Safe_from_what_vaccine_babyRoad to Nowhere: The National Immunization Program is out of control: who will restore sanity?

By J.B. Handley

In A User-Friendly Vaccine Schedule, perhaps the most enlightened work ever written by a doctor regarding immunizations, Dr. Donald Miller, a professor at The University of Washington writes:

“The schedule states, "Your child can safely receive all vaccines recommended for a particular age during one visit." Public health officials, however, have not proven that it is indeed safe to inject this many vaccines into infants. What's more, they cannot explain why, concurrent with an increasing number of vaccinations, there has been an explosion of neurologic and immune system disorders in our nation’s children.”

We try to make similar points with a full page ad in USA Today that asks what we consider to be many reasonable questions like, “Given the unabated rise of autism to epidemic levels, isn’t it time for the scientific community to seriously consider the anecdotal evidence of so many parents?”

Isn’t it?

The CDC and AAP and others try to portray parents who advocate for a safer approach to vaccinating as “anti-vaccine zealots.” It benefits their agenda to pathologize our points of view so that the debate can’t focus on very reasonable questions:

- Why has the recommended immunization schedule grown from 10 vaccines to 36 vaccines in 25 years? Was there a period between 1983 and today where children faced an epidemic of disease that created a need for a 260% rise in the number of vaccines given?

- Why are their so many toxic substances in vaccines?

- Why aren’t vaccines ever tested for combination risk?

I have bad news for our health authorities who hope to shut us up with poorly-designed studies created to generate a specific outcome: Unfortunately, our numbers continue to grow.

With each day that passes, Generation Rescue receives more emails from parents with newly-diagnosed children with autism who watched the same thing happen to their kids that we watched happen to ours: we followed the CDC’s schedule on the advice of our pediatrician, our child descended into autism after their shots, and then we did our own research and learned the truth.

The number of parents getting caught in this web of autism keeps growing and with it the chance for more people with the celebrity, power, money, energy, or anger to make sure that change happens.

So, we thought we’d extend an olive branch to our health authorities to try and propose a solution. We don’t want the national vaccine program to blow up, and we don’t want to see our children return to a time when deadly childhood illnesses were the #1 cause of death in children.

Since 1983 was a time well after deadly childhood diseases had been brought under control, we propose starting there with the following, simple, four-point plan:

1. Return to the 1983 schedule of 10 vaccines before the age of six.

2. Delay immunizations until children reach their first birthday.

3. For the MMR vaccine, separate the immunizations into three separate shots. For the measles shot, provide a high-dose Vitamin A protocol for children after the shot is administered to reduce complications.

4. Get toxic substances out of vaccines as quickly as possible. (Apparently, aluminum has largely been used to replace thimerosal in vaccines. This is not very smart, since aluminum is also a potent neurotoxin.)

So there you go, CDC and AAP: a solution to try and protect our children from deadly disease and autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, asthma, and food allergies all at the same time.

We think it’s a very reasonable proposal and we hope that other national autism organizations, members of Congress, and influential Doctors and Scientists will endorse Generation Rescue’s 4-Point Plan for Vaccine Safety or propose their own. It’s time to put our kids back on a road to health.

Given the forward-thinking nature of Dr. Miller’s article, I thought I’d give him the last word:

“Health officials consider a vaccine to be safe if no bad reactions – like seizures, intestinal obstruction, or anaphylaxis – occur acutely. The CDC has not done any studies to assess the long-term effects of its immunization schedule. To do that one must conduct a randomized controlled trial, the lynchpin of evidence-based medicine, where one group of children is vaccinated on the CDC’s schedule and a control group is not vaccinated. Investigators then follow the two groups for a number of years (not just three to four weeks, as has been done in vaccine safety studies). Concerns that vaccinations in infants cause chronic neurologic and immune system disorders would be put to rest, and their safety certified, if the number of children who develop these diseases is the same in both groups. No such studies have been done, so vaccine proponents cannot say that vaccines are indeed as safe as they think they are.”

JB Handley is Co-Founder of Generation Rescue and Editor at Large for Age of Autism.



