Shut_up We've learned that the Immunization Action Coalition has released a press release, complete with "talking points" asking it's "immunization colleagues" to protest the ABC drama Eli Stone.   In short, they want ABC to just shut up and drop the program.

(IAC Funding 2008 to-date Sources of support The Immunization Action Coalition receives funding from a variety of sources, but maintains strict editorial independence in all publications and print materials. Funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is provided for specific projects. Contributions from pharmaceutical companies are in the form of educational grants. The grants are made with the strict understanding that the company does not have input into publication content or our editorial policies.)

We thank the IAC for this press release. It tells us to contact the following people at ABC to voice your opinion.  Saved us a lot of work tracking down names and numbers. So start dialing and emailing!  Make sure you're polite to the people at ABC , they're the good guys (so far.)  You can help prevent the censorship demanded by CDC/IAC.


Nicole Nichols
Senior Vice President of Entertainment Communications for "Eli
Phone: (818) 460-5267

Charissa Gilmore
Vice President of Media Relations for "Eli Stone"
Phone: (818) 460-7950

Who is the IAC? Think CDC.  From their site:  "The Immunization Action Coalition, a non-profit organization, works to increase immunization rates and prevent disease. The Hepatitis B Coalition, a program of IAC, promotes hepatitis B vaccination for all children 0–18 years; HBsAg screening for all pregnant women; testing and vaccination for high-risk groups; and education and treatment for treatment for people chronically infected with hepatitis B.

This website is exclusively supported by Cooperative Agreement No. U66/CCU524042 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Its contents are solely the responsibility of IAC and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Immunization Action Coalition  |  1573 Selby Avenue  |  St. Paul MN 55104

contact:  |

tel: 651.647.9009  |  fax: 651.647.9131"

If you want to read the entire press release, it's below.

January 29, 2008


Dear Immunization Colleagues:

Last week, IAC learned from a New York Times article (linked below)
that ABC's debut episode of the legal drama "Eli Stone" features a
script riddled with misinformation about the safety of routinely
given childhood vaccines. In this program (scheduled to air
Thursday, January 31, at 9 PM ET) lawyer Eli Stone sues a vaccine
manufacturer on behalf of the mother of an autistic child. Stone
argues that the mercury-containing preservative in a vaccine the
child received caused the child's autism. At the end, the jury
awards the mother $5.2 million.

IAC has telephoned and written a letter to ABC, urging the
company's executives to cancel this episode. We encourage IAC
Express readers who are concerned to do the same. To that end,
talking points and contact information appear at the end of this
IAC Express. In addition, we include links to letters IAC, AAP, and
the American Medical Association sent to ABC, as well as links to
material from other immunization organizations that will provide
IAC readers with useful background information on the topic.


Deborah L. Wexler, MD
Executive Director
Immunization Action Coalition


Nicole Nichols
Senior Vice President of Entertainment Communications for "Eli
Phone: (818) 460-5267

Charissa Gilmore
Vice President of Media Relations for "Eli Stone"
Phone: (818) 460-7950


* I urge (or my organization urges) you to cancel broadcast of this

* This episode transmits the false belief that vaccines cause
autism. They do not. Numerous scientific studies have investigated
a possible link between thimerosal and autism. Scientific data
overwhelmingly confirm that no connection exists between vaccines
and autism. The most recent study showed that autism rates in
California have continued to increase, even though thimerosal has
been removed from all children's vaccines except for some influenza

* The consequence of media dissemination of erroneous, unscientific
information is a decline in childhood vaccination. This recently
happened in Britain with the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine.
The result was that unvaccinated children contracted measles, which
caused many children to be hospitalized and some to die.

* This ABC broadcast will cause some parents to refuse to vaccinate
their children, which can lead to serious illness,
hospitalizations, and loss of lives.

* Autism is a heart-wrenching condition. When our nation's health
resources are squandered by responding to media-generated
misinformation such as that presented in this program, it means we
have fewer resources available to find REAL causes, treatments, and
cures for autism.


To access the New York Times article "ABC Drama Takes on Science
and Parents," go to:

To read the Immunization Action Coalition's letter to ABC, go to:

To read the American Academy of Pediatrics' press release about
"Eli Stone," go to:

To read the American Academy of Pediatrics' letter to ABC, go to:

To read the American Medical Association's letter to ABC, go to:

To view a preview of the January 31 episode of "Eli Stone," go to:


To access Every Child By Two's January 28 press release on vaccine
safety, go to:

To access CDC's information on mercury and vaccines, go to:

To access AAP's autism information, go to:

To access the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Education
Center's thimerosal information:

To access the National Network for Immunization Information's
material on thimerosal/mercury, go to:

To access IAC's collection of thimerosal information for healthcare
professionals, go to:

To access IAC's collection of information on thimerosal in vaccines
for the public and healthcare professionals, go to:

We hope you will forward this e-newsletter to others.

