LiarhandManaging Editor's Note: Well lookey here! Dr. Johnson was given the Sabin Vaccine Institute 2006 award.  Here.  The Albert B. Sabin Vaccine Institute’s mission is to prevent disease by advancing development of new vaccines and increasing immunization rates. Founded in 1993, the Institute pursues Albert Sabin’s vision of a world protected from disease by vaccines. You can email ABC at the link following this post.

By Julie Obradovic

What's that you say, Dr. Johnson?

So I'm sitting at work this morning, when an email from my best friend pops up. It's about 10 AM, and she wants to know if there's ever been a study of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. She wants to know this because Dr. Tim Johnson on Good Morning America just told her that not only has this study been conducted, but that it has conclusively shown there is no link between the rates of autism among those who get vaccines and those who don't. Even better, the IOM agrees.


I thought she must be mistaken. Even Dr. Johnson wouldn't go so far as to make something up, would he?

A quick check of the GMA website verified he would.

Today, with Diane Sawyer, Dr. Tim Johnson, the ABC medical "expert" said the following lie.

When asked about the connection between Autism and vaccines, he said QUOTE:

"Well, it's understandable why parents make that connection because their kids get shots and they get Autism at the same ages.

But I have to tell you, Diane, every good study that looks at this has found no increased risk from vaccines. They look at kids who get vaccinated and kids who don't.


The Institute of Medicine, which I think is an impeccably independent body, has looked at all the evidence an said there's no connection. I think that's the truth."

Now, unless I've been under a rock, the only study of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated that exists happens to be the one Generation Rescue performed (HERE). And from what I remember, those results showed the exact opposite of what he claims.

Dr. Johnson has completely crossed the line in his gross overstatement not only about a fictional study and it's fictional results existing, but also regarding what the IOM has concluded about the relationship between vaccines and autism. I urge everyone who is passionate about the truth, whether or not you believe vaccines are involved, to demand a retraction from ABC. This issue is too important to leave to "experts" who clearly don't know what they are talking about.

Worse than watching this sad excuse for journalism was watching child after child being held down to be injected with the oops-we-picked-the-wrong-strain-so-it-doesn't-work-flu-shot, wondering which one of them just might end up at their toxic tipping point. I actually felt woozy.

Even worse than that though, was the comment made by my pregnant best friend who brought it to my attention.

"You know, if I didn't know you, and I heard that they had studied the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated and found there was no difference in the rates, that would seal the deal for me Autism had nothing to do with the shots. I wonder how many more moms think that now too."

Yeah, you and me both.

You can contact ABC HERE. (Thank you Angela S.!)

Julie Obradovic is a High School Spanish Teacher in the suburbs of Chicago where she lives with her husband and 3 beautiful children, one of whom is recovered from Autism. She is a member of the NAA, a Rescue Angel, and founder of the Southwest Suburban Biomedical Support Group. Last year she threw the First Annual Evening for ACE, a benefit that raised several thousand dollars for the Autism Center for Enlightenment, Dr. Anju Usman's not-for-profit organization.



It's strange...MOST kids get vaccinated and yet MOST kids do not have autism. Where is this "link" between the 2? Kids are exposed to harmful elements every day just in the air we breathe and the food we eat and the products we use near our bodies. All kinds of diseases are caused by these things, why focus on vaccines?
These days parents are unaware of the horrors of deadly diseases like pertussis and measles. People in the days of those outbreaks would have killed for a vaccine. But since they have been nearly nonexistent for so long people have forgotten. Wise up. The advent of those vaccines has made a HUGE difference is motality rates, you don't have to be an expert to admit that.

Sonja G.

Timothy Johnson is supposedly a Christian, and a member of the denomination I grew up in, the Evangelical Covenant Church of America.

I'd like to think he just a senile old idiot that believes what others tell him, but if not I hope Dante's version of hell is accurate and Johnson get a berth in one of the lowest levels.

Heather O

Thank you for bring this to our attention Julie. I've watched the clip and I'm just disgusted. I also sent several e-mails to ABC demanding a retraction. This absolutely crosses the line. Apparently they've run out of corrupt studies to release, so they are just making them up.


Well, I sent ABC an email yesterday and here is the response:

As you can imagine, we receive thousands of messages a day from our viewers and while we appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback regarding our programming, we are not able to respond to each one directly. We encourage you to continue to communicate with us!

Yeah, right.


Oh, and the direct dial phone number for Dave Davis, Executive VP for TV News Broadcast is 212-456-1500. I just left him a msg demanding a retraction.

Monica Bice

omg, I was floored. I didn't beleive it, but I went to GMA's website and watched with horror, as the American people were lied to, yet again. I am shaking I am so mad.

Well, turns out it I am a corporate headhunter and pretty good with obtaining names and numbers.

I just left a message on Dr Johnson's voicemail asking if Gerberding is now the one lying. I plan on leaving messages for all the execs there at ABC. Nightime is a good time to call such people, as you can leave uninterrupted messages.

