Will_rogersWow, talk about your frontier spirit!  Check out this video report from FOX 25 in Oklahoma City titled, "Immunizations: Progress or Poison?" Click HERE.

Will Rogers, namesake of the airport in Oklahoma City, must have known Jenny McCarthy was going to take the autism world by storm. After all, it was he who said, "Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke."  Yippee-Ki-Aye... (you know the rest.)


Robyne Rohde

Absolutely! I knew I should have included this information as I was writing. Here you go! KOKH FOX25, 1228 E. Wilshire Blvd.,Oklahoma City, OK, 73111,Phone: 405-843-2525. Phil's email: [email protected], and others that I think should receive a copy of the email: [email protected], [email protected]

Sandy Gottstein

Could you please post all the contact information here, so it will be easier for us to help? Thanks, Sandy

Robyne Rohde

I'm the Mom of the little boy, Nicholas in the Oklahoma news story on vaccines. We are thrilled with everyone's comments. Unfortunately, the TV station and news reporter are taking some heat from as far away as Georgetown University....telling them that "they are hurting the public health" by airing a story like this. If you look at the story, not once did anyone say 'not to vaccinate'. But some of those who still believe this epidemic is genetic are calling the reporter and the TV station with negative comments. By the way, Phil Cross is an incredible reporter. He has done several stories on a bill we are trying to get passed in Oklahoma called 'Nick's Law' after our son....to get the private pay insurance companies to pay for the medical condition our son has. It is called: Autism. We provided Phil with a lot of info, but as I said he is incredible and the presentation was awesome!! If anyone wants to call the TV station and/or email, the information is on the site. We need to keep the detractors at bay even though the TV station is standing by the story. Thank God!!

Tim Welsh

I am just amazed that over 165 news outlets have picked up the Big Brother apology story and virtually none have picked up on the twists and turns of the AAP or a great piece like this one. If it is fluff we make headlines... If it is help or truth we get buried on the back page.


Someone needs to ask Dr. Steven A Crawford, the great "expert" on the matter as to WHY in God's name is there any mercury at all in the influenza vaccine. Did he not hear the mother say that even trace amounts are bad. Who is the doctor here? The mom who is taking care of her hand flapping child? Maybe someone needs to shake a hand in fromt of Dr. Crawford's face (like the therapist did to that child - see it again if you missed it!!) and get him to "wake up" and focus. Does he happen to know how demeaning it is to have someone wave a hand like that in your face? Something to think about isn't it? Maybe someone needs to say to him - "Look at me" and then demand some good answers to these good questions. Yes, I am very appropriately seething mad at the inhumane way our kids are being treated by these people in white coats with humongous ill-placed egos.

JB Handley

Dr. Delhmar Green is a courageous, honest doctor. It's so refreshing to see physicians who don't defend the vaccine schedule against all reasonable criticism.

I really loved their graphics showing how the vaccine schdeule has grown from 10 vaccines to 36 vaccines. I wonder how they did their research?


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