Ben -
There is a whole lot of evidence supporting the belief that vaccines can cause autism.

Part of the evidence consists of thousands of similar "anecdotal" reports told by credible parents who witnessed their toddlers' vaccine reactions followed by loss of speech and social skills, often accompanied by medical issues indicative of immune system problems.

To summarily dismiss these thousands of independently told stories is, frankly, despicable. These accounts should be the basis of scientific study -- not just epidemiology but studies of the injured children themselves to better understand what has happened to their immune, nervous, gastrointestinal, and biochemical systems.

Parents have seen what they have seen. Are you saying that parents should just sit on their hands and wait for scientists to take action?

If we say that nothing should be studied until it is scientifically proven, then nothing new will ever be learned. It is a Catch-22 "We don't believe it because it hasn't been proven because we are not studying it because we don't believe it because it hasn't been proven..."

There actually are a whole lot of studies demonstrating various pieces of the puzzle, such as studies showing inflammation in the autopsied brains of people with autism, increased rates of seizures after multi-viral vaccines, and toxic effects of miniscule amounts of mercury on the immune and nervous systems.

If you to to you can see the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services own table of vaccine injuries. "The Table lists and explains injuries/conditions that are presumed to be caused by vaccines." These injuries include "Encephalopathy (or encephalitis)", which is inflammation of the brain, and "Anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock", which is an extreme reaction of the immune system.

Go to for Dr. Paul Offit's description of the risks of the smallpox vaccine: "they can get an infection of the brain, called encephalopathy or encephalitis. If they have eczema, they can have sometimes a severe and occasionally fatal disease called eczema vaccinatum... In patients who have decreased capacities to fight infection, there is a disease called 'progressive vaccinia' where in fact the disease is overwhelming and it is the cause of death."

Dr. Offit goes on to say that the other vaccines are lower risk than the smallpox vaccine, but as babies receive more and more vaccines -- often many at one time -- and at such early ages -- it is quite believable that more babies would be adversely affected.

It is already an established fact that vaccines can cause brain damage, seizures, and disruption of the immune system. So it is very credible that vaccines could cause autism. The only reason our agencies are in a state of paralytic denial is because they don't want to admit to being at fault for inadequate monitoring of vaccine safety as more & more vaccines have been added to the schedule during the past 25 years.

We don't fully understand the mechanisms of vaccine injury. It appears that there is not just one factor involved. Research needs to take into account that there are probably multiple causes of autism, and that individuals can have very different responses to vaccines and environmental toxins.

Ben, you sound just like the doctors in my recent story "Does Your Child Suffer from GLS?" at

I'm so sick and tired of the argument that parents should be ignored and only scientits should be listened to. Scientists are only human, and they have prejudices like all other humans. We have never elected them to be in charge of reality. Yes, we read the studies. Studies are very important. But when studies are not done on the issues that parents witness, that does not mean that parent perceptions are false.

John Stone

Ben, I think you are absolutely wrong. As a matter of fact when vaccine damage cases have been awarded, traditionally it has been on an individual basis. So it is not very plausible now to turn round and tell people they are mistaken because of massaged statistics. Also the science is warped by putting the onus of proof on the parents - it is a culture of hit and run. When the officials stop lecturing and start listening they will become credible.


Christina T.,
It is against the law in Illinois for CPS to open a file based only on a family skipping vaccines. You'll have to file an exemption for school. I used to work for a private school in IL and we had a drawer full of exemptions. One less thing to worry about!


Why is it that as Americans, we tend to believe generalizations, vague broad generalizations. By attributing Autism to immunizations, simply by the saying the increase in Austim must be linked to the increase in immunizations is lacking. We might as well link Autism to the sale of SUV's or the increase in the cost of gas.

While the first person evidence seems persuasive (thats why they use that method in infomercials), it is scientifically lacking.

Parents/relatives caregivers of people with autism should become truly educated. It would be nice to see actual scienticts and doctors supporting your claim with scientific evidence and studies to back it up. This is a big debate, and fighting it with anecdotal evidence is one of the reasons the scientific and medical communities are not listening. If you were to say, 'I have a master's in biochemistry and I've ran 500 experiments on a random sample of 10,000 people, and the evidence shows there is a correlation'... you'd get listeners.