This is the number for ABC News, (212) 456-7777, just ask the operator for Timothy Johnson, and he/she will put you through, either to his receptionist during the day, or VM at night.

Here are some top execs at ABC if you choose to contact them as well.

Pres David Westin

Exec VP-TV News Brdcst Dave Davis

Exec VP Paul Friedman

VP Richard C. Wald

Sr VP & Gen Mgr-ABC News Digital Media Bernard Gershon

Sr VP Paul Mason

Sr VP-Commun Patricia J Matson

Sr VP-Digital Paul Slavin

Sr VP-News Sls Catherine Sullivan

VP-News Plng & Bus Affairs Derek Medina

Exec Dir-Editorial David Reiter

Exec Producer-World News Tonight Craig Bengtson

Exec Producer-ABC News Now Jessica Stedman Guff

Exec Producer-ABCNewscom Christopher Sheridan

Angela Warner

The humanitarian award for increasing vaccination rates / autism rates.

Priceless... as we do not yet know the cost monetarily. Nor do we know the cost to humanity long term and as a whole.

Nice.... I wonder why he's not taken up the offer that's been floating around the net for years offering so much money for a doc to drink the vaccine ingredients calculated by body weight to prove that vaccines are safe. I was thinking about that offer today even before I read this. I am again thinking of it... maybe we should send him the offer. All of us...

For his humanitarian award here on earth; may he rot in hell for all eternity.

Oh gee... sorry if I am a bit cranky. Dr. Johnson should be too. Come live in my home for a week. Or any other home where children with autism are for a week. I'm sure we would all welcome the respite (well probably not so much respite HA! - you wouldn't have a clue as to what to do!) Maybe just YOU seeing what your efforts that you received a humanitarian award for, have ultimately done, maybe then you would wake up. Maybe then you would relinquish your award. But I doubt you would give up your millions to help our children.

You belong in the Hall of Shame... once, twice, no three times, and possibly more.

Retract your statement and TELL THE TRUTH! Dr. Johnson.

Angela warner

Teresa Conrick

Lies and damn lies..then big, whopper, fantasy, hallucinations. This is just blatant Sabin ooze. Did he think he might get a bonus this month for citing a study that has not been done? That maybe he could fool Mr and Mrs America one more time? That his comments that reach millions of people could influence how many flu shots get used up? Or is he just so much of a narcissistic and grandiose fill-in-the-blank-swear-word-here, that he thought he could get away with this?

What an imposter or as they say in high school, a "poser."

Teresa Conrick

veronica flinn

I never have been vaccinated and have a 6 month old baby who is also not vaccinated, thank God, or rather, my highly informed mother.
I am avoiding telling my mother-in-law, because she is a nurse and even volunteers her time to vaccinate those who are too poor to get the shots. She says that if enough kids don't get vaccines that it will cause an epidemic..."not only are we jeopardizing our own children's lives but the lives of others." This is absolutely crazy! The perfect way to get parents to vaccinate is to create fear and say they will harm not only their own children but other children. According to records sighted above there are not enough un-vaccinated children to conduct a study, and yet, simultaneously there are enough un-vaccinated children to cause a epidemic rendering the vaccines ineffective.
what do we do as informed parents? I want a study done that records children with autism that have been vaccinated, and children with autism that have not been vaccinated.
It would be my guess that autism is a direct result of these deadly vaccines.
Advancements in science and logical thinking are for nothing if not to pursue truth and save lives.

Angela S.

The link above is for comments related to ABC.com website.
Here is a link for comments to Good Morning America http://abcnews.go.com/Site/page?id=3271346&cat=Good%20Morning%20America

Tim Kasemodel

I sent this to the good Doctor - I could not find the actual comments on the GMA website, and since I could not refer directly to the date and time I simply "implied" that it was true (of course I knew it was) just to be P.C.


I read something very disturbing about you, Dr. Timothy Johnson, and if true, you have gone too far. Lying to parents on national television cannot be allowed to stand. I demand that you issue an immediate retraction to recent statements you may have made that there have been studies between vaccinated and unvaccinated children that rule out the link between autism and vaccines.

Such a study does not exist, except the Zogby poll conducted by Generation Rescue which showed the exact opposite.

It is one thing for a respected news source to offer opinion, it is another to offer blatant and easily discounted lies. IF such a study has been done, why is there pending Congressional legislation to see that such a study is done?


The CDC has said that a study could not even be done because they would not be able to identify enough kids that have never been vaccinated - just ask them. Oh, I forgot, that would be journalism, sorry.

The fact is Good Morning Americas been caught in a lie. Unless american media has been lost to the corporate propaganda machine, they, and you, have no alternative but to issue a clarification.

I believe that you may have been referring to kids exposed to a high level of mercury containing vaccines as opposed to lower levels of mercury - those such studies have been done. Mercury has never been completely removed from vaccines - EVER - there has always been some level of exposure, and you know this to be true.

