Trump_babyBy J.B. Handley

What if you were a large national autism charity and you held a fundraiser at a billionaire’s house and the billionaire told reporters he thought autism was caused by vaccines? What if your large national autism charity was wildly dismissive of vaccines as a cause for autism, had scientists on staff who had worked to produce faulty research exonerating vaccines alongside the CDC, and had no research dollars allocated to exploring the vaccine-autism relationship?

Well, then you would be Autism Speaks holding a fundraiser at Donald Trump’s Palm Beach mansion. As THIS article from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports:

“At a news conference Thursday in a gold-trimmed Mar-A-Lago ballroom, Trump's wife, Melania, noted her 22-month-old son, Baron, and said: "I cannot imagine what the mothers [with autistic children] and mothers all around the world go through. ... Let's get rid of autism."

In an interview, Donald Trump said he thinks the rising prevalence of autism is related to vaccinations of babies and toddlers.

One in 150 children is now diagnosed with autism, with the prevalence higher among boys.

”’When I was growing up, autism wasn't really a factor," he said. ‘And now all of a sudden, it's an epidemic. Everybody has their theory, and my theory is the shots. They're getting these massive injections at one time. I think it's the vaccinations.’”

Man, where do you start? Perhaps it’s easiest to say this: Autism Speaks continues to pretend to the outside world that they represent the autism community when they do not. In the video link to the article, Trump goes on to assert that Autism Speaks is “finding the reason” for autism – if only he knew the truth.

Well-meaning parents like Donald Trump try to help, and are unaware that they are assisting and donating to a charity that lacks the courage to explore the most obvious link to an exploding epidemic that has every new parent frightened and confused.

Thank you, Donald. You are always one to use logic and speak your mind – if only Autism Speaks would do the same.

J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue and Editor-At-Large for Age of Autism.

Managing Editor's Note: Stay tuned for updates on the 2008 grants approved by Autism Speaks and help us play a new game called, "Chromosome Count.": The winner is the person who can count the times the word "genetics" is used in each grant description. Hint: Take off your socks, you'll need your toes. And a centipede nearby will help too.



terrie seyler

HI MR TRUMP, I am not sure I am on the correct site to get hold of you. Hope so. You just don't know how much I need your help. My life just has to get better, I lost my brother some years ago,But I still have lot of problem with it.I lost my mother in 2003 and this is very hard still.But I had a BRAIN ANEURYSM AND 2 STROKES IN JULY 2004 And was on life support for 21 days at Harris hosp in Fort Worth tx. Then my home was flooded in GAINESVILLE TX IN 2007 and I lost everything,I did not have flood ins. So my credit went BAD BAD, with all my medical bills.So when I had to learn to walk and get around I gained 125lbs this has put me way over and I had to have a total knee replacement. Know my back is going. I went to get in alot better health and was told to have a lap band or gastric sleeve done. I have went to 4 doctors and they will do it tile they see I am on MEDICARE and that does not pay them enough and that I could pay cash. I only get $900.00 a month to live.All I live in is a dump for a rent house and broke furniture so I sure can not pay to have surg. Someone told me that MR TRUMP will help people if they need it. PLEASE HELP MY GMAIL IS [email protected] PLEASE TRY TO HELP ME I WENT TO LIVE . TERRIE

Terri Lewis


You say your baby is due for vaccinations, and you're scared. Most of us here would agree that you should be scared, because the current vaccination schedule is very risky.

You say, "The one thing that concerns me most is why do we have so many more vaccines than 20 years ago? Do we really need all of them. . .>>

We have them because it seemed like a good idea, I'm sure, to prevent as much infectious disease as possible.

Unfortunately, vaccines are full of toxic additives that many, many babies and children "can't handle" when given 36 shots in the first two years of life. These kids become autistic, or get "PDD-NOS" (same thing), or they develop seizures or asthma; some kids die from vaccinations.

Vaccines are powerful; they can give protection, or they can cause death and disease. There are some kids who just shouldn't be vaccinated at all, and nobody will tell you if your kid is among them.

Many of us here at AOA have vaccine-damaged kids. Some are recovering nicely; some are suffering greatly.

The first insight you need is this: vaccination is not necessarily an all-or-nothing decision.

Educate yourself, or play Russian roulette with your baby.

There are alternate schedules recommended at I hope you'll take a look and make decisions you can live with.

Terri Lewis


I'm a mother of a beautiful 18 mth old little girl. I've had her vaccinated up to 12 mths. She's now due for her next serious of vaccines and I'm scared!!!!! I don't want to not vaccinate and possibly risk her being infected by a preventable disease or infecting someone else's child, however It would be unbearable to have so much doubt about the safety of vaccines and go forward with the remaining required vaccines. It seems everyone gets so angry either pro vaccinations or against vaccinations. I wonder if we all put our energy into pushing these drug companies to do more research. The one thing that concerns me most is why do we have so many more vaccines then 20 years ago? Do we really need all of them and if we didn't how much would it effect the drug companies profits?

Rita Johnson

As a grandmother who is raising an autistic disabled grand child, I say yeah, Donald Trump. Our granddaughter had seizures after her 2nd series of shots in 1991. After she came to live with us she learned to read. She has so many multi-disabilities and is facing a life that is need of social help. We found a program RDI that helps with the social area and learning to live in the real world, but the cost has been to us, her grandparents. We are out to help one child and have read everything I can get my hands on. Thanks for this article.

Patricia Angell

A grandmother's wish: That vaccines and their schedule be researched, examined, analyzed & documented as causation of Autism in the SAME scrutinized manner Mr. Trump's financial holdings are ... leaving no stone(penny)unturned. He gets annual proof/verification of his worth. Parents want no less when it comes to accountability for their prized possession - the life (health) of their child. Mr. Trump would want to know "for sure" where his unaccounted money went. I ask you, Mr. Trump, help us find out who took AND continues to take the quality of life from these innocent children. PS Autism Speaks does NOT speak for me or my family with an 8 year old son/grandson/great-grandson with Autism. And, for every "faulty" research report that is exposed the knives in our hearts twist more.

Lisa A jeffs mom

Thanks JB. As more folks peel back just alittle about Autism Speaks, the latest research, and family's feelings of cause (with the onslaught of family video - its well documented) more and more folks like "the Donald" will see that this Emperor really does not have any clothes on.
Parents need to keep up the hard work and keep talking about what they feel is the cause for their child and regression into autism. This talking will slowly change the direction of where funding goes.


Trump's toddler son created a very personal stake in the vaccine safety issue. Doubtless The Donald has invested as much, if not more time and expense into investigation of vaccine manufacturers as for any of his financial holdings. He realizes that comforting pharma press releases are no substitute for scientific studies by independent researchers.

With worldwide media access and an unfettered tongue, Trump could be the CDC's worst nightmare -- and every ASD parent's improbable guardian angel. Now if only he could be persuaded to call attention to the lack of sympathy and treatment for victims of vaccine injury.

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