CumulativeBy Tim Kasemodel

According to a September 26, 2006 Department of Health and Human Services response to the Coalition for Mercury Free Drugs, the FDA concludes that “exposure to mercury from vaccines is minimal” because routine infant and flu vaccines totaling 28 micrograms of ethyl mercury is “significantly below the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calculated exposure guideline for methyl mercury of 65 micrograms during the first 6 months of life for a child in the fifth percentile body weight.”  To the uninterested observer that may actually make sense.  To anyone with 6th grade math skills however, it seems a little perplexing.

The word “during” indicates the calculation was made based on the daily weight of this baby multiplied by the daily exposure limit, calculated each day, then totaled after 6 months.  Therefore, the FDA reasons, because the baby has been alive for 180 days, it is safe to give him or her 180 days worth of mercury at that time.

The EPA exposure limit (read “not to exceed”) is 0.1 microgram of methyl (not ethyl) mercury per kilogram of bodyweight per day.  This would mean on the day a 6 month old baby weighed 20 lbs (9 kg) the exposure for that day should not exceed 0.9 mcg of mercury.  The 65 micrograms calculated to be safe by the FDA would be 72 times more than allowed that day.  The 12.5 micrograms of mercury in each of the mandatory two flu shots would actually be 14 times more than the EPA guidelines.

I am beginning to think the geniuses at the FDA only made it to the 5th grade.

Compare that to the exposure guidelines for Infant Tylenol.  The dosage for a 20 pound six month old baby is 120 mg every 4 hours.  The box instructions say “not to exceed” 5 doses in 24 hours, which would be 600 mg per day

If you agree with the rational of the FDA saying 65 micrograms of mercury, or 72 times the daily limit is safe as described above, then you must agree that a 180 day old baby could get 43,200 mgs of Tylenol or fourteen 1 oz. bottles all at one time.

But let us be realistic; we are only talking about the flu shot, which is only14 times the daily exposure limit.  That is only comparable to 8400 mgs of Tylenol or three 1 oz. bottles all at one time.  Then you give that same amount exactly one month later.

You don’t think that is safe?  But how can that be?  The FDA can ignore the fact that overdosing on mercury can cause brain damage to infants, why can’t we all just overlook that overdosing on Tylenol can cause liver damage?  Why?  Because we are smarter than a 5th grader, and the FDA is not.

Then there is the fact that the EPA daily exposure limit is calculated based on the well studied consumption of methyl mercury in fish, not the untested injection of ethyl mercury from vaccines, but that is another matter entirely…………

Tim Kasemodel is a stay-at-home dad for his children, John (mildly affected by mercury, age 12) and Thomas (severely affected by mercury, age 10); vice-president of the Minnesota Natural Health Coalition Legal Reform Project (volunteer parent lobbyist for the Setting a Preference for Mercury-free Vaccines Bill - SF 1780 and HF 1917), member of A-Champ, NAA, and ARC Greater Twin Cities. To read about the Kasemodel family, see ARC Greater Twin Cities' Web site HERE.



Its like a sink that holds a gallon of water with a small drain that drains it all over time. Sure you can fill it with water and let it drain over and over. Now if you put two gallons (or a hundred or a thousand) in the sink it overflows. I can guarentee that the FDA understands this, and is why there is the recent "study" showing ethyl mercury supposedly getting excreted quickly - effectively making the drain bigger in the simple analogy above. This doesn't even go into what the water actually does to the sink if left standing.

Now we all know that not all drains work as efficiently as others. Some get clogged, or are just too small to drain before the sink gets used again. What the FDA is counting on is the general public thinking the sink is just a bucket without a bottom.


Thanks for explaining this. How anyone can justify a mercury overdose by averaging out a bolus dose over several months is beyond my ability to comprehend.

It's sickening to realize how many public health administrators are operating on auto pilot and supposed altruism -- they either can't understand the vaccine policy memos they receive, or don't take the time to read them. It's a Stepford bureaucracy.


I posted this comment under another article... has anyone seen this? Make sure you read all the way down to learn more about Pichechro!! And I quote, "In the past, Pichichero has also served as a consultant to vaccine manufacturers including GSK Biologicals, sanofi pasteur, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and MedImmune."

Tim Kasemodel


The 28 micrograms comes from the two doses of 12.5 mcg in the flu shots at 6 and 7 months, added to the possible 3 mcg total if the child recieved all other vaccines with trace level mercury.


Heather O

Great article Tim and catchy title. I can't count how many time I've seen the mistake of "25 micrograms ethylmercury in the flu vaccine" when it is actually 28 micrograms. It does affect the calculations.
What is funny is my oldest son (mildy affected by mercury) got the "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" boardgame for Christmas. He wanted to play the host with relatives who where 3 engineers and my mom, who has a high school education. I think because he wanted my mom to lose, Guess who won? My mom, and us college educated engineers tried our best. Sometimes common sense cannot be taught!

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