Shot_chart“Toxic Children, Toxic Lies” Rally Expresses Outrage Over AAP’s Refusal to Demand Safer Vaccines, Highlights Dramatic Recovery Stories

Elk Grove, IL (February 18, 2008)-  Dozens of parents of vaccine-injured children from all over America will join a cadre of researchers and physicians Wednesday morning for “Toxic Children, Toxic Lies,” a protest at the American Academy of Pediatrics Headquarters in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The rally will express the outrage of thousands of parents of autistic children over the American Academy of Pediatrics’ unethical maneuvers to protect the National Immunization Program, even if it means lying to the public about the safety of children's vaccines. Parents will also share dramatic recovery stories of vaccine-injured children who have undergone biomedical intervention therapies to reverse the damage caused by toxic metals and viral overload in vaccines.

Parents of vaccine-injured children were shocked at the recent censorship attempt of the AAP, which recently demanded that ABC cancel the series premiere of the new drama “Eli Stone.” The episode portrayed an attorney who successfully sued a pharmaceutical giant after his client’s child became autistic after receiving a mercury-containing vaccine.
On Wednesday, February 20th, 2008, parents of vaccine-injured children will gather at the American Academy of Pediatrics Headquarters at 141 NW Point Boulevard, Elk Grove Village, IL, beginning at 7:30 a.m., to confront AAP leadership as they arrive for work. A news conference will be held for the media at 9:30 a.m. featuring parents and physicians.

In 1999, the AAP recommended the removal of thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative, from all childhood vaccines. However, the AAP has recently reversed its position on thimerosal, and now inexplicably states that there is no health concern with injecting mercury, a known neurotoxin, into infants and children. Dozens of advocacy groups representing parents of autistic children believe the AAP leadership have become apologists for unsafe vaccines, and dangerous one-size-fits-all vaccination policies which have harmed a subset of genetically vulnerable children. Furthermore, autism advocacy groups are dismayed that the AAP continues to refuse to recognize the efficacy and growing popularity of biomedical intervention therapies for vaccine-injured children.

Parental concern over the safety of the vaccination schedule has risen as the number of recommended vaccines has risen. In 1983, when autism affected just 1 in 10,000 children, the Centers for Disease Control’s mandatory vaccination schedule consisted of 10 shots. Today, when 1 in 150 children is affected with an autism spectrum disorder, the CDC now recommends 36 separate shots from birth to age six, a whopping increase of 260%. With that increase, the prevalence of neurological disorders like autism and ADHD has grown exponentially.

Thousands of parents believe their child’s regression into autism was triggered, if not caused, by over-vaccination with toxic ingredients and live viruses found in vaccines, such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, ether and antifreeze. The Centers for Disease Control and the AAP dispute this, but independent research and the first-hand accounts of parents tell a different story. Additionally, autistic children around the country have seen dramatic recoveries from vaccine injury when they begin to undergo biomedical intervention therapies to reverse the damage caused by toxic metals and viral overload.

Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH, is Medical Director Homefirst® Health Services in Chicago, IL. Eisenstein works with parents who are concerned about the CDC’s extreme vaccination schedule and helps them design a different schedule for their children that is gentler to an infant’s developing immune system.

“As a physician and an attorney, I also hold a degree in public health. I am extremely proud of the thousands of parents, who in spite of their pediatricians’ lack of concern for injecting mercury into their children, reject the idea of doing so,” said Eisenstein.

Researcher and physician David Ayoub, MD, is the Director of the Prairie Collaborative for Immunization. “A growing number of experimental, epidemiological and biochemical research has unequivocally shown that mercury is directly linked to the development of autism spectrum disorders and is significantly toxic to the gastrointestinal, immunological, metabolic and neurobiological systems in children,” said Ayoub. “The nation’s one-size-fits-all vaccination policy has indisputably harmed some of our kids. It is time for the AAP and the CDC to stop the denial. We must demand answers and learn why the increase in the number and composition of so many vaccinations has led to an epidemic in neurological disorders in our nation’s children.”


