Drwelby THIS article from Pediatric News shows physicians are hearing concerns from a growing number of parents on vaccine safety and many are addressing those concerns pretty well. Out of four docs who were recorded in this study, only ONE threatened to call child services and only ONE lied that the child would not be able to go to school without immunizations.

Physicians scored very well in listening to the mother's concerns about vaccines, maintaining eye contact, spending adequate time with the mother (a median of 19 minutes per visit), using understandable terms, and behaving in a nonpaternalistic manner, reported Dr. Bryant and her associates. They also scored well in eliciting the mother's agenda for the visit, avoiding interrupting, and being warm, compassionate, and nonjudgmental.

Physicians did not score as well on “characteristics that are important not just in vaccination risk/benefit communications, but in communications with families in general,” she said. These included introducing themselves and welcoming the mother, expressing interest in the mother, asking open-ended questions, and encouraging questions from the mother. Scores also were lower in checking for the mother's understanding, validating the importance of her concerns, assessing the mother's knowledge about vaccines, and summarizing at the end of the visit.

Among the four physicians who were recorded, only three discussed the risks and benefits of vaccines, and only two presented scientific evidence to refute the mother's claims that MMR causes autism or that thimerosal is dangerous.

Two referred mothers to the AAP and CDC Web sites for more information, and two offered to delay some vaccines—a strategy recommended by the AAP when dealing with reluctant parents. None explored cost as a potential barrier to immunization.

Two gave the mothers inaccurate information. One said he would have to contact Child Protective Services if the mother refused to vaccinate her child. The other said that the child could not attend public school unless immunized, but Kentucky allows religious exemptions.

“The plus side is that none of these physicians refused to care for this family if the mother refused immunizations, and [all] talked about [vaccine refusal] being addressed at future visits,” Dr. Bryant said.



Only fifty percent of pediatricians lie? And only twenty-five percent make threats which imply losing children to the state or foster care for making informed parental choices? Wow. We're so impressed that we're going to allow our local medical grease monkey to make ALL health decisions for our children. Let the healing begin. Cough.


"Among the four physicians who were recorded, only three discussed the risks and benefits of vaccines, and only two presented scientific evidence to refute the mother's claims that MMR causes autism or that thimerosal is dangerous."

It seems unbelievable to me that NONE of these doctors even considered what there might be in the client's family history that might put the infant at risk for autism. Discussing risks and benefits of vaccines without correlating them to the target audience's predisposition seems basically irrelevant. Are these doctors operating in a vacuum, don't they want to know and understand which families are at risk based on their family history? Or are their minds too dictated by the same vacuum that the CDC posseses in their quest for *answers*? What a sad state of affairs!

Angela Warner

WOW! I am so glad that they believe according to this "study" they all believe they can pat themselves on the back! What a crock!

You're going to call Child Protective Services on me because I refuse to vaccinate my child? And it is my right to refuse vaccination for my child? And I just might be Catholic or of another faith that prohibits vaccination? And you're not going to share exemption information with me?

Like I said, what a crock!

And the areas they did not score well in, indicate to this reader anyway, that these and so many doctors and practitioners everywhere think they are God in a white coat because the AAP, CDC, and FDA have christened then as such!

I won't even get into the rest of it because we all know...


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