If you have trouble receiving or displaying IAC Express messages,
visit our online help section at

Editor: Deborah L. Wexler, MD (
Managing Editor: Dale Thompson (
Editorial Assistant: Janelle Tangonan Anderson (
ISSN: 1526-1786
Circulation: 24,910



Here's my letter:

Dear Ms. Nichols and Ms. Gilmore,

Thank you for airing the Eli Stone episode about vaccines and autism, and for not caving to those who clearly feel threatened by free speech and fictional entertainment. Trust me, as a parent, I have never made health care decisions for my children based on television shows. Thank you for giving the viewers credit for having more sense than that.

In addition, I would like to tell you that I think it was very courageous to take this topic on. We all know there is a tremendous amount of money invested in and expected from vaccines. The pharmaceutical companies and their cheerleaders have a lot riding on keeping parents in the dark about vaccine safety. You deserve a lot of credit for withstanding the pressure and standing your ground to provide shows like Eli Stone. Many viewers might not even have children and just might want to watch the show without any ulterior motives (unlike certain coalitions which spout vast amounts of misinformation).

Keep it up. I look forward not only to more Eli Stone adventures, but to the issue of vaccine safety being presented as the non-fiction crisis it truly is.

Dr Michael Sichel  DO ND PhD

Australian Gov'mnt policy does not keep track of autism, yet ABC (Australian Broadcasting) cites 1/150 children. What your CDC is doing to our children is nothing short of evil - as we follow slavishly, their recommendations and our schools are also full of ASD childen, growing since 1993 (when we first began to treat them) - and the same time-frame as USA UK timelapse
post MMR and later Heb B (+ its mercury (Hg) thiomersal) at birth.
Same story now in NZ, India and China both now with MILLIONS of autistics, and angry parent letters to India "Times". Same time frames.
Your CDC is aware of tie-up between thiomersal Hg - knew about it since 1998.
Keep airing this -- the media is mostly controlled by BigPharmabuddies - often have same names on Boards of Directors . It is a most horrible alliance - and is doing much damage.
Childhood diseases were on the way down (by from 90 - 95% - depending on specific disease) - BEFORE the specific vax even began (see numerous stat. charts), and compare the CDC and othe medical charts - showing only falls since in last few years (which were preceded by the massive drops).
Scarlet fever NEVER had a vax and virtualy disappeared. Chicken-pox was NEVER considered dangerous in a normal child. Now it is considered so - they have designed a problematic vax! = non-problematic $ billions.
Michael Sichel DO ND PhD specialist in ASD biomed treatment (author of four books on this ).

Raymond Gallup

We live in a democracy.

Did I fall asleep and wake up in a medical dictatorship???

Benjamin Rush, was a Founding Father of the United States.Rush was also a signer of the Declaration of Independence and attended the Continental Congress. Rush believed that Americans should enshrine the
right to medical freedom in their Constitution, much as the right to freedom of religion is expressly guaranteed in that document.

Rush is reported to have argued that "Unless we put Medical Freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship. to restrict the art of healing to one class of men, and deny equal privilege to others, will be to constitute the Bastille of Medical Science. All such laws are un-American and despotic and have no place in a Republic . The Constitution of this Republic should make special privilege for Medical Freedom as well as Religious Freedom."


First these people mandate vaccines and force them on our kids without doing long term safety studies. Now these same people can dictate to the TV studios what can be aired and what can't.

What next???

Will these PharmaNazi stormtroopers come to our homes and kick in the doors???

Ray Gallup


My question is this (to the AAP doc on CNN), if there is no connection between vaccines and autism, and vaccines are safe (*cough*BS!), then why do we need funding for research? I'm missing something. I need to watch the "interview" (or was it a book plug?) again.


Re: the AAP doc on CNN...
Okay, I admit, I am in a hurry here - on my way out the door.... so... can someone please explain to me if there is "no issue with vaccine safety" (**cough**BS!), why in the heck do we need funding to research it? I'm confused.

Wise Counsel

"AAP Doctor on re: "the controversy""

It's all very well to say that doctors should counsel patients, but here's the question. About what? Verbatim recitation of the pros and cons of a vaccine? That even the patient can read? Are there any sheets about the pros and cons of 5 different vaccine sheets on a particular day in the immature immune system of a 2 month old? Are there any sheets about the long-term side effects from vaccine injuries? Are there yet more sheets about how triple combo vaccines can cause harm to human beings who are genetically fragile and prolulgate auto-immune disorders? Are there specific sheets in this last instance about which medical conditions are likely to become susceptible to inflammation and aluminum toxicity versus PANDAS versus mercury toxicity versus testosterone and estrogen dominance. What in the world are you counseling folks about when you yourself do not even know what questions to ask leave alone have answers for any of these questions. Then you have the gall to get all hoity-toity about vaccines and autism just because you happened to go to medical school for some 8+ years!!!

Give me a BREAK!!