Author Frank Martin DiMeglio

Emotion is manifest and differentiated as sensory experience and feeling. Thoughts, emotions, and feelings involve sensory and biological order. Vaccines are increasing biological disorder. This makes us increasingly unconscious.
The body's (or nature's) REACTION TO the biological aspect/component of INFECTION would not be separate from the changes/DAMAGE done to/by the body. The numerous vaccines will alter our immune functioning/system, another fact.

Wake up people. By the way, I do not have Aspergers or autism. Author Frank Martin DiMeglio

Dressedinblack Dibby

@Frank Martin DiMeglio
i have g6pd deficiency too, i am asperger. Yes autism is related to g6pd, it's the loss of the detox pathways, the free radicals and other things togheter causing this, when we're not in contact with contra stuff looks like i come back "normal" with i look like a pc in stand by. Anyway if u have those files please send me it i am researching also on but more or less it have to work like this.

Frank Martin DiMeglio

What will it take to understand how serious autism is? Indeed, autism is a disintegration, contraction, and detachment of being, experience, and consciousness.

Moreover, in helping the autistic child, it is important to understand what memory is and does. The problem regarding the impairment/loss of memory in autism is very serious.

The following will provide an expanded and accurate description and understanding of memory that will be of considerable benefit/use:

Memory integrates experience and is necessary for the improved integration of a greater totality of experience; and here lies its connection with the advancement of consciousness. Memory increases (or adds to) the extensiveness, desirability, predictability, and intentionality of experience. Memory is an aid with regard to the extensiveness of intentionality in regard to experience. The loss (or reduction) in both memory and the intentionality of experience that occurs in the dream helps to explain why we are basically (or significantly) without the use of our body therein.

The generally disordered/improper/reduced functioning of memory in autism is of very serious concern.

Frank Martin DiMeglio

Here is a recent dialogue between myself and Lindsay M. Oberman, Ph.D. on the topic of autism. It is very relevant and important to the discussion at hand.

Hi Lindsay. You are very welcome. You said previously:
"I have heard anecdotally that people with ASD get less sleep, and perhaps that could also explain the increased, but not stable connectivity that we are seeing in the ASD brain."

My reply to her:
Sleep (and dreams) add to the integrated extensiveness of being, experience, and thought, thereby improving attention and memory.
Indeed, dreams make thought more like sensory experience in general, thereby improving both memory and understanding.

The increased connectivity is understood as reducing what would otherwise be the balanced/stable and integrated extensiveness of their thought and experience.

Autism is a disintegration, contraction, and detachment of being, experience, and consciousness.

ivette Deleon

Important link to Autism. My research and
personal experience clearly shows a connection
with Autism, G6PD and Vaccines.

Email me to send you a PDF research and how I think Autism and G6pd are connected

Have autistic children tested for G6pD Deficiencies and we'll discover what causes AUTISM.


We are urged to call Renee, and ask her politely to start being honest when she tells Americans there is no more mercury in vaccines. If you can't attend the rally, please call or fax. Your voice is important. Do it today. The more the better. Renee's phone(847) 434-4000 Fax: (847) 434-8000


"On Wednesday, February 20th, 2008, parents of vaccine-injured children will gather at the American Academy of Pediatrics Headquarters at 141 NW Point Boulevard, Elk Grove Village, IL, beginning at 7:30 a.m., to confront AAP leadership as they arrive for work. A news conference will be held for the media at 9:30 a.m. featuring parents and physicians."

I was wondering if anyone knew what channel this was going to appear on. Are Jim Carrey and Jenny going to be there? Anyone else we know?


Pediatricians who give children medications and vaccines, but don't know what they do to children should be stopped. Tests for safety are woefully inadequate. IF testing is done at all, it's limited to short-term evaluation for carcinogenic properties.

No one evaluates treatments for mutagenic properties. No one evaluates them for impact on immune function.

The AAP is taking a position that if it doesn't cause cancer within a few months, everything is hunky-dory.

The lack of actual professional knowledge in these areas is appalling...even worse, by and large, they display no shame in not knowing.

Kudos to the parents who DO know and find they can help their children...and are willing to take this public stand on behalf of all children.

Enough is enough. Pediatricians should be bringing us hope & healing, not arrogance and disregard. Sorry AAP - your own arrogance and self-interest has brought this on.

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