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What an awesome article (which will be forwarded to many friends and family)!



1n 1989 the AAP came out AGAINST CENSORSHIP: See the sentence, "THE AAP STRONGLY OPPOSES CENSORSHIP." Gee, a lot has changed in twenty years, eh? They seem pretty much in favor of censorship when it's their pocketbook at risk and not the record companies'.

"Rock music has undergone dramatic changes since its introduction 30 years ago and is an issue of vital interest and concern for parents and pediatricians.

Rock music lyrics have become increasingly explicit during the last two decades"particularly with reference to sex and drugs. Some lyrics communicate potentially harmful health messages. These lyrics are of special concern in today's environment, which poses unprecedented threats to the health and well-being of adolescents, including pregnancy, drug use, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (and other sexually transmitted diseases), accidents, and suicide.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) strongly opposes censorship. According to the Federal Communications Commission, the public owns the airways, which are leased back to radio and television stations that are obligated to produce programming in the public's best interest. Good taste and self-regulation by consumers, media, and the music industry would be appropriate and effective solutions."

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