Wed. 2/14 Update: A commenter named Julie pointed out that John McCain has bumped the autism program to "coming soon." Too bad we couldn't get McCain on the autism show.

Larry King Live is running a new program about autism tonight. 

The show will feature the young man known as "J-Mac", whose basketball prowess catapulted him from the bench to the spotlight.  And check out his book called, The Game of my Life: The True Story of Challenge, Triumph and Growing up Autistic.

Check out JB Handley's piece below about the email sent by the CDC trying to offset the impact of this program. Sniff, sniff, sniff....... Do you smell fear?


Shelley Johnson

Dear Larry King
Hi how are ayou doing i am doing Fine my name is Shelley Johnson have a Son and his name is Dakota Johnson my Son Dakota has Autism and ADHD me and my Family is take care of him Larry King my Son Dakota Real Daddy is not in Dakotas Live Right Now but that is ok with me because he is being take care of by me and my Family Larry King Just because hase Autism and ADHD Larry King i Love and Care about my Son Dakota no Martter what i do not care if my Son has Autism and ADHD it Martter to me because i Love my Son Dakota even knot that he has Autism and Ai still Love my Son still Love my Son Dakota i will always Love my Son Dakota know Martter What Larry King


You know, my son was FINALLY diagnosed at age 7. Typically, this is diagnosed at 3-4 years. My son was CHEATED out of 3 years of services because NO ONE would listen - especially the pediatrician AT THE TIME. I was just told that my son was a "lazy boy", he'll talk when he's ready. My second boy (whom is 15 months younger) was talking better and more than my first. My oldest boy was so sick when he was born through his first 3 years... WHY is this so hard for doctors and the "powers at bay" to see? STOP POINTING THE FINGERS AT EVERYONE ELSE AND TAKE A LOOK AT THE MIRROR AT WHOM IS REALLY TO BLAME!

Elizabeth Bates

It's time we hear something about conditions like autisum instead of treating it as a "fill-in". If Larry King's kid was autistic I bet we wouldn't see it put on the back burner.

Sikne Bazzi

I have identical twin girls one whom is autistic, if thats not something to make heads turn what is? I feel the vaccinations are a great contribution to the spectrum disorder. These doctors can keep covering things up but the truth will come out in the end.

kathy cady hyde park new york

Larry i am glad you are having this forum these children need to be heard and there is no doubt in my mind that there is a connection i have been saying this for 13 years. I have lived this horrible nightmare and its time that some one takes a stand and help these children. They do not deserve this so lets stop with the doubt and listen to the numbers autism is not a epidemic so lets not treat it like one .

Kelli Ann Davis


I was thinking about that as a possible route but it seems that it may have been a legit rescheduling.

I’ve got a call into the booking guy, and I’m going to see if we can get a program with some of “our” folks included.

I’ll keep calling until I get some movement/information. Then I’ll let you all know.


PS....I tried to get us involved in at least a partial segment with McCain (his folks were "open" to it) but didn't have enough time to "push it through"....

Angela Warner


Do let us know if you hear back from Carrie. I'm also wondering if you have an email address? Maybe more of us should call and/or write inquiring if they're going to cave and allow censorship? That's exactly what it sounds like is happening, the CDC is just using a different tactic this time.
Keep us posted :)

Denise Torres

God Bless you all who are pushing this issue. You are so right. This must be a heavy burden to continue to try to cover the lies. How good they would feel if only they would tell the truth and help our kids. My non verbal son who will be 17 this year suffers daily because of these monsters. My 2 1/2 year old daughter who will never be immunized is so normal and healthy. It is so wonderful to see what a normal immune system looks like. I was only trying to be a good, responsible mother, never missing a Doctor's appointment "well visit" (what a joke - $ in their pockets) and helping to hold down my other 3 children while they poisened them..........
The truth will come out. I rest in the Lord knowing that these monsters will stand before God and He will judge them. This will be far worse than anything on earth - unless they repent.
I keep this in prayer every day. I know the power of prayer and I know God's timing is perfect.
God Bless you all for your never letting up.
Denise Torres


The Larry King, Autism follow up show - post poned twice.
One can only hypothesize why it has been post poned....only to resurface???


What is the deal, I'm telling everyone I know about Larry King Tonight!!!!Is it about Autism or NOT????


"I asked her if she knew when the show was going to be rescheduled and if they had gotten "pressure" to pull it."

Would you ask her to reveal who exactly put the pressure on? It must feel like what a drowning man feels like when he is going under.

Kelli Ann Davis

I just spoke to Senior Producer Carrie Stevenson's assistant here in DC.

I asked her if she knew when the show was going to be rescheduled and if they had gotten "pressure" to pull it.

She didn’t have the answer to those questions but she put me through to Carrie’s voicemail.

When I started talking about the fact that the CDC was sending misleading "Talking Points" (Wharton’s transcripts and the timeline) and an erroneous Larry King Live guest list to state health officials throughout the country, she said she was aware of it.

So….I’m curious on just how much pressure came their way to “pull it.”

Hopefully, Carrie will return my call and I can ask her directly.

Time to stop

There comes a time when its time to say, okay this is it. We acknowledge we made a mistake and now we are going to do our very best to undo the wrong. Until that happens the price to pay becomes heavier and heavier, the yoke becomes harder to bear, the noose around the neck tightens some more, it thus becomes harder to breathe. Its time *now* to stop the shenanigans and repair the damage. And then repent, and you *might* be saved.


On Sunday, the CNN website advertised this show would air Monday night, but it did not.

Does any know if Rep. Burton received a response from the FDA? He asked for a response by Feb. 11.


The Larry King website states that this show is "coming soon", and has McCain scheduled tonight. Is this an error?

The 3 Monkeys

To the -

The AAP that sees no evil
The CDC that hears no evil
And Autism Speaks who speaks no evil

"Happy ValenTIME's Day!"

Now I know why my son keeps saying - Mom its not "tine" its "TIME." Turns out he is smarter than all of us :)

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