Taser_2 By Kim Stagliano

"Advocates for the mentally disabled are lobbying the world’s largest psychologists’ group to ban the practice of electroshock therapy that is currently being used on D.C. children in a Massachusetts clinic, The Examiner has learned."  Read the full article  HERE.

Our children are human beings. No matter how violent their behavior toward themselves or others. They are human beings and do not deserve to be stunned with shock treatment. Period.

Tell us, Rotenberg Center, are your young charges (if you'll pardon the atrocious pun) on the GFCF diet or a fistful of pills? Are their foods free of dyes and chemicals or are they S.S. Pierce's cheapest victuals?  Do they breathe toxic cleaners day in and day out and sit under fluorescent lights?

The behaviors of people with autism are often the result of decimated GI tracts. Think colic times a thousand. By pounding migraines alleviated only by head banging and arm biting. By rage induced by profound chemical imbalances and even heavy metal poisoning.  Look up lead and mercury poisoning for yourselves. You think shock treatment is helping them? It's not a treatment at all. It's a war crime. STOP.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism, a writer and the mother of three daughters with autism. She blogs here.



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We see eye to eye probably less than 50% of the time, but this article, I agree 100%. "It's a war crime. STOP." Well-said. Thank you.

Cheryl Gaudino

This horrible place should have been shut down years ago....a lot of disability orgs/advocates and good people from Mass. are working on it.

I swear I see a new help wanted ad for JRC in my local newspaper on an almost daily basis. Gee, I wonder why....



Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care releases investigative report
December 18, 2007

The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care, the state agency that licenses residential schools serving children 0-18 and C766-eligible individuals 18-22, released an investigative report today, outlining a number of appalling findings, including a discovery that one of the victims involved in the 8/26/07 “prank” involving 3 JRC clients.

Some findings contained in the report:

The JRC clinician assigned to the Stoughton house where the incidents occurred, reported the students are high functioning.

Residential staff were physically abusive towards two residents.

Residential staff failed to protect the health and safety of residents.

Residential staff failed to follow JRC policy and training regarding medical treatment which resulted in a delay of medical attention.

A former resident, who had run away from JRC, phoned staff, posing as one of JRC’s quality control monitors, and gave a series of instructions to staff to awaken 3 residents and administer shocks for behaviors exhibited earlier in the evening. A series of these calls were made between 2:00 a.m. and 4:45 a.m. during which time the former resident continued to order staff to administer shocks and restraints.

Although the licensee (JRC) claims the victims were evaluated by JRC nursing staff, JRC’s physician, as well as the victim’s treating clinical Doctor, and found to be in good health, one victim was further examined at a hospital (name redacted) and was reported to have two areas of first degree burn[s] related to the presence of the GED.

Based on the actions and expressed opinions of the [JRC] staff, it can be ascertained that the JRC program policies were set up in such a way that it took decision making away from the staff. The staff were unclear on who was the responsible person(s) for the administration supervision of the program and failed to exercise any independent judgment in the matter.

Video surveillance revealed that one resident was restrained on a 4-point board despite the fact the individual was not approved for this particular “movement limitation” treatment.

The residential staff involved in the incident acknowledged they were unfamiliar with the use of aversive treatment, delayed consequences or reporting abuse and/or neglect.

One staff stated he assumed that it was a test from the Quality Control to find out if he was following procedure.

When interviewed, direct care staff misinformed investigators as to their activities. For example, staff claimed they were sleeping, doing chores, and unaware of the incident. Video surveillance revealed staff were aware and communicating with one another about the activities referenced in the report.

After receiving shocks, the staff did not respond to resident’s complaint of pain or notify the JRC Nursing Director who is available 24 hours a day for emergency calls. One resident was said to have informed staff on several occasion that his leg was “killing him” and could be heard asking staff to call the nurse. It was reported that staff was made aware of the resident’s complaint and “blew it off.”

At 4:32 a.m., one resident told staff that he was sweaty, his mouth was dry, blood pressure was racing and he felt as though he was about to have a stroke. The resident had asked and was given water but was otherwise not evaluated by any staff.

Managing Editor

Sarge Goodchild (whose comment is below) is Executive Director of Active Healing on the N. Shore of Massachusetts by the way and the FIRST person to tell me my girls' autism was TREATABLE back in 1999. Check out his site here:


P.F. Jennings

The place is just appalling. Read more history here -

Sargent L. Goodchild, Jr

Recipe for disaster: Take a child with damage in the pons area of his/her brain leading to a distorted perception of pain, messing up their serotonin levels and making them feel as though the world (no matter how benign) is a hostile place and administer shock "therapy." A huge factor that contributes to the degree of symptoms a child with autism displays are the emotional and physical stressors that child has to withstand. If shock therapy causes any child to be less outwardly violent or defiant it is at the cost of their health and wellness. It is causing physiological stress that is beyond their body’s adaptability. This turns off regenerative systems (immune, endocrine, etc) of the body and causes a gradual internal retreat. Symptoms can be shallow breathing and internal rotation of all the major joints (return to fetal position) as can be observed by the naked eye and far more deleterious effects inside the body. These individuals should have charges of abuse filed against them, but I think that has already been tried.

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