4_horsemenBy DAN OLMSTED

Back in 2005, when the FDA approved the four-in-one live-virus vaccine ProQuad as safe and effective, manufacturer Merck had high hopes. "Based on the public health benefits realized following the introduction of other combination vaccines, such as M-M-R II, we expect PROQUAD to become a primary option for prevention of measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox," said Mark Feinberg, M.D., Ph.D., vice president of policy, public health and medical affairs, Merck Vaccine Division.

That was then. Now, because of a twice-as-high risk of fever-related convulsions, the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has dropped its preferential recommendation for the four-in-one shot – measles, mumps, rubella (the MMR components) plus chickenpox. Read the story HERE.

As regular readers know, I first raised questions about ProQuad two years ago in a seven-part series titled Pox, focusing on two cases of autism in Olympia, Wash., following clinical trials leading up to the approval of ProQuad. Merck acknowledged they didn't report the cases to the FDA until after ProQuad was approved – just about the time I started asking, as it happened.

There's much more to say about ProQuad – including the fact that Merck last year "suspended" production citing shortages of the chickenpox vaccine, even as it keeps on cranking out the standalone chickenpox shot and the new shingles vaccine. Nobody I know in the environmental-biomedical community believes that after two decades and tens of millions in development costs, Merck ran out of just enough vaccine to fill ProQuad vials.
Then there's the media's stenographic approach to all this. Merck runs out of ProQuad vaccine? Gotcha. Seizures may scare parents but they don't really cause any problems? Ditto. The CDC committee tilts toward ProQuad while studies to determine seizure and fever risks are still under way, then backs away? No big deal.

I'm heading back to Olympia next week to speak at the state autism conference, and I'll do a follow-up story on the families I wrote about two years ago. But meanwhile the question I want to raise is this: What does the higher adverse event rate in ProQuad say about the MMR itself? I think it says that the more live viruses you brew in your cauldron, the greater the risk that once inside a baby's body they will interact in ways that cannot be predicted. ProQuad reflects on the MMR safety profile, in my view, and that should trigger a fresh look at concerns by so many parents that the MMR, as Jenny McCarthy puts it, is "the autism shot."

Andy Wakefield's comments two years ago after meeting with the Olympia parents seem ever more ominous: "It's actually heartbreaking, listening to these parents, for more than just the immediate reasons their child has met this fate. It's that you're staring into an abyss," Wakefield said. "You're listening to stories which reflect the fundamental misconception of vaccine manufacturers of what viruses are and what they do."
Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


Jim Beam

Good job comrades. Spread this news to the people... MAGA!! Don’t vaccinate your children!! Keep fighting the deep state pizza-gate conspiracy!!


Hi Spencer,
thanks for your polite statement.
However, as others have said, you may want to start doing some research of your own.

"Is there a type of double blind study that we can do to see if it is more likely for people to who get the shot to develop autism; yes, and it turns out every time that they are not linked. The same amount of people who get the shot and dont get the shot still get autism."

Someone told you this, didn't they? Who? You have never read those studies yourself, have you?

That's because they aren't doing double blind studies on vaccines. They say it is "unethical' to leave some kids unvaccinated and then study the effects.

But if I am wrong, please link to at least three or four of these studies. You have been told there are a lot of them, ( double blinded of course) right? You could convince me...Always interested in the science. But what if double blinded studies with vaxxed and completely unvaxxed kids aren't there? What would that say to you about the people who told you they exist?
Wishing you well on your information journey



"I do not wish to minimize the tragedy but many time such emotional situations can make people twist facts around to fit their beliefs. One may even say I am doing this right now. However, looking at the evidence with out such emotional constraint keeps me less biased. "

Dear Spencer,
Our society marginalizes whatever experience contradicts the "norm" in order to preserve the status quo. Your training is causing you to be biased against experience and against emotion, and that isn't logical. Your training is sponsored by dishonest people. The infiltration of Pharma into medicine, academia and government goes back many decades.

Millions of parents reporting the exact same story can't be wrong - the exact same story that occurs immediately post vaccination - the exact same scenario that rarely existed decades ago and has increased with the increase in the number of vaccinations. The exact same story that, if connected to any other drug, would have caused the drug to immediately be taken off the market. The exact same story that has happened in other countries, like Japan, that HAS caused the governments to take action. One example, in 2013, the Japanese government withdrew their recommendation for the HPV vaccine after reports of serious adverse events. Medscape reports that the Japanese uptake of HPV vaccine is now at 1% of those eligible (practitioners must by law tell patients that the vaccine is not recommended by the government before administering).