I cannot thank you enough for this info! We have just been informed that our 4 year old son has 'sensory issues' (what the extent of these 'issues' are, we are still finding out, but AS has not yet been ruled out). I stumbled upon your site looking for something to explain to me what is going on with my son's body-- just in time too-- he is scheduled to have shots tomorrow morning. It goes without saying that he will NOT be receiving those shots now. If only I could have found this info years ago (I know, hindsight is always 20/20). Thank you again.
And might I say, maybe parents should start printing these articles and "accidentally" leave them in their Peds waiting rooms, etc. If they (the Docs) find it okay to continue to push these vaccines, isn't it okay for all of the parents to be informed on just what is going into their children's bodies?!


I cannot thank you enough for this info! We have just been informed that our 4 year old son has 'sensory issues' (what the extent of these 'issues' are, we are still finding out, but AS has not yet been ruled out). I stumbled upon your site looking for something to explain to me what is going on with my son's body-- just in time too-- he is scheduled to have shots tomorrow morning. It goes without saying that he will NOT be receiving those shots now. If only I could have found this info years ago (I know, hindsight is always 20/20). Thank you again.
And might I say, maybe parents should start printing these articles and "accidentally" leave them in their Peds waiting rooms, etc. If they (the Docs) find it okay to continue to push these vaccines, isn't it okay for all of the parents to be informed on just what is going into their children's bodies?!

Christina T

Thank you for taking the time to put this information out there. Me & my husband are both on the road to finding out if our previously healthy 3 and 5 years old son may or may not have mild Autism.

I pray they do not but what really pisses me off is that I go the extra mile to protect my kids from toxins in the home (I shop with Melaleuca and DO NOT use reg. store products AT ALL for the last 2.5 years since I found them) and here I get to find out that the VERY items I am trying to protect them from in household cleaning products are in their shots from the doctors office???

But should I refuse to give them their shots to protect them from these products what will happen? They will be taken away by CPS and given the shots anyway... so in order to protect my children & their asthma from these things in cleaning products I must inject them into their bodies... I'm sorry but there is something SEVERELY WRONG HERE...

I would like to know if anyone ever arranges protests or marches in the Chicago land area as I would love to be a part of that to at least know that SOME type of media attention will be being brought to the dangers at hand.

Maybe if there are enough protests at the local CDC offices, town halls, & "healthy kids clinics" perhaps something will be done...

It has worked in the past BUT everyone involved must have a steel resolve to continue to protest until something is done.

I don't know about you but I am there if anyone else wants to do this as well... In fact I do know that there is a CDC lab located in Lyons, IL right on Ogden Ave. If anyone wants to set up a protest date & time please feel free to send me a message at

Sincerely Concerned,

Jody Borgman

I would like to make a comment on thimersol. After reading the book Evidence of Harm by Mr.Kirby I was shocked. I had two stillborns and was given Rhogam ingections during and after each pregnancy. My son was stillborn at 8 months in 1985 and then my daughter was stillborn at 8 months in 1990. After my 4th RHogam shot I had fallen into a deep sleep and slept for days without waking up. In 1993 again I became pregnant and had a son by c-section at 8 months, and the same in 1996 and had a daughter by c-section. After some research on my own like the medical book I own copyrighted in 1927 and how it talks about the injudious use of Mercury in medicine no wonder they changed the name to thimersol! I also found out that every RHogam shot prior to 1996 had thimersol in it, and given to early in child birth, autopsies will show the devastating effects our little babies had suffered. What about the parents of SID babies. Thank GOD you do not hear of this that often anymore because science has perfected the amount of mercury to put into vaccines, just enough to mame and not kill and totally ruin family after family. I cannot believe all science is getting away with and I no so much more. If it is at all possible I would really like a chance to speak to Mr. Kirby or anyone else who advocates for victims rights. I believe I could shed some light on alot of issue and some not even being addressed yet. I would like to help please call me at (815)589-2402.
Thank You,
Jody Borgman
P.S my two living children are affected by the autism spectrum disorders on a functioning level.


