Green_thisDeidre Imus wrote this Huffington Post piece on the California autism numbers.

Thank you to Deirdre Imus, board member of the National Autism Association and active advocate for children's health for this Huffington Post piece. You can visit her site for the Deirdre Imus Environmental Center for Pediatric Oncology HERE.

Please write a comment to her piece over at HuffPo. It may take several hours to see your comment. They're really busy moderating over there. You do have to sign up - but you will remain completely anonymous.


Teresa Binstock

The topics you mention are important. Here I'll offer a suggestion about research models. Studies that focus upon single toxins have become a way to avoid what has acquired major importance: the fact that so many toxic molecules have become intra-body toxins. Together, they utilize and in some individuals deplete nutrients needed for detoxification. As depletion occurs, adverse sequelae are more likely; pollutant-associated pathologies ensue. Adjuvants and preservatives injected during vaccinations do not occur as single toxins. Instead, they are injected into human bodies (eg, infants) already containing other toxins. The relationships among multiple intra-body toxins and their potential for depleting detoxification nutrients is a focus meriting research. In contrast, single-toxin studies and the precluding of multiple-toxins' intergrated pathways are likely to remain a way for owners of toxic-molecule patents to hide behind manufactured uncertainty.


Thanks for the valuable listing of studies done in the wider area of toxins in general. I'm wondering (1) what has been used in replacement of thimerosal as a preservative. It may be as toxicologically relevant as mercury. I've heard unofficially that aluminum has been used. But it's already in many vaccines, as an adjuvant, and has its own toxic history. (2) Are there any studies looking at aluminum the way you have reported on other toxins/heavy metals? and (3) are we getting into overload territory with THIS dangerous ingredient?
Plus there is the serious question of MSG/glutamic acid in vaccines as well as the diet, which exacerbates the problem, of being able to excrete ANY heavy metals/toxins, not just mercury. Is anybody doing any studies on this glutamate/glutathione factor?

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