Knight By Twyla Ramos

On December 31, 2007, I wrote the article "Emails From CDC and FDA on Vaccines and Mercury -- Has Mercury Really Been Removed from Vaccines?" consisting of the emails between the CDC, the FDA, and me.  In these emails, the CDC confirmed that thimerosal is still used in the early stages of making some vaccines, and said that it is removed through a "purification process".  However, neither the CDC nor the FDA would answer my repeated questions about whether any government agency tests the final product for mercury, to verify the effectiveness of this purification process.

Apparently, my emails came to the attention of Representative Dan Burton, of Indiana, who sent a letter to the FDA on January 17, 2008, demanding answers.  His letter can be found HERE, thanks to The National Autism Association.

Twyla Ramos and her husband have three children.  Their middle child, age 15, has both Autism and Williams Syndrome.  Twyla has a B.A. in English and works in the banking industry.  She serves on the board of the Foothill Autism Alliance, a nonprofit group providing support and information to the autism community.


Theresa Cedillo

I thought your first article was amazing Twyla - but Burton's request is icing on the cake! Great job!

Sandy Gottstein

Good for you, Twyla. One person really can make a difference!

Cathy Jameson


Your article was powerful. My pregnant friend is asking the best questions because of your research and reporting--questions she never would have thought about before. She is now very actively looking into the role of thimerosal, of vaccines and kids' health issues, and especially in her rights as a parent. These issues weren't on her mind until she started reading the articles on Rescue Post and Age of Autism.

I am so thankful that your voice has given this good friend of mine new knowledge that will only protect her newborn and her older children.

Yea, Twyla!!!


Twyla, this is amazing! Dan Burton must know where the Eli Lilly bodies are buried to stll be around Indiana after all he's done to protect our kids. I really do not like cyberhugs - so I'll send you an cyber cocktail instead. Here! Have an immunitini - two shots of icy cold vodka, hold the mercury!

Thank you, Twyla. Thank you.

KIM STAGLIANO (the mother and the Managing Editor)

Dan Olmsted

Let's hear it for Twyla and the power of one concerned and committed citizen! I'm proud that Age of Autism can be a forum for this kind of important contribution. Twyla, please keep us posted on what the feds have to say in response to Rep. Burton's request.

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