Just FYI, it's great that you have the above addresses for letter writing but these decisions would be made on a much higher level than that. If you want to get traction, you need to be trying Robert Iger, President and CEO of the Walt Disney Company that owns ABC; and Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair of Disney Media Networks and President of Disney-ABC Television Group. That includes all the Disney Channel networks. As parents of children and consumers of Disney products, don't underestimate our ability raise a ruckus. We and our children are their corporation's primary target demographic.


AAP Doctor on re: "the controversy"

Thanks, doc! I'm sure you'll get right on that research about vaccine safety...once you and your physicians are dragged to it kicking and screaming, that is....
Sorry, but these people really make my blood boil.

Tim Kasemodel


We Minnesota folks deal with the IAC every year and have met them directly many times. We keep track of their lobbying activity, which goes dramatically under reported each year. Our Bill author in the House blasted them at a meeting we had in 2006 for distributing handouts with innacurate information and not having their name on the bottom, taking claim for it - called them COWARDS for not asking to meet her one on one. That was fun..... ;)

I have stood toe to toe with Diane Peterson of the IAC many times and am not intimidated one bit. I actually made her admit to a pediatrician that infant vaccines do in fact contain mercury after she had him publicly declare they did not. He was not happy.

I think Al Franken wrote a book about them - Lies and the Lying Liars Who Lie Them - or something like that.


Tim Kasemodel

Here is my letter:

Ms. Nichols and Ms. Gilmore,

Please do not allow any organization to intimidate you into giving up the Constitutional right of free speech of you and your companies. The tactics being used are meant to hit your emotional nerves, scare you into thinking you might hurt children. They accuse you of creating irrational fear yet they do very same thing themselves.

If your show gets people thinking about mercury in vaccines, it does not automatically mean they will not vaccinate - it would likely get them thinking about asking for vaccines that do not contain mercury however. You see, vaccines DO still contain thimerosal, and you have been lied to. Check the FDA website:
to see for yourself.

The Immunization Action Coalition is incorrect in every one of their points, especially when saying the autism mercury connection has been disproven. Their term "scientific studies" are actually epidemiological (population statistics) and cannot legally be said to prove something is NOT causative.

On February 22, 2006, Eight Bi-Partisan members of Congress order the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences “adhere to Congressional intent” and take a closer look at the exposure to thimerosal and the potential for autsim. Their report, “Thimerosal Exposure in Pediatric vaccines: Feasability of studies using the Vaccine Safety Datalink” was issued on August 24th, 2006, identifying these studies as weak and useless.

Statements made by Chairperson Irva Hertz-Picciotto, Ph.D in an interivew with reporter Dan Olmstead² include "I think what we're saying is that (study) wasn't the last word and that things need to be looked at again and perhaps with different methodology," and "It's an 'open question' whether anything about vaccines -- timing, dose, preservative -- is related to the rise in diagnoses." Hertz-Picciotto also said the other studies in in the IOM Report had more problems than the one conducted with CDC data. "Some studies are stronger than others. The Verstraeten study was an improvement on other studies including the two in Denmark, both of which had serious weaknesses in their designs that limit what we can learn from them," she said.

This does not sound like everyone in the scientific community is in agreement with the AAP, IAC and March of Dimes, does it?

Thank you for airing this show and showing you will not be swayed by dishonest and misleading scare tactics.

Tim Kasemodel
Wayzata, MN

1 -

2 -

Cathy Jameson

Thanks for the email links to the execs at ABC. I just sent my letter too!



ABC plans to direct viewers to the CDC website after the show tomorrow night!

Tell them that the CDC has ties to big pharma and the studies on their website are incomplete! There is conflict of interest and the studies on the CDC website are NOT complete!

Tell them about legislation in Congress that would sever the ties between the CDC and big pharma!

Tell ABC to contact Representatives, Dr Dave Weldon (R-FL), and Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) for more information!!!

Tell ABC to learn about the H.R. 1973: Vaccine Safety and Public Confidence Assurance Act of 2007 here -

HR 1973 was introduced in April 2007 and it would sever the ties between the CDC and big pharma!

H.R. 5887 [109th]: Vaccine Safety and Public Confidence Assurance Act of 2006 was introduced in 2006 but it was never scheduled for debate and died out!

The time is now. This is our chance.

Kim Stagliano

I just sent an email to Ms. Nichols and Ms. Gilmore.


Managing Editor

Anne S., thank you. I Googled IAC Funding. You are correct, they receive funding from CDC, other gov't agencies and pharmaceutical companies. I included that info in the body of the post. Thanks for the suggestion.

Kim Stagliano

Julie Rishel

I just called the IAC, and they hung up on me! They told me I was misinformed. I say, jam their phones. Call. They did not want to hear anything I had to say. We deserve the right to have a voice. I am totally apalled, and I was trying to be polite. They were condescending and rude. Everyone, call! Jam their phone lines.

Anne S

IAC is more then just CDC, if I'm not's funded by all the big pharmas. I could be wrong, doublecheck this info.

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