ScarfaceBy Kim Stagliano

This REPORT from SUNY Buffalo reports that scientists are working on vaccination via the mucus membranes, in this case, the nose. This application makes sense in outlying areas of the globe, given lack of sanitation, refrigeration and potable water. But having watched enough of Scarface to know that sniffing/snorting/spraying stuff into your nose can affect your brain I have to wonder about the ramifications of snortable vaccines. I'm sure FDA will make sure they are perfectly safe though.

"If I want to immunize somebody in Uganda with a vaccine that must be injected, for instance, I have to bring needles, everything must be sterile and everything must be kept cold, which means we need refrigeration.

"But if I can vaccinate through the nose, all I have to do is dry the antigen and my adjuvant. When I get to the middle of Uganda, I boil some water, pour in the antigen and adjuvant, stir it up, put it in an atomizer and 'sniff.' The mixture doesn't even have to be sterile, because the nose isn't sterile."

When they figure out how to put Gardasil onto tampons, I'm leaving the country.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.



Thank you Kim for that last line. I have officially wet my pants.
Sadly Tampon vaccines might just be the wave of the future.
Already sublingual vaccines are being researched in Korea.
What is it with our vaccine obsessed culture?
Obesity, Smoking, Sexually Transmitted diseases????
Just freebase your vaccine of choice. To hell with your delicately balanced immune system.
Soon we will be able to pick up the MMR with our breathmints and HPV protection in the Kotex isle if Big Pharma has their way.
I would keep that passport active Kim.
Vaccines are no longer a matter of public health, they are the GNP.

Anne S

Hmm,so boiling water doesn't kill the antigen and adjuvant, so you're left with a pot that has some residue of the vaccine. And that pot then is considered hazardous waste? Or more likely goes back into circulation to cook dinner? Sounds like a good way to spread disease.

Theresa Cedillo

I love the tampon comment. We'll pack up and leave the country with you if it comes to that! I've heard about vaccines being put into bananas. So, how quickly does it deteriorate in the banana? How fast do you have to eat it? What if unmarked bananas get back into the food chain and you eat more than one???

Whatever happened to trying to cure diseases? I know prevention is ideal in an ideal world, but why not work towards curing?

Guinea pigs

"Connell said some of the mutant LT-IIa and LT-IIb adjuvants they have developed appear to exhibit no toxicity in cells, and thus have the potential to exert no harmful effects on neuronal cells. His molecules may be ready for human trials in a year, he said."

Did you say human trials in a year? On the basis of there did not *appear* to be any toxicity? Great science you people practice. Is anybody even the slightest bit alarmed by this cavalier attitude towards human life? This same unconcerned attitude is extended to the autism crisis by the way, just in case anyone was wondering what the hoopla was about. THIS right here is what its about, a complete and utter disregard for life.



Yes, spraying vaccine into the nose means that it can easily get into the brain.

Olfactory neurons connect directly with the brain.

A loss of sense of smell is one way to distinguish between Parkinson's disease and "essential tremor."
If the person still has a sense of smell, it isn't Parkinson's, they say.

Makes one wonder about FluMist -- the flu vaccine that is sprayed into the nose. Causing any brain problems?

Re the abstract below, have to wonder what sorts of things have influenced the olfactory neurons in such cases?

Adv Otorhinolaryngol. 2006;63:133-51.
Olfaction in neurodegenerative disorder.
Hawkes C.

There has been a gradual increase of interest in olfactory dysfunction since it was realised that anosmia was a common feature of idiopathic Parkinson's disease (IPD) and Alzheimer-type dementia. It is an intriguing observation that a premonitory sign of a disorder hitherto regarded as one of movement or cognition may be that of disturbed sense of smell . . . . olfactory dysfunction is near-universal, early and often severe, in IPD and AD, developing before any movement or cognitive disorder.

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