Hey Researcher, How about we apply your standard of "false info" equals total discredit for everyone who criticizes vaccines to the CDC? Only flipped. The CDC publishes an awful lot of inaccurate, unreferenced information, most of it pushing parents to vaccinate their babies with more and more vaccines. This blog has three articles on CDC misinformation: documenting come of the false information on vaccines published by the CDC. I'm okay with having this standard go both ways, how about you?


The original statement was not to debate or discuss all vaccine ingredients it was to point out that you erroneously put in a national ad that vaccines contain antifreeze and they do not. Ethylene glycol is used in the production of SOME ( a few) vaccines but IS NOT contained in the actual vaccine.
You also previously wrote that aluminum is a preservative, not true.
Your Ad was provocative and correctly points to an upward trend in the amount of vaccines being administered. However, use of misinformation and urban legends as fact discredits your message. It is blatant National publication of false information that discredits the anti-vaccine movement as a whole!

Kelli Ann Davis

Vaccines do contain phenoxylethanol: This is found in topical antiseptics and also in facial lotions. The amount used in a vaccine as a preservative is enough to kill bacteria that could grow in the vaccine. NOT ENOUGH TO KILL A HUMAN .

So, in other words: breathing = not dead = safe.

I hate to break the news, but I don’t think your “standard of safety” would last one day in a court of law. If it did, than all those Vioxx cases for INJURED individuals would have been thrown out in a heartbeat.


"Ethylene glycol C2H4(OH)2 is in antifreeze and it is used in the production of vaccine viruses that will be inactivated (VAQTA/Hep A) for instance. Ethylene glycol is not even listed in the vaccine constituents so any amount left is too small to even quantify".
Perhaps it's me but didn't they just say it IS in vaccines? He indicates it is a very small amount. I want to know how much is ok to inject into an infant. He forgot to tell us that. I know the answer anyway-it's NONE. Of COURSE he didn't mention the other dangerous chemicals. The anti vaccine-safety crowd NEVER takes the actual issue in it's entirety on, always just a piece here and a piece there. Smoke and mirrors, bob and weave, trick the ignorant, it doesn't fly anymore. Hey researcher, why don't you research why the vaccine producers and/or the CDC havn't done a REAL study comparing the health of unvaccinated populations in the U.S. against the vaccinated.

JB Handley

Dearest Researcher:

You state:

Vaccines DO NOT contain antifreeze!

Later, you state:

"Ethylene glycol C2H4(OH)2 is in antifreeze and it is used in the production of vaccine viruses"

If you don't already work in the communications office of the CDC, you should. Thanks for the entertaining post. And, I noticed you only mention antifreeze.

I guess the ether, mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde get your seal of approval?



I saw your ad in the USA today.
You stated that antifreeze is a vaccine ingredient. Vaccines DO NOT contain antifreeze! Vaccines do contain phenoxylethanol: This is found in topical antiseptics and also in facial lotions. The amount used in a vaccine as a preservative is enough to kill bacteria that could grow in the vaccine. Not enough to kill a human. It is found in many lotions including "organic" face lotions by companies such as Avalon Organics.

Ethylene glycol C2H4(OH)2 is in antifreeze and it is used in the production of vaccine viruses that will be inactivated (VAQTA/Hep A) for instance. Ethylene glycol is not even listed in the vaccine constituents so any amount left is too small to even quantify. Poly Ethylene glycol (PEG) is used during manufacture to precipitate virus and the virus is then ultra purified with high performance size exclusion chromatography (HPSEC).

I am astonished that Generation Rescue does not have a fact checker. I am also amazed that you would so carelessly put such blatant misinformation in print nationally. Perhaps with all of the money Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy have donated you could buy a chemistry text book!

Darrel Crain

Thank you, thank you, everyone involved in creating and maintaining Age of Autism, a vital resource for anyone concerned about the insanity of one-size-fits-all medicine of any kind.
A point of correction in this excellent editorial, J.B.: Ethyl mercury (thimerosal) in vaccines is used as a preservative (and a poor one at that). Aluminum is not a preservative, an adjuvant, or substance added to vaccines to "jack up" the immune response. Of course, aluminum is hideously toxic in its own right, and no amount is "safe" to put inside a human being.
Looking forward to a day when we no longer intentionally put toxins into our kids.

