StormBy Sandy Gottstein

As many of you know, I have long questioned the safety of vaccines.

It has been discouraging on so many levels, it would be hard to list them all.  Among the most frustrating aspects of this effort has been the oft-repeated claim by the "experts" that this, that, or the other vaccine-associated reaction is within the expected frequency for that event.  Never mind that there is no data on the frequency of these events among the never-vaccinated.

The fact that they have gotten away with dismissing any connection when a death has occurred even within hours of vaccination, shows just how entrenched their position has become.  It is no wonder we haven't been able to make any headway (that is, until recently) with other less temporally-associated possible vaccine reactions.

For instance, when a claim is made that a child died within hours of receiving a vaccination, the mantra always is that it is merely a coincidence that the vaccine was given just hours before.  The meant-to-be-reassuring claims will be made that children die suddenly, and given that vaccines are given almost universally, one would expect that some of the deaths would be in close proximity to them.

But as I said in a speech I gave(here), "When a child dies within hours or days of vaccination, the vaccination should be the first thing suspected, not automatically rejected.  And don't kid yourself - calling a death SIDS does not mean the death was not related to the vaccine.  For what is SIDS, after all, but an infant death of unknown cause?  Is no one curious as to the cause?  Again, they will say, 'but that is when SIDS occurs'.
Yes, that is when SIDS occurs among the vaccinated.  But what was the SIDS rate prior to vaccines, prior to smallpox vaccine, prior to DPT?

We don't have that information.  So we don't really know what would be happening were our children not being vaccinated at all.

In fact, if your doctor tells you some new or unusual symptom or disease is not related to vaccination, don't believe him or her, because they CANNOT KNOW THAT and in fact are required, by federal law, to report it.  Not reporting these things just perpetuates the myth that there is no "evidence."

Moreover, when I personally reviewed VAERS vaccine-associated deaths reported for 1998, here is what I discovered: (For more on this go to Scandals: Infant Vaccine Deaths - But Who's Counting? No news is NOT good news. (HERE))

Among the 88 infants that were reported to have died, the following "temporal" associations occurred:

39% of the infant deaths, or 34 of them, occurred by the day following vaccination.
55% of the infant deaths, or 48 of them, occurred by the 3rd day.
72% of the infant deaths, or 63 of them, occurred by the 6th day.

As I said in the column, "This may not be proof, but it sure as heck is evidence.  Clearly, such 'temporal' associations should not be cavalierly dismissed."

But dismiss them we have.  We have taken the "experts'" word for these things for so long that a paradigm shift seemed to be required for anything to change.

Instead we seem to have gotten the perfect vaccine storm.

Until recently, it was possible for the "experts" to excuse the events, sudden deaths, sudden multiple-handicapping, sudden whatever, as normal.  (Long-term risks?  Barely on the radar.)  Because they assiduously avoided studying the never-vaccinated, and one cannot know the potential of a particular infant, they were able to convince the public that what happened was "normal," thus expected for that infant. By that they were implying that such events had always happened, and always would.

In the absence of properly designed studies, it has been hard to prove otherwise.

Then along came the hordes of children with regressive autism. These are children who had been progressing normally, and their parent-advocates were clear as a bell about the events that led to the change:  their once normal child had reached some personal, final vaccine straw.

Unlike a vaccinated infant, whose never-vaccinated potential is destined to remain unknown, however, the already partially realized potential of these older children was stolen from them and their parents know it.

Rather than be crushed by guilt or defeated, these parents are determined to not only find a cure for their children's plight, they are committed to preventing other children from suffering the same fate.

These parent advocates are not only convinced about what caused their children's metamorphosis, they are enormously intelligent, articulate and persevering.  There are simply too many of them to be ignored.

And they are getting their message out.

This perfect vaccine storm is leading to a sea change in attitude, one that is getting harder and harder to dismiss. The perfect vaccine storm and the perfect parent rescuers are now my hope for the future.

Sandy Gottstein is the President of Vaccination News, A Non-Profit Corporation (www.vaccinationnews.org) and long-time advocate for better vaccine safety studies and against mandatory vaccination.  She decided by early 1987 to forgo further vaccination of her children (other than one tetanus) and is the lucky mother of two children with no known vaccine issues.


ms jacobs

my son is now 13 yrs old. UNvaccinated completely. feel free to use him as a control group. he has only missed 6 days of school in 10 years!! and 4 of them were for a broken arm. he is never sick. he is not autistic. and doesn't have add or adhd. or even allergies.


Kelly Noble

get shots....that neuro problems dont disqualify him...

I want to appeal and have no facts!!

Sandy Gottstein

Bob, These are all excellent points you make and questions you ask.

As for the whole "herd immunity" issue, as I once wrote, "A sacred cow will not protect the herd". (from "Warning: Vaccine Sacred Cows May Endanger Your Health" - http://www.vaccinationnews.com/Scandals/2004/Oct_31/Scandal74.htm )

Sandy Gottstein

Andrea, Thank you so much for your extremely kind words.

Judy, All I can say is there is a lot of ignorance out there masquerading as the truth. And you are to be congratulated for not caving in to the pressure.

Bob Moffitt

The "evidence" that vaccines are far less successful than advertised grows every day. Here are just two questions that should raise concerns of everyone:

Why is the United States, among the wealthiest and most developed nations in the world, with a vaccine compliance rate that has been at "herd protection" levels for decades, number 41 on the world's "infant mortality" rate? Indeed, the US lags far behind some nations that have nowhere near our vaccine compliance rates.

Why did Harvard University report this generation of children is far less healthy than all previous generations...in other words....why is the most heavily vaccinated generation in our nation's history...so sick?

One more thing. Dr. Robert Sears, in current Parent Paper magazine reports "The AAP has become increasingly sensitive to parents concerns when it comes to vaccines, and it published new guidelines for pediatricians to follow when parents question vaccines. These guidelines are in the 2006 Red Book of Infectious Diseases that every pediatrician views as "The Bible" on disease information and policy. The "RED BOOK" clearly states:

"A non-judgmental approach is best. Listen carefully and respectfully to the parent's concerns. Inform the parents of the risks and benefits of each vaccine as well as the risks of each disease. For parents who are concerned about miltiple vaccines at one visit, develop a schedule that spreads the vaccines out. Continued refusal to vaccinate after adequate discussion should be respected (unless the child is at significant risk of serious harm during an epidemic). In general, pediatricians should avoid dismissing patients from their practice solely because of refusal to vaccinate.

Andrea Ferguson

Brilliant!! Absolutely brilliant!!!! The study of the "never-vaccinated" had never occured to me. Sandy, as usual, puts her point across well. This article is not only very well written, but also burns with conviction....and hope. Superb, Sandy. Keep up the good work for all the children of the future.


I am a mother of a completely un-vaccinated daughter who will be 7 in April. I can honestly say she is hardly ever sick. Only when she started at daycare did she begin catching cold and flu bugs. If she does ever catch something, it's usually gone in half the time as most kids. She has a very strong immune system.

I am a member of Kaiser and have visited different Pediatrician's throughout the years. There have been one or two Dr's that have given me a hard time about not vaccinating, but I remained strong. They really try and scare you into thinking your child will die if they don't have these vaccines. That is a tough one, but I saw not just a Dr, but an ignorant Man who tried to debate me saying the pharmaceutical industry makes no money on these vaccines and offers them to us as a public service. How about that one?

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