Louder By Lisa Ackerman

Sorry for the history lesson – but here you go.

Back in the 50’s every red blooded American was afraid of the Russians and the possibility of a “cold war”. Senator McCarthy was quick to point to hundreds of innocent, different thinking individuals that they were contributing the downfall of America.

Enter Edward R Murrow – considered a pioneer in early TV and famous newscaster of the day. Murrow saw the injustice of the Senators severely public accusations. He then produced a series of TV news reports that helped lead to the censure of Senator Joseph McCarthy and the downfall of his theory.

What does this have to do with Autism?  Well a small group of doctors and writers are calling Jenny McCarthy the equivalent to Senator Joseph McCarthy.  The only similarities?  Their last name.

Autism has a different story because basically families and the public have been lied to for decades.  The lies?

- there is no autism epidemic, its just better diagnosis

- families are just looking for the abundant free services for their children

- parents just need to discipline their children

- these children were autistic from birth, had no regression of skills, and parents missed the signs

- there are just as many kids with autism as there are adults with autism

Ask any teacher or administrator that has been in a school since its opening several decades ago about “is there an increase in autism” and almost all I have spoken to get white in the face, swallow hard and say “Oh my God, yes.”  They then comment they have never seen so many disabled children in their life.  All with autism – a once rare development disability.

Missing a child with autism is like missing a train wreck 10 feet in front of your face. There is no diagnostic substitution. I surely do not see thousands of adults in my town tantruming and being hauled out of grocery stores as I do children these days.

What Jenny McCarthy did for the autism community is provide some important messages lacking in this community and in the public eye. She bravely;

- called attention to autism and the rising numbers

- pointed to the family issues and how autism can rip a family apart

- called out the CDC, FDA about the vaccine issues and how hundreds of thousands of families see a correlation of loss of skills at the time of immunization

- provided families with some hope that was long overdue. She pointed to treatments are available and to find answers unique to their children’s needs. She provided a story about a boy named Evan who has made remarkable progress after a diagnosis of no hope. This boy attends a regular education setting and no longer qualifies for an autism diagnosis.

These efforts hardly align themselves with Senator McCarthy. In fact, Jenny is a bit more like the newscaster Mr. Murrow.  The public has been fed mistruths and the folks here to help families and their children by the devastated by autism have failed their job miserably.

Keep talking Jenny “Murrow” McCarthy. We need you to continue the message so our children who have been ignored for years get the attention and answers they deserve.

Lisa Ackerman is one the founders of Talk About Curing Autism (TACA.) TACA started in 2000 with 10 families in the Ackerman living room and by January 2008 has grown to over 6,000 families across the U.S.  TACA provides 95% program and services free to families affected by autism.  Web site: www.talkaboutcuringautism.org 


Cathlene Echan

I never thought that September 18th would be the day that changed the rest of my life. I was about half way through "Louder than Words" with big red eyes and an empty box of tissue, when I turned on Oprah. As Jenny told her story of Evan, I realized that my son, also a hall of fame "mechanic", had autism. I called my mom who had also watched and we cried together for a long time.

That began our journey, and our road to recovery. Without Jenny I don't know if I would have ever known the truth, and my son would have been lost forever. My 4 week old son also would have had his "scheduled" vaccines, and I'm 100% sure I would have lost him too. She has done a very noble and honorable thing by speaking out, and I will be forever thankful.


My thanks to Jenny McCarthy for her bravely vocal advocacy, and thanks to Lisa Ackerman for being not only a strong link in the parent education chain, but a proactive problem-solver. It is only through our lifelong persistence and social connections that personal attitudes will change, and thus public policy.

I will never understand how vaccine-injured children came to be ignored, denied, and deprived of medical treatment. In what kind of society do the perceived good intentions of vaccine delivery bureaucrats mean a free pass to ignore product failure, human error and the suffering of countless children?


Actually, I have no problem with associating her with a man like Joseph McCarthy. Contrary to mainstream propaganda - remember the same mainstream propaganda that tells us that vaccines are safe and effective - McCarthy never accused demonstrably innocent people. He was trying to root out Soviet spies (the Communist Party of America worked with the USSR at the time http://www.ukrweekly.com/Archive/1996/179617.shtml) within the public service in the US government - hardly an unreasonable thing to do. And there were many - the Venona files, released after the collapse of the USSR, showed that.

Cathy Jameson

I never thought Jenny McCarthy would be my role model. She is everything I am not (larger than life, famous, brazen and blonde). Now, though, we share a passion that we've both lived with our young sons. Nothing can stop a Mom on a Mission and I like that about Jenny.

I revel in the thought of hanging in the same circle of friends (albeit on-line friends) and research that Jenny is. We in this community know that others have come before Jenny speaking of the same mistruths and injustices. Thankfully, most of us agreed that it was about time someone was finally listened to!

We've all stood up for our kids on a personal level, but it brings me great joy knowing that a Hollywood voice louder than I'll ever be, got it through to everyone else that vaccines can be dangerous. I say rock on, Jenny. I'm honored to know that you are helping me help my son.

Cathy Jameson

Katie Wright

Lisa you are so right. In Jenny our families have seen a mother courageous enough to share every horrible struggle and every wonderful triumph. While it would be so easy for Jenny to quietly resume her life with her recovered son, she is fighting for every one of our kids when she tells her story. The media often wants only to hear about early detection and good intervention services- we all wish it was that simple. Jenny has gotten the media to pay attention to biomedical interventions, the connection between food allergies and autism and our overzealous vaccination schedule and autism. Most importantly, Jenny's example empowers parents not to be defeated by arrogance within the medical community but to have hope, listen to their gut and trust their judgement.

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