Mary Harrington

I'm 55. I can remember my father (a surgeon) giving my sister and me polio vaccines in our kitchen when I was a child. Other than the four vaccines I got from my dad and a TB vaccine I got in 4th grade (that never left me with any scar), that was it! My husband's brother is 54. No question he has always shown signs of Autism, but never to the extent that my husband and I ever saw in our son when my son was 18 months old and had just received all of the mandated vaccines. That was in 1991. Now of course, with the studies coming out fast and furious, one day saying no link to vaccines and the next day saying it might be part of the mother's immune system during pregnancy, I am constantly on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I finally achieved pregnancy at age 37. I had loved and consumed thousands of pounds of swordfish, tuna and halibut all of my life. My mouth is full of metal fillings. But what sticks in my gut is my efforts at trying to convince my own obgyn that I didn't need to be vaccinated with Rhogam when I was pregnant because my husband was also RH negative blood (that I knew for a fact), but if they didn't want to believe me, just have him tested. My M.D. wouldn't continue being my M.D. if I refused the Rhogam. Later I was induced with 4 times the normal amount of Pitocin. When my son was born and got Apghar scores of 9 and then 10 I felt I had been given a miracle. But still worried. I was right to worry and even though he is now 17 and still non-verbal and we are home schooling, I am still worried and feeling guilty. I wish I could somehow transfer all of this self-inflicted guilt onto the CDC, AAP and Pharmaceutical Companies, but that will never happen. Thank you so much for all you are doing to bring us the truth!


I just wanted to reiterate that I am extremely positive that I did treat my son during his recent illness with the chlamydia protocol (as I got it off the Internet) and he responded to it extremely well. I am not sure where the chlamydia came from as opinions as to whether it is genetic or not differed, or shall I say, were varied and uncertain. I believe there is something called an "acute" miasm in homeopathy and I believe chlamydia does constitute an acute miasm. It would be helpful for everyone to take this seriously and have their child investigated for this rather dreadful and virulent infection. You don't want this sitting around in your child's body.

Lastly I must say that I have found a profound change in him after this treatment and this is the spirit in which this information is being shared. With manifold wishes for good outcomes for all the kids.



Green the vaccines. Thanks for putting this out there.
It is an excellent concept that simplifies a very important thought for protecting children.


Thank you.
Just wondering....Does anyone in our situation want to bang their head against the wall a few thousand times for following their doctor's advice and agreeing to the crazy amount of vaccines? I don't mean a woe is me kind of thing, because my daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me, but I am so, so worried about her future. She's in recovery, but definitely not recovered.
I pray that your efforts to get the word out saves thousands and thousands of kids. I wish I had seen it 5 years ago.


Thank you so much to Generation Rescue for placing the ad and to Age of Autism for notifying everyone to purchase USA Today. I hope that other parents wake up and take notice of what they are injecting into their children, and themselves, before they are adversely affected, too. It is hard to fathom that what is so highly recommended by doctors and our government can be so toxic and harmful to humanity. It is unfortunate that most of the people who understand the damage that can be done by vaccines are those for whom the damage has already occurred in a life altering way. God bless you all for your courage and understanding.


Thank you. For the ad, this website, and the courage. As we say in our house, I love you all the way around the universe infinity and twelve times.


“The schedule states, "Your child can safely receive all vaccines recommended for a particular age during one visit." Public health officials, however, have not proven that it is indeed safe to inject this many vaccines into infants. What's more, they cannot explain why, concurrent with an increasing number of vaccinations, there has been an explosion of neurologic and immune system disorders in our nation’s children.”

