Rally_skull_and_crossbones_2By DAN OLMSTED

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill., Feb. 20 – You didn't need a mercury thermometer to know it was cold outside the American Academy of Pediatrics building early Wednesday morning. But despite single-digit temperatures, a double-digit crowd showed up to tell the AAP they shouldn't be injecting babies and pregnant women with mercury and other toxins.

"They need to start listening to parents' concerns and take them seriously," said Amy Carson from Moms Against Mercury. She and cofounder Angela Medlin came all the way from balmy North Carolina to freeze in front of the AAP, abetted by TACA and NAA Chicago, led by Chapter Development Director Karen McDonough. This was their fifth rally outside the AAP, timed to greet employees arriving at work and remind them that thousands of American families believe vaccines have triggered an epidemic of autism and other developmental and chronic health disorders.

Rally_large_snow_me "They need to stop protecting the immunization program over the safety of the children, and we feel they'd go to any lengths to protect that multi-billion-dollar program," she said. "So I feel they're not doing what their mission statement is, and that is to take care of America's children."

Amy Carson was holding a placard with a photo of her son Kit, who has autism – or, as she put it, was "poisoned by his pediatrician. In the year my son was born in 1996, all his vaccines contained an overdose of mercury except the live virus vaccines. Each time he had a wellness visit and got vaccinated he started to deteriorate more and more, and it became very apparent after his 12-months vaccines, which contained the live viruses.

"Kit has recovered considerably using biomedical treatments and especially after we used chelation to remove the mercury. He's not totally recovered. He will, unfortunately, have permanent brain damage and health issues from having mercury in his body for so long."

Rally_peopleAlso speaking at the rally was Dr. David Ayoub, a radiologist from Springfield. Asked why he was attending, Ayoub said: "I have had some close interactions with AAP people and I lobbied quite a bit in Illinois at several hearings and testified in Massachusetts and interacted early on with the Illinois State Chapter president. This is when I first found out what was going on and I thought they were legitimately uninformed, and so we had several conversations and e-mails back and forth and it didn't take me too long to figure out they pretty much know what's going on."

"They know what?" Age of Autism asked.

"They know vaccines cause autism, I don't think there's any question.

Rally_cash_cow When you get to interact with them and really talk to them about the science of causality … you realize that what they're doing with you is they're pandering.

"They're basically going to deny at all costs. They believe if they say over and over again to their own membership, we've looked at this and there is no association, most of the members buy it. But when you have a little bit of knowledge and you start talking about the specific papers, you can catch them. They have to at some point lie.

They can't ignore the fact that studies show that thimerosal (vaccine ethyl mercury) goes to the brain.

"And when they post on their Web site, thimerosal doesn't go to the brain, you realize that they've really crossed the line. It's a matter of scientific integrity. No organization of this caliber could ignore some of that science. So they're really spinning to the public, but when you push it and talk to them scientifically, they falter. They fall on their face. They show their true color."

Rally_momsAyoub is not a pediatrician and does not have an affected child, but another of the several doctors attending the rally told me that radiologists and pathologists are the smartest and best-informed members of the medical profession. "They look at pictures," he said, "and the rest of the time they sit around and read." By contrast, he said, pediatricians are overworked and rely on multiple brief visits for their income; if their trade association (the AAP) reassures them they are causing no harm, most have neither the time nor the wherewithal – nor the financial freedom – to challenge that.

Most, but not all.

Another speaker at the rally was Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, who leads Homefirst Medical Services in Chicago. That practice, as Age of Autism has reported, has thousands of never-vaccinated kids and virtually no cases of autism or asthma.

"I was raised by not only a wonderful mother but a wonderful grandmother," Eisenstein told the crowd, "and I look around here and I see mothers and grandmothers here telling everyone there is a problem. Being raised by a mother and a grandmother, when mothers and grandmothers talk, Mayer listens.

"I woke up this morning and looked around and I said, you know, there's no mercury in the thermometers, there's no mercury in the contact solution, the saline solution, and we're told not to eat fish with mercury. Does it make any sense that we should inject mercury into our children?

"But mercury isn't the only issue," said Eisenstein, who also has a law degree and a master's of public health. "As an attorney, I learned in law school you never limit yourself. I look at some of the signs here, we've got mercury, aluminum, antifreeze, aborted tissue and monkey kidney -- 'a recipe for disaster.' I defy anyone in that building to come out here and drink a cocktail that contains all these types of ingredients."

The crowd cheered.

"It makes no sense," he continued. "It's not even an issue of giving vaccines or not giving vaccines. When vaccines can be produced without these ingredients, why are they doing this? Well, it defies logic."

But mercury was on most people minds and signs, at least as a signifier for the broader issue of dangerous vaccine ingredients, an untested vaccine schedule and the unyielding opposition of the AAP and other mainstream groups to biomedical treatments designed to undo that kind of damage.