If Good Morning America can find out what journalism is, then if they find out if such a study HAS been done, feel free to spread it far and wide. Some of us parents have been looking for it a long time now.

Lying so publicly when it is so easy to be caught is not easy for us who know the truth to understand.

Sandy Gottstein

Hi again, Julie. Would you mind giving us an email address or link so we know where we should direct our emails, please? Thanks, Sandy

Sandy Gottstein

My guess is that they are confusing "unvaccinated" with never vaccinated. That's why I started using the term never vaccinated many years ago. There are quite a few epidemiological and other studies which claim to be of unvaccinated kids, but when you read their description, they either were merely less recently vaccinated or had been vaccinated with vaccine(s) other than the one being studied. Once again, here's what I said about this subject when I testified to the IOM in 1993:

"In the 1991 IOM review, the Committee quite fairly pointed out that it had been handicapped by the lack of adequate studies, including the poor design of many. The Committee also properly concluded that the absence of appropriate studies meant that there was insufficient evidence to indicate whether or not there was a causal relationship between many of the adverse reactions being studied and vaccination. Imponderably, however, similarly flawed information was cited as evidence AGAINST causality in their report in a number of instances.

The Committee's conclusions concerning SIDS and DPT vaccine are a case in point. Although they admitted in their review, and I quote, "Prior to the 1960's, little was known about the epidemiology of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)", they concluded, and again I quote, "Studies showing a temporal relation

between these events are consistent with the expected occurrence of SIDS over the age range in which DPT immunization typically occurs". Without information on the background rate of SIDS in historically, socioeconomically, and otherwise comparable never vaccinated groups, data on the expected frequency of SIDS merely reflects its incidence among vaccinated populations, rather than absent vaccinations, and cannot be considered accurate or meaningful. Given that such background information was not presented by the Committee, conclusions about the absence of a relationship between SIDS and vaccination were not justified.

Nor were any studies cited - in fact, to my knowledge none exist - in which the only proper control group, never vaccinated children, was used. If, as is the case in most studies, "less recently", but nonetheless vaccinated, children were used as controls, and an adverse event can be either a delayed or long-term consequence of vaccination, one would EXPECT to find no differences between the study groups, even if vaccination HAD caused an adverse event. Conclusions about causality drawn from any study with such serious limitations are not justified.

The fact is, all controls are not equal. More importantly, many groups are improperly designated as controls. The 1991 IOM statement that a nontreatment group, i.e., control, might be one using an established alternate vaccine, is an example of an improper definition of a control. In no way can any form of vaccination, whether "established" or less recently administered, be considered lack of intervention. The extent to which various established vaccines and times since administration of vaccine are similar to non-vaccination should be studied, not assumed. Only a placebo, which in the case of vaccination studies equals the absence of vaccination, is appropriate.

As to the notion that it is unethical to withhold vaccination due to "widespread acceptance" of vaccination, I would submit that to the contrary, if anything, it is unethical to administer vaccinations of unknown safety and efficacy. It is unsound to argue we can't withhold vaccines because of "widespread acceptance", as the 1991 IOM Committee did, when the reason there is such widespread acceptance of vaccinations is that we have been told the vaccines are safe and effective. Their argument is particularly ironic given their finding that serious consequences can result from the two vaccines, and lament about the absence of adequate information. To the contrary, the conclusion that must be drawn from their review is that randomized, long-term, placebo-controlled, prospective clinical trials are urgently needed, in spite of ethical concerns about ADMINISTERING vaccines of unknown safety. Indeed, no reassuring claims about the infrequency of any linked adverse event should be made until and unless the false premises underlying study designs and the many study design flaws, including the lack of reasonable and time appropriate controls, and reporting system inadequacies, are corrected.

Please note that in any study of long-term vaccine consequences, in which proper experimental and control groups are used, a comprehensive and longitudinal medical assessment is necessary in order to discern all observable and measurable effects of vaccination, both good and bad, known and unknown." (To read the entire testimony, go here: http://www.vaccinationnews.com/Authors/SandyGottstein/IOMTest1993.htm )

I also wrote about this at Age of Autism ("Seeking the truth about the never-vaccinated" http://www.ageofautism.com/2007/12/seeking-the-tru.html ).

Whatever the reason, be it because they are ignorant of the facts or just plain being loose with them, there is no excuse.

Anne Dachel

Dr. Julie Gerberding of the CDC has gone on record telling the public that there aren't enough unvaccinated children to do a comparison study in the U.S., so where did Dr. Johnson get his fictitious information?

"But I have to tell you, Diane, every good study that looks at this has found no increased risk from vaccines. They look at kids who get vaccinated and kids who don't."

His vague reference to "every good study" gets a free pass without anyone asking "What studies?"

That's not the only lie out there in the press currently about vaccines. In the last couple of days, I seen several TV and newspaper reports about the flu vaccine in which the public was informed that mercury is only in "some adult flu vaccines"

Officials and TV doctors can make up facts as they go along but it's not going to end the controversy.

Anne Dachel

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