Well some of us do know why there are neurological and immune system disorders in children. Its because the neurotoxins coupled with the vast number of viruses, live or otherwise, give repeated hits to the body. This awakens miasms, most specifically the Syphilinum miasm that sits in the bowels of the immune system coupled with a chlamydia infection (google strep and Syphilinum and chlamydia). The awakening of the miasm sets off chronic disease as Syphilinum causes destruction of cells and causes the body to attack itself. Then on top of this you pour in more viruses. Then if you have a concurrent sycotic miasm, what that does is set fire to the ongoing problems. There is then unmanageable viral replication and Hello - autism. Listen to us, stop the madness. Everyone will be happier for it.

Sandy Gottstein

First, thank you JB for everything you do.

Second, for those of you who wish to educate yourselves, that is the purpose of the website, Vaccination News, which reports all sides of the vaccination controversy. David Kirby wrote in a letter in support of the website, that he couldn't have written Evidence of Harm without it. Everyone who wishes to become educated should avail themselves of the site which makes it easier to know about almost everything that is going on in the vaccination arena.

Third, I just wrote and posted a column called "The Power of Fear", that I believe is totally relevant to this discussion. Here it is, in it's entirety (I welcome comments!):

The Power of Fear

We’re simply exhausted.

That seems to be the name of the game in these crazy, busy times. We want instant answers, instant solutions, instant everything. And we just don’t have the time or energy to do it ourselves.

So we pop a pill, take a vaccine, jump on the latest miracle-cure bandwagon and wish for the best. We’ll do almost anything that doesn’t require hardly anything of us.

Meanwhile, chronic and other disease, including among children, is skyrocketing. Autism has reached epidemic proportions. We’re all seeking answers, but few are seeking responsibility.

Fear is King. And those promoting fear, those pushing drugs, pushing vaccines, those advocating that we hand over personal responsibility for our health to the “experts” are the power behind the throne. They stand to benefit as long as fear remains King. And we stand to lose both our power and our health.

But is it possible to inject prevention or pop health? Is there any escape from the hard work and the hard decisions required for true wellness? Can we blame anyone but ourselves when we take the easy road and things go wrong?

Real health takes considerable effort to achieve. It means drinking unpolluted water, eating uncontaminated, whole food. It means getting exercise and adequate rest. At its best, it means breast-feeding our infants and even toddlers. It means laughing, a lot. It means loving ourselves, believing we are worth the time and effort it takes to be well. It means slowing down.

Most of all it means educating ourselves.

The pursuit of real health requires learning about the true, long-term risks of each disease. Not the risk of contracting the disease, but the risk of suffering long-term consequences from it. It means investigating the long-term risks of vaccines and drugs. It means not accepting platitudes and unfounded statements as the gospel truth. It means expecting more and believing less.

Fear will rule until and unless we take control of our lives, understand who benefits from our being fearful, educate ourselves about real risks and benefits, and demand better answers when the answers we are given are either unsatisfactory, unbelievable or don’t exist.

There is no easy way. There are no guarantees. For the sake of our and future generations, though, it’s time to overthrow the King. Long live ourselves.

by Sandy Gottstein


The only way this issue will resonate is when you see increasing numbers of affected children whose parents are health care professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.), print & TV journalists, high-ranking government officials and politicians, etc.

It's already happening, but their cries have not broken through the big pharma-big government-big medicine cabal. More articles & ads like these will speed us to that day.


I can't tell you how good it feels to see your ads. Plain simple truth. I feel good because thousands of parents will be see them and be nudged into looking into this whole "vaccination thing" and that will save hundreds of kids from spiraling into autism.
"Power to the people" they used to say when I was a kid. Funny how what was old is new again!

God Bless JB and Generation Rescue.


I think you better put your gloves back on, Ms. Minshew. You have alot of work, and alot of explaining to do. I think the people have just spoken. With an article like that, I think we do, and we will continue to speak louder!

Petra Smit

I don't know, JB, I just don't know.. While what you propose sounds perfectly reasonable, the proposal will most likely be ignored. Especially as the proposal is posed as the 4-Point Plan for Vaccine Safety, it would require admission by the Powers-That-Be that 1) the incredible increase in all kinds of ailments in our kids (and I'm talking waaaay beyond 'just' autism here) has an environmental component, 2) vaccines may be one of those environmental components, and 3) that the current vaccine schedule/vaccine composition may not be safe.