See these MD's and PhD's:
Alvin Moss:,,
Dr. Offit and Dr. Moss:
Suzanne Humphries (coauthor of Dissolving Illusions - 1st chapter is online),
Douglas McKenzie
Anthony Phan
Ramon Ramos
Bob Sears
Patricia Ryan
Cornelia Franz
Fouad Yazbak, Paul Thomas, Physicians for Informed Consent (Calif), Tetyana Obukhanych, Yehuda Shoenfeld, Andrew Wakefield (YES, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND SCRUTINIZE YOUR SOURCES), and many others. See the testimony of thousands of people filmed by the Vaxxed crew at

See the testimony of San Antonio elected criminal district attorney Nico LaHood:

See the films Vaxxed, From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, Trace Amounts and Hear the Silence (British TV movie that was shown in the UK once in 2003 and then banned, resurfaced on youtube with Israeli subtitles a couple of years ago - dramatized account of what happened to Dr. Wakefield - Dr. Wakefield was consulted by the filmmakers)

Many health professionals write for Age of Autism and many comment. One whose comments you may be interested in are those of HarvardMd.

Keep your eyes open. Question EVERYTHING. Do your own research.

Hans Hitten

Posted by: Spencer | August 20, 2017 at 11:12 PM

Spencer , good luck with your research . Sounds like you have a lot of work to do .

Just one question sir , did you take your flu vaccine last year ?
And will you be taking the new one just about to be offered ?
I have spent 10 years reading daily about vaccination , so I really recommend you do .

John Stone

Hi Spencer

"Obviously, I do not believe the link between autism and vaccine"

I don't know why you wouldn't:

But I am glad you are having a favourable employment experience.


I am a new researcher at a vaccine company doing market research on the varicella vaccine. Obviously, I do not believe the link between autism and vaccines; however, I do not wish to comment on that other than to clearly state my position.

I have been doing much research on the supply of vaccines to different markets, and I would like to contest the point made in the argue that the reason they, "suspended" production was because they feared of some link between adverse effects and the proquad vaccine. I found found that it is extremely common for manufacturers to run out of supply due to multiple reasons. Especially the varicella vaccine. Infact, in a 2014 PAHO report they mentioned specifiaclly that demand was increasing faster that production.
Another example is polio, 2 manufacturers Bilothoven and Sanofi promissed to supply over 22 countries with IPV but missed their marks by about 50%. This was because when you try to scale up production sometimes the biochemistry just does not work out the and the virus does not grow.
After reading that part in the article I had to give my 2 cents.

I feel very bad for people who have such unwanted circumstances. I do not wish to minimize the tragedy but many time such emotional situations can make people twist facts around to fit their beliefs. One may even say I am doing this right now. However, looking at the evidence with out such emotional constraint keeps me less biased. Of course their is the money to influence these companies, which should always keep us skeptical, but I am not even getting just an intern doing some research. Soon I will move into another realm of medicine, so for now I remain out of the persuasion of money. I hope you can try to look at the evidence.

I said I wasnt going to do this but here we go.... If autism normally shows up around 12 to 18months which is around the time kids get this vaccine it is easy to think their might be a link. So make a hypothesis, what would it look like if they were linked and what would it look like if they were not. Is it possible for people to have autism and also get the shot; yes. Almost every child gets these shots. Is there a type of double blind study that we can do to see if it is more likely for people to who get the shot to develop autism; yes, and it turns out every time that they are not linked. The same amount of people who get the shot and dont get the shot still get autism. I know it may seem as if it was the a vaccine but demonizing vaccine people is only hurting the ability to prevent disease. I see the people at this company truly dedicated to making a quality product. And they document any and every adverse effect whether its a twisted ankle or a fever. They seem to be honest good people.


My son developed a high fever and a rash after ProQuad, which he received on his fourth birthday. Soon after, he started lining up his toys, losing interest in people, and having monster tantrums. Incidentally, I came across some bloodwork that was done around this time, and his bilirubin levels were double what would be considered normal. I wouldn't doubt that this barrage on his immune system, coupled with his liver's seemingly inefficient performance at the time, played a role in his autism. Our doctor's office no longer uses it. I don't think that's a coincidence-- I imagine lots of kids have been injured as a result of this shot.

By the way, I am NOT anti-vaccine, but I do feel the companies profiting from them need to be held accountable by undergoing unbiased, third-party safety testing. My once smart and affectionate son now requires a lifetime of care, and there's no way for me to prove what the cause for that was.

