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Etiology of Autism and Camel Milk as Therapy

Shabo, Y.; Yagil, R.
International Journal of Human Development, Volume 4, Issue 2, p.67-70 (2005)
Layperson Summary:
Camel milk does not have casein and may be an effective treatment for autism. This article describes people with autism who were given camel milk instead of cow milk. One 4-year old girl drank camel milk for 40 days and her autism symptoms disappeared. A 15-year old boy recovered from autism after 30 days of drinking camel milk. Several 21-year old individuals with autism were given camel milk for two weeks and they became quieter and stopped hurting themselves. The authors conclude by suggesting that camel milk be drunk under a doctor'€™s care.
Scientific Abstract


Goat milk cures autism
Egypt, Health, 11/11/2005

A study carried out by Child Medicine and Language Disorders Section at Ain Shams University showed that goat and camel milk and corn bread regular intake helps in curing autism, a childhood disorder characterized by withdrawal, self-stimulation, cognitive deficits, and language disorders.

Dr. Mohamed Baraka, Chairman of Language Disorders Unit said that these milks contain enzymes which are useful in stimulating the cognitive and mental ability of autistic children.


Yagil says camels' immune system is close to humans, which he says makes its milk a potential cure for anything from allergies to autism.

Raymond Gallup

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