JarvikBoy, The New York Times has no problem going after Big Pharma when it comes to drugs. (Here's the full article, titled "Pfizer to End Lipitor Campaign by Jarvik.")

$258,000,000. That's how much money Pfizer spent on its ad campaign for Lipitor in one year, featuring Dr. Jarvik, he of the artificial heart fame and the very bad hair. 

Oops! He was the inventor of the Jarvik heart - not the artificial heart. And he doesn't actually row - that's a body double in the ads. Did we mention $258,000,000? That's a lot of ABA hours. Speech Therapy. DAN! visits. Yasko RNA's. And quite likely the GNP of several small countries in Africa.


Kelli Ann Davis

To Congressional ado over *nothing*:

Rest assured David’s article went directly to someone who has the power to do something.

Congressional ado over *nothing*

From the article -

"But the campaign had come under scrutiny from a Congressional committee that is examining consumer drug advertising and has asked whether the ads misrepresented Dr. Jarvik and his credentials. Although he has a medical degree, Dr. Jarvik is not a cardiologist and is not licensed to practice medicine."

I am wondering whether this Congressional committee will have the time, energy, and the wherewithal to even take a look at similar misrepresentations in autism as we know it. It seems as though the misrepresentations, the lies, and the cover-ups there are so huge that the question of whether Dr. Jarvik is an actual doctor or not, fades into nothingness. Much ado about nothing in my opinion when there is a monumental transgression waiting in the wings. What is this exactly, a RED herring? Where is the NYT's report on David Kirby's report on vaccines CAUSING mito problems in autism. In fact has that been reported anywhere at all?

Here I was thinking this was big news, its time there were some serious policy changes with regards to the errant vaccination policy thus far implemented. Do we have to do *all* the work or is anyone going to pick it up from here on out?

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