FlutieBy Kim Stagliano

Are the autism Luddites, genetics only, epidemic deniers going to bash NFL quarterback (and my fellow Boston College classmate) Doug Flutie the way they have Jenny McCarthy for saying our vaccination protocol is behind the autism epidemic?

These words from Doug Flutie talking about the MMR and autism on Larry King Live right now:  "I draw a parallel. The Gov't would be afraid to admit it. At least spread them out."

Tony Braxton said she points the finger at vaccines. Is Autism Speaks going to disown her tomorrow on their site? Stay tuned. Jenny McCarthy and Katie Wright opened the door. Now a crowd is bursting through it.

You can send an email to Larry King Live HERE.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism, Mom to three beautiful girls with autism and yes, a Boston College Eagle.


Katie Wright+

Thank you Kim! Yes, it was an amazing hour- history was made again on the "Larry King Show". Jenny paved the way and wow!!!!! Doug Flutie, Holly Robinson Peete, J Mac's Mom and Dr. Kartinzel were wonderful. The video clips of Doug Flutie's son at age 2 made me cry. they were DEVASTATING!This beautiful, perfect little boy was laughing, smiling, TALKING in full sentences as he looked right into the camera. Then after a series of vaccines it all slipped away- the talking, the skills- everything. These parents have nothing to gain in laying bare their lives, they only want to help other families. Their courage is remarkable. The sad and cowardly CDC denuciation of these brave families' experience at the end of the program was, alternately, all about self-preservation, rather than about actually dealing with this epidemic.


Thanks for the links!

what's up

a source told me that larry has some staff with kids with autism and they are all starting to get into biomed and that larry has really come around. he sure was flirting hard with jenny mc when she was on, you could tell she was converting him herself!

Sandy Gottstein

Here's the link:

Heather O

I was plesantly suprised by this show. I told several people to watch it, but didn't expect, much if any conversation on vaccines. WOW! I've never seen Doug Flutie before, only pictures. He's is a very good representative for families stuggeling with this disorder, loving their children and looking for answers.

Was JMac's mom a dental hygenist?

Barbie Hines

Eventually, they will have a transcript of the show that you can read online...I think it will appear sometime today...here's the link:



Does anyone know how how I can access a rerun of last night's show? I didn't know it was coming on and my kids (amazingly) went to bed early so I took advantage and did the same. Can I get it online?

Theresa Cedillo

Thanks Kim for the link and the story. I just sent my email to Larry. - All the guests were great - Flutie didn't mince words.

Tim Welsh

I am cautiously excited at the events of the last few weeks. Is it true the tide is turning? I still am dazed at the fact the Gov. can admit there is an Autism vaccine link and it does not make a single news story. I will fight til death for my son, my wife, my marriage, and my sanity. Give us treaments, therapy, respite, and Respect now!


the floodgates are finally open. The tide is finally turning. We have to keep the pressure on. Hopefully nobody from the next generation of parents will witness the regression into abyss that we have experienced.
nuff said.

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