I am 48 years old and am about to have full dentures. I was concerned about my son's teeth because mine were so bad, and also because it can be very difficult getting an autistic child to brush his teeth.

My son is 10 years old, and already he has had extensive dental work under anesthesia twice. It is difficult finding a dentist or a doctor that is willing to accept Medi-cal, at least where we live anyway. The dentist we chose rents a surgical room from the hospital for one day per month and schedules as many special needs kids as he can on that day. There is always a waiting list of at least a month. The anesthesia is provided by others, and they will probably expect the money ($800+) up-front as most insurance companies do not cover it (although I think this is changing).

We were so fortunate to have found this dentist, who said he was willing to accept Medi-cal for my son, even though his receptionists kept telling me that he did not. We did not have to come up with any money up-front, nor did we see any bills, either time. I assume that Medi-cal covered some, but I believe that this dentist must have given his time for free for my son. If anyone lives in northern California, I can definitely recommend a dentist for their children, special needs or otherwise.


Thank heavens for dental professionals like Dr. Porper, who are willing to make life easier for children on the autism spectrum.

"Panic" is right. After reading about mercury from dental amalgam, I've insisted my son receive none -- he'd gotten enough Hg from vaccines... and me. My silver/mercury tooth fillings have all been replaced, at a burdensome cost.

Then I was concerned about nitrous oxide, after reading studies on problems using it with children with MTHFR genetic deletions.

Now there's concern that bisphenyl A in dental sealants may cause hormonal disruption. No cavities, but at what cost?


We all need a Dr. Porper, who is willing and able to work with our kids. Our new dentist in CT is wonderful and patient. And he still has 10 fingers after seeing my girls! Mia, Gianna and Bella have ZERO cavities - but we brush regularly (and now we use the Twinbrush), eat few sticky sweets and drink mostly water. They don't use fluoride, beyond what's in our water.

Cathy Jameson

This is wonderful news. I am taking Ronan to the dentist for the first time next month. I get the heebie jeebies when I think about this 'happy' visit just to see the facility! Maybe I won't need that brown paper bag to breathe in and out of when we bring Ronan to his first cleaning--he's spider monkey boy in tense situations and won't let anyone go near him! Thanks AOA and Dr. Porper for offering advice and hope for me and my son.


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