Angela Medlin, the Moms Against Mercury co-founder, said her son Will. 13, has also benefited from chelation. "We started with oral DMSA and then oral DMPS and that was the writing on the wall for us that we had a child with heavy metal poisoning because suddenly our child was coming back to us," she said. "I wouldn't call him fully recovered but my gosh, he is such a different child. I'm so proud of my son Will, I tell him every day how proud of him I am. I get tears in my eyes every time I say it because I didn't think he would be where he is today. I'm glad I didn't listen to my pediatrician."

She reached up to wipe away a tear, which was a good thing. In another few seconds it would have frozen to her face.
Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


curt linderman sr

I was the pissed off dad at the rally. My wife kim is the biomed mom working untiringly to recover our son kaden, i want answers..... and soon! I encourage all dads to get involved with this issue. these moms are exausted and doing so much with so little help (and financial alone doesn't cut it guys). get out there, get pissed off, and start demanding the answers from these people. I may never get to throw a ball or go do some serious fishing with my boy (unless my wife and the rest of the biomed community has something to say about that) and the aap did this, they caused this. this wasn't some freak genetic accident that I can blame God for, this was our doing, our medical community and I'm pissed! I will never rest until these people are in jail and these pharmaceutical companies are for sale!

Angela Warner

Funny... most folks wouldn't know what a nephrologist was... I guess we all do!

It all ties in together.

I've not listened to much music lately, but right now I just put on as I was typing this Zepplin's "Your Time Is Gonna Come".

Lying hurting cheating... not playing your game anymore AAP, CDC, FDA, Big Pharma!!!! Your Time Is Gonna Come and I believe that time is now!

Shit is about to hit the fan! FINALLY! We've all been smelling it for years - it's about time they (AAP, CDC, FDA, Big Pharma) smelled some stinky yeast (Hep B), MMR infested crap too! :) I'm all done being nice...

I told some folks awhile back that they messed with the wrong mom. Don't mess with the momma bear... and they did... big mistake... they're now basically scrambling to - shall we say - save face... Ooopps!

I can't remember where this comes from - forgive me - "never underestimate the powers that be" - Oh they did, and WE are the collective powers that be!

Dr. E and Dr. A Thank you for speaking the truth! Many know it, but it is a rare few who will speak out. Those who do are persecuted much as midwives were long ago, and continue to be today. Our collective voice grows everyday!

Thank you,


"Go on now, don't you think you owe your audience the truth?"

The thing about truth is, its extremely subjective. What is truth to one person, is anathema to another. Finding the middle ground between those two extremes is near impossible. Anyone dare bridge that gap?

Mom in Chicago

I've heard US vaccine companies are taking the thimerisol out of many of our vaccines of late, but they are sending the old stock with thimerisol to China. If we see a surge in autism there in the next 5-15 years, then NOBODY can deny the connection. Let's keep our eyes peeled!


To Truth be told -
"Go on now, don't you think you owe your audience the truth?"

How much are you willing to wager that NOBODY from the media is going to contact Dr. David Ayoub to ask him anything. If anything, they are going to run as far away from him as possible.

Truth be told

"They can't ignore the fact that studies show that thimerosal (vaccine ethyl mercury) goes to the brain.

"And when they post on their Web site, thimerosal doesn't go to the brain, you realize that they've really crossed the line. It's a matter of scientific integrity."

Did anybody catch these lines? Hello - is the (Big) Media out there listening? The great entity that you have been blatantly quoting to the public at large is a big fat LIAR. Now I dare you to go to Dr. David Ayoub, a radiologist from Springfield, and find out how he made such an allegation. Go on now, don't you think you owe your audience the truth?

Sandy Gottstein

I just found a quote concerning circumstantial evidence that I think is just perfect:

"Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk."
Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

As concerns autism, we not only have found a trout in the milk, we actually put it there.


Maybe you can educate them with peer reviewed published data to the contrary? Or maybe the MSDS Thimerosal data? Or maybe The Journal of Child Neurology...

J Child Neurol. 2007 Nov;22(11):1308-11.

Blood levels of mercury are related to diagnosis of autism: a reanalysis of an important data set.

Desoto MC, Hitlan RT.
Department of Psychology, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls,
Iowa 50614, USA. cathy.desoto@...

The question of what is leading to the apparent increase in autism is
of great importance. Like the link between aspirin and heart attack,
even a small effect can have major health implications. If there is
any link between autism and mercury, it is absolutely crucial that
the first reports of the question are not falsely stating that no
link occurs. We have reanalyzed the data set originally reported by
Ip et al. in 2004 and have found that the original p value was in
error and that a significant relation does exist between the blood
levels of mercury and diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder.
Moreover, the hair sample analysis results offer some support for the
idea that persons with autism may be less efficient and more variable
at eliminating mercury from the blood.

PMID: 18006963 [PubMed - in process]

just another skeptic

Tonight I was at a medical meeting and sat next to a nephrologist. I asked her, "Do you know anything about mercury in vaccines?" She said, "I know it's associated with all kinds of neurological disorders in children." Yes, everybody BUT the pediatricians know.