Yes, yes, I know we all know the above, and of course we should keep fighting for not just our kids but for future generation of kids too.. I just hope that the 'lightbulb' will go off sometime in my life time before a lot more kids become ill and have to deal with life-long complications.

In the mean time I would encourage every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, daycare provider, nanny, therapist etc who takes care of little ones under the age of six to do your vaccine research and to speak up for your little loved ones. And to support the parents of your little loved ones in challenging their pediatrician on the necessity of the current overcrowded vaccine schedule.

And for those of you that do decide to vaccinate, don't be afraid to ask for modifications (yes, you'll have to push dear, old Dr. Pediatrician.. but it CAN be done) to the current schedule, even ask that certain vaccines be omitted altogether.

Personally, I will NOT vaccinate either of my kids again; and it's because I firmly believe that the current vaccines are not safe for THEM (if others are willing to use their kids as guinea pigs, they can go right ahead, but don't tell ME to do the same). While I cannot pintpoint vaccines as 'the point' where things started to go 'south' for my oldset who has AS and a lengthy host of medical issues, he did have 'odd' reactions to his vaccines that his (ex) pediatrician just could not explain. In addition I've had the dubious honor of watching my youngest son go into a 3 week long 'autistic' regression after his Varicella vaccine (and yes, I DID report this as an adverse event to the VAERS). My happy go lucky, 15 month old, babbling, laughing, climbing, incredibly 'engaged', learning at the speed of light little boy spent the 3 WEEKS after his Varicella vaccine curled up in his crib, moaning, crying, screaming, not sleeping, not wanting to eat, high fever, not babbling, no eye contact, not interested in anybody around him, not interested in playing (my daycare providers were just speechless about the changes in him; the question of the day during those looong 3 weeks was 'what happened to him?'). Thank God he pulled out of that (and Thank God I refused for him to have the MMR vaccine on the same day as he had the Varicella vaccine; I think we all know what would have happened). He is now a happy, healthy, partially vaccinated (I stopped after the Varicella episode), very social, almost 5 year old who blows all his teachers away with how fast and how easy he learns and acquires skills (and dammit, the incredible ease at which my youngest learns and navigates through life, THAT is my oldest son's birthright too.. and it breaks my heart to see him struggle so..).

And for the record, I am not anti-vaccine. I believe vaccines have done a lot of good, I believe vaccines do a lot of good. But to ignore that there is a population of kids out there for whom vaccines will do more harm than good, now THAT I call stupid.


Edda West - Vaccination Risk Awareness Network (Canada)

Thank you J.B. for your tireless and courageous efforts. We in Canada are immensely grateful for the work Generation Rescue is doing, and for your feisty articles on Age of Autism. One concern however. Aluminum has NOT replaced mercury. The use of aluminum phosphate etc. in vaccines is as an adjuvant, not a preservative. Adjuvants stimulate and magnify the immune system's response to vaccine antigens. And yes aluminum derivatives are also highly neurotoxic and their use as immune system stimulants needs to be re-evaluated.
Thank you,
Edda West

Kelli Ann Davis

Rock On Ruckus Man!

We love you, JB!

Heather O

Great ad, looks terrific! I picked up 2 copies of USA Today to see it in print. I can never remember where the USA boxes are located, so I get my USA today at my neighborhood Walgreens. What a coincidence that the headline story was "Speed, high volume can trigger mistakes" about Walgreen's pharmacy.


Bravo, JB. Your reasonable alternate immunization proposal neatly rebuts the "anti-vaccine" canard.

Last year after the I-35W bridge collapsed in Minneapolis, many newspaper columnists questioned transportation department officials' ability to do their job. One reporter asked, "If something was wrong, they'd tell us. Right?"

What a frighteningly passive approach by the mainstream media -- this willingness to accept government public relations at face value, rather than investigate according to the journalistic mandate.

We must keep placing the vaccine safety issue directly in people's faces, until they assume some ownership and responsibility for making injuries stop.


Thank you for the link to the ad in USA Today, and for everything else you guys do for us.

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