Bellnj New Jersey has allowed the mandate adding the Flu vaccine to its list of required shots for children.  Read the story HERE.  I've yet to see the state sponsored article that tells parents, "Get your child a flu shot, but make sure you demand the mercury free version."  Will they tell parents the vaccine is 17% effective in infants 6 months to 24 months of age? And no more than 80% effective in the older kids.  And that you need TWO shots for full efficacy? That's 50 micrograms of mercury, friends. FIVE. OH!.

Regardless of your thoughts on vaccines in general, do you really want the government telling you what medical care your child needs? 

If Anthrax or smallpox comes to town, I think we can pretty much agree that we need to protect ourselves from these deadly diseases. But flu? