Lets_goBy Kim Stagliano

Are you planning to attend the AUTISM ONE 2008 CONFERENCE?

Jenny McCarthy is giving the key note address.  Dr. Amy Yasko is presenting. Even better? Dan Olmsted, Mark Blaxill and I are presenting on Saturday morning the 24th.  (Don't tell Jenny and Dr. Y. I said, "even better!" OK?) And did I mention, that the AAP headquarters is darn close? Maybe we'll shoot over there and inject our presence?  And the kicker? A1 offers babysitting so you can bring your children.

5 Days That Will Change Your Child's Life
The Sixth Annual Autism One Conference Returns to Chicago
Wednesday, May 21 – Sunday, May 25, Chicago, Illinois

THE REALITY OF RECOVERY Autism is a whole-body condition with many causes and many roads to recovery. Some children develop autism from vaccines, other children from exposure to molds, pesticides, and a host of environmental toxins.

The pioneering efforts of parents and practitioners have brought new appreciation about the underlying causes that create the conditions of autism. Understanding the causes has led to
safe and effective treatments that are helping our children get better.

Main Conference: Friday, May 23 – Sunday, May 25

BRILLIANCE IN ACTION Learn at the breakthrough presentations highlighting over 100 of the most eminent autism experts across five tracks:

1. Biomedical Treatments
2. Behavior and Education Therapies
3. Complementary and Alternative Medicine
4. Adolescence and Adulthood
5. Government and Legal Issues

MORE REAL ANSWERS From the time you arrive to when you leave you will be immersed in an environment of help, hope, and answers. Sign up for a Mentor Mom who will help you 24/7, get detailed answers in the workshops, sample, and get the recipes of special diets in the hotel
restaurant, take advanced parent training classes, and participate in the Arts Festival classes.

NEW FOR 2008

- Seminar with Amy Yasko, PhD - Interpreting Lab Tests Seminar
- Thai Cooking as part of Special Diets
- News Desk with In-Depth Analysis
- Defeat Autism Now! Clinician Seminar - Advanced Parent Training

Pre-Conference: Wednesday, May 21 – Thursday, May 22

EMPOWERMENT FROM EDUCATION Some topics require hands-on, day-long training. The Pre-Conference Days are rich in practical purpose and presented in a manner to quickly bring you the knowledge to help your child immediately.

Wednesday, May 21. The Art of Special Diets. Preparing and cooking special diets was never so easy and delicious. Good food is the first foundation of recovery.

Thursday, May 22. Defeat Autism Now! Clinician Seminar. Learn the science and join the movement of practitioners who are effectively treating autism.

Thursday, May 22. First Responders – Law enforcement officials learn how to effectively spot and safely deal with situations involving individuals with autism.

Thursday, May 22. Law Day. Everything IEP. Become your child's most effective education advocate.

Thursday, May 22. What to do when a child won't eat: Feeding Disorders and Developmental Delays.

Learn more at www.AutismOne.org or email info@autismone.org.

Autism One is a parent-driven, charity organization helping children and families with autism.


Barbie Hines

This is what is posted on the "Presentors" section of the conference information:

Dr. Yasko will begin her presentation by addressing the adaptability of her program with other plans that individuals may already be using. This will be followed by at least one in depth case study to illustrate some helpful insight in using the program. The second hour will be devoted to looking at the individual aspects of the program, again with an eye toward dovetailing with other existing therapies. The third hour of the presentation will focus on nutrigenomic testing and will include specific examples of biochemical test results and how they may be used to monitor progress based on a program of supplementation designed around an individual's nutrigenomic profile. The remaining time will be allocated for questions and answers.

Some of my son's test results will be shared during the presentation...and believe me...with his genetics, there will have to be lots and lots of detailed explanations! I'm certain you will not be disappointed...Dr. Amy always "ties things together" during her presentations...I was thrilled to see that Kim, Dan and Mark will presenting at a different time so I can see both!

Ed Arranga

Kim, we are very much looking forward to having you, Dan, and Mark present. You are doing a great job and providing a wonderful source of information for parents and professionals.

Let me try to answer the posted questions.

1. Yes, Dr. Yasko will be presenting on nutrigenomic testing and the science behind the methylation diagrams. An overview of her 3-hour seminar is here http://www.autismone.org/abstracts.cfm#yasko1.

2. We are actively working to encourage as many pediatricians to attend as possible. We are hosting a Defeat Autism Now! Clinician Seminar, Thursday, May 22. Information about the Seminar is here http://www.autismone.org/leftside.cfm?page=2.

Please feel free to email me or give me a holler if there are other questions.

Thanks, Ed
earranga@autismone.org / 714.680.0792

Big Yasko fan

"Dr. Amy Yasko is presenting."

I was wondering whether Dr. Amy Yasko was going to be presenting her methylation diagrams in her speech and not merely interpretation of lab tests. Even parents can learn to interpret lab tests after they have done enough number of them, but its her very valuable nutrigenomic testing and the science behind the methylation diagrams that are critical for anyone who wants to understand their child's autism. I, as a parent, understood what was going on with my child only after we ran the nutrigenomic testing and understood the individual issues. It was only then that I began to make some headway into treating my child and figuring out how his little bits fed into the big picture. Just hoping she was going to say more than just share interpretation of lab tests.

Got it wrong!

"Autism One is a parent-driven, charity organization helping children and families with autism."

I want to know whether pediatricians will be welcome here or not. We took my sick coughing son to the pediatrician this morning for an Albuterol and Pulmicort and Zithromax prescriptions. Now this doctor was amazing (no sarcasm here) and we again mentioned the prescription meds my son was on. She asked who had prescribed the Valtrex and Diflucan and I told her our DAN doctor had. She was surprised there was a DAN doctor we could take our son to and wrote down his name and place of work on the chart. She said they had nobody to send the autism cases to.

So it would seem that some pediatricians individually might be amenable to the idea of treating autism kids. What we got wrong was this - we assumed they should learn how to do this themselves. Turns out they just want to know who to send them to! Now what? Last I heard the existing DAN practices were already booked 3 months out.

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