Theresa for Charlene

Charlene, I don't know when the MMR came out, but I was born in 1978 and received the MMR (not the monovalent shots) sometime in the early 1980s. I think the MMR would have been available for your grandson; however, what strikes me as odd is how young he was when he received it. Five months seems extremely young, even by the CDC's crazy standards. I am very sorry to hear about your grandson's illness, and I wish you the best of luck in recovering at least some of his health.

Tony Caud

the vacine-autism link is one og the biggest cover-ups of all times. The pharmas no these shots are causing harm to kids but its all about the $$$$. The have too much money and will never admit it that they are responsible for all the injured kids...Really a tragedy

Charlene Groves

I have a 24 year old grandson with severe autism. As I remember, when he was 5 months old, which would have been 1985, he was given a measles shot which provoked seizures for which he was hospitalized. My daughter remembers this differently; she thinks it was the MMR shot. I don't think the MMR shot was available at that time. Can you give me a date when the measles shot first came on the scene, and when the MMR shot did?

Raymond Gallup

If you have a three in one live virus MMR vaccine damaging lots of kids like our son, Eric, then it stands to reason a four in one vaccine like ProQuad will up the ante. The vaccine companies and the CDC love to experiment on the USA population. They don't care what happens with the results. Dr. Mengele is alive and well working at Merck.


I think it tells us that we parents have been right when reporting seeing issues following MMR shot. It begs the question ... is autism really a brain seizure in disquise? Autism is the result (vaccine cause) and throw in some genetic underlyings. This would help to explain why kids on the spectrum are so different.

Sandy Gottstein

One of my "favorite" quotes was from Maurice Hilleman (now deceased)of Merck. He said of the measles vaccine, "It provides high level and lasting immunity and is a paradigm for solving major medical problems without really understanding them." ( )

That about says it all. Hubris to the nth degree.

Sandy Gottstein

Boy, Twyla, I couldn't agree with you more about the media and wrote about it more than once 1) "Tiptoeing Through The Minefield of Possible Vaccine Reactions - Mainstream Media's Sins Of Omission" ( )
2) "The Irresponsible Media Coverage of the Institute of Medicine Meeting on Autism and Vaccines" ( )
3) "Has Dan Rather Once Again Failed To Responsibly Investigate An Important Issue?" ( )

I am just giving the links, rather than copying and pasting the entire columns, because you lose the links from the column otherwise.

However, it does look like things are starting to change. More and more I'm seeing, not just news stories about autism and vaccines, but deaths of infants possibly caused by vaccines. That used to be almost unheard of. We can hope......


It is simply amazing to me that, given the results of this study, the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has merely dropped its preferential recommendation of the MMR-with-chicken-pox shot instead of recommending against - or even forbidding - vaccinating for MMR plus chicken pox at the same time.

It is also simply amazing to me that the increased risks of febrile seizures is acknowledged, but the "experts" continue to insist that febrile seizures are harmless, and they continue to deny/ignore the many accounts of post-vaccine febrile seizures followed by regression into autism, often accompanied by inflammatory bowel disease.

My own neurotypical daughter suffered a febrile seizure several days after receiving the MMR and chicken pox vaccines on the same day. Fortunately, she did not suffer the degree of harm that many children have suffered. But I refuse to believe that a seizure with loss of consciousness, even if temporary, is nothing to be concerned about. And, after that her fever always spiked high very quickly with every routine illness. She got eczema when the weather was cold and dry. She had lingering coughs, constipation, and didn't sleep through the night until she was three and a half years old. It seems to me that this is an example of vaccine effects on a smaller scale. When will the authorities start listening to all these accounts?

What is even more amazing is that the press continues to be oblivious, with very rare exceptions, and swallows the CDC/pharma story hook-line-and-sinker, without doing further research, and apparently without using their own eyes, ears, and brains.


While I don't disagree that the MMR is a 'suspect' vaccine when it comes to triggering neurodevelopmental disorders, I think we also need to pay very close attention to the following in light of the reported ProQuad adverse events.

"They said there was five times more chickenpox antigen, the key ingredient, in the ProQuad shot than in the stand-alone chickenpox shot."

I repeat, there was five times more chickenpox antigen in the ProQuad shot than in the stand-alone chickenpox shot.

Having lived through some really scary stuff (TG nothing permanent) after the 'stand-alone' chickenpox shot, I can't help but wonder what that five time increase of a viral derivative is going to do to a fragile immune system. And yes, then add the MMR to that equation, and once again history may be made (but DEFINITELY NOT the kind of history one would want to make)..

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