Funny, I have seen two neurologists, a dev ped, a physiatrist and a world-famous child psychiatrist with my child. We live in a major urban area and these are highly trained people who have spent years both diagnosing and studying developmental issues. I asked all of them about the vaccine theory, all of them said it had no evidence supporting it.

But hey, these professionals who work with asd and other developmental issues EVERY SINGLE DAY cannot have the expertise of Dr. Ayoub, or the average unnamed nephrologist!

Have you people no shame? How dare you cast such aspersions on one of the most underpaid, overworked segments of the medical world just to serve your conspiracist leanings.

Sandy Gottstein

In my opinion, the AAP has long been corrupt. It just wasn't as obvious. As was evidenced by letters I received and posted on my website some years ago, however, they have long been in the pocket of the vaccine manufacturers. Here's the link: http://www.vaccinationnews.com/Scandals/Feb2002/VaxToAAP.htm

We would not even know about these leters were it not for discovery in some trial.

By the way, Susan, I think your idea about a rally at Autism One is great. I hope I can make it.

Erik Nanstiel

Nice seeing you at the rally, Dan! The cold was a limiting factor, but it also served to show me the dedication that many of these parents have. But then when you think of it... braving the cold is NOTHING compared to watching one's child suffer and struggle through autism. From the bowel disease and toxicity issues, the inability to communicate wants & needs and the frustration that brings... and knowing that child may never live a life rich in choices and self-determination... you can drop the "mercury" another 50 degrees fahrenheit and that won't stop these parents. Or me.

Being lied to... boldfaced lying, mind you... just angers me and hardens my resolve. The AAP has become as corrupt as the CDC... both organizations and its members seduced by an industry motivated by pure greed. The banner they wave (the one that says they prioritize the well being of our children) is a lie.

Let's take that banner away from them... so the rest of the world can see them for who they are. Let's wave that banner ourselves... and make it mean something!

Susan Owczarzak

I think it would be great to plan another rally at the AAP in conjunction with the AutismOne Conference. This way, you've got lots of people in town already for the Conference and the weather is certainly better at the end of May than in the middle of Feb.!! Charter a couple of busloads full of rallyers and head on over . . . say, maybe on Thursday 5/22. Just a thought.

Leslie Weed

Thank you Moms Against Mercury, Amy and Angela and all who showed up for keeping the torch held high! I am sure this has shaken up the AAP, they are not used
to this type of anger from parents.

I know many phone calls and faxes were sent to support your
endeavors. Wish I could have made it, but am honored you all stood
with fist in the air and became a face and a voice for may daughter
and thousands of children who will suffer the rest of thir lives due
to vaccine injury.

Hopefully they will hear our rally cry!

Soldier on...

Leslie and Lanier

just another MD

Thank you, rally-goers, for speaking the truth. The AAP is lying, and when the truth about thimerosal becomes self-evident to the majority of its members, it will be difficult to undo the damage to its reputation. Tonight I was at a medical meeting and sat next to a nephrologist. I asked her, "Do you know anything about mercury in vaccines?" She said, "I know it's associated with all kinds of neurological disorders in children." Yes, everybody BUT the pediatricians know.

AAP, the writing is on the wall. Taking a proactive approach to patient safety is the only recourse to saving the integrity of your specialty. Since that appears NOT to be your path, perhaps a new specialty society, untainted by scandal, will end up taking your place.

Teresa Conrick

Thanks to everyone who organized and then braved the cold! I could not attend so reading Dan's article and seeing the photos is great! Onward we go-


Anne Dachel

Reading this account was truly chilling. We have doctors speaking out against a professional medical organization. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein
tells us that the fact doctors are using vaccines with deadly ingredients defies logic and Dr. David Ayoub points out the AAP's lies.

We are clearly everywhere and we're not going away. In the end, I am convinced that neither the CDC nor AAP will have a shred of credibility left. Why should they? We are left with a generation of disabled children and these organizations still refuse to admit the truth.
Anne Dachel

Harry Hofherr

Thanks for the update Dan. My wife was there and when she came home she was so excited, and cold.
I hope the AAP realizes now how dedicated the parents are in fighting the stupidity.

Harry Hofherr

Alison Davis

Thank you for reporting on this rally. I appreciate Dr. Ayoub's statements about his various conversations with AAP, clearly illustrating where priorities lie with this organization. Vaccines, their ingredients, and the current recommended schedule is a topic not to be easily dismissed with a couple of studies and a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

The autism community represents a small slice of America's growing concern in blindly trusting the medical community and our government's rote response to our questions. Shouldn't the time of pregnancy be spent pondering names and what color to paint the nursery? Or do we continue to let it be wrought with anxious hand-wringing by all family members regarding vaccination safety?


Next time... Lets do this protest in the middle of June. We would have had more people but it was difficult because of the weather I nearly froze. At least the AAP knows we mean business.

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