Mad_as_hellBy J.B. Handley

As the email chain below from AOA reader Monica Bice shows, ABC is clueless and trying to defend the indefensible. Their chief medical correspondent blatantly lied to the American people and falsely reassured parents that the rates of autism amongst unvaccinated children has been studied when it has never been studied (except for Generation Rescue’s study!)

We want, and deserve, a retraction. Please email:

Roger Sergel
Managing Editor
Medical Coverage
ABC News

David Westin
ABC News
This email address is not working - if anyone has a working address please email leave us a comment!  Maybe David's mailbox is full???

Audrey Grayson
ABC News Medical Unit
(781) 455-6020



ANOTHER ABC Autism Story...


I tried to send my email as well but it looks like its bouncing back. I have to say, I feel like this is all just part of the pushback we are going to see coming harder and harder as word leaks out about the federal case. They are going to try to contain it, keep it from becoming a headline in the media, and shout as loud as they can with their bully pulpits about how safe vaccines are. Remember, it's cornered animals that fight back the hardest. Why else would they suddenly be expanding the flu shot mandate despite the fact that it doesn't work on this year's flu? Unfortunately for the, they blew their wad on releasing "new studies" timed to the Eli Stone episode, they got nothin this time around except the same old charlatans spouting the same old nonsense.

I sent links to an L.A. Times reporter, of the Kirby post as well as the posting of the federal case text here at AOA. Maybe we should all concentrate on trying to get our local papers and TV stations interested in covering the case; once it's out it will spread, the networks will have to play catchup. The only thing that's going to get them off the dime is the fear that they will miss the biggest scoop in history and therefore look like idiots. (I know, they already are idiots, but they are useful idiots. If we can educate them and get them to speak up.)

Its boring ABC!

...."ABC is clueless and trying to defend the indefensible. Their chief medical correspondent blatantly lied to the American people and falsely reassured parents..."

It seems as though its become a classic case of "we say this" and "they say that" and on and on. Maybe this argument will never work and we could keep arguing about this for several years and still not come to any conclusion. How about ABC, we go about this differently? How about we tell you of a specific family in WA state that is well on its way to recovering its son from autism - yes, they treated measles and the rubella (from the MMR) - with LDM100 under their doctors' supervision. Read about it here:

Now if you treat vaccine induced infections and *find* that the kids are losing the autism, does that not mean that YES it is the vaccine that caused the autism? Or are you going to produce more research yet *again* to show that this reasoning is faulty?

Might I also suggest that you test the MMR. Some people are reporting EBV in their kids, where did that come from? We know the MMR has no preservatives and NOBODY knows what's in that particular vaccine, least of all the FDA!


Here is a better link to the Kirby/Geier interview at Autism Radio:

Harry Hofherr

I got my email to Mr. Westin kicked back as well. Is there another address for him?

Harry Hofherr


I received this:

Mail System Error - Returned Mail
Reason: No such address

They seriously need to listen to the interview of David Kirby and our brilliant Dr. Mark Geier on Autism Radio!

For the FIRST TIME in over 16 years I see a light at the end of the tunnel............and it's not a freight train headed towards me.

Heather O

Thanks for the e-mails. I'll writing...

Here's a link to the ABC segment:

Here's a link to HR 2832 at the Library of Congress

Congressman Ron Paul is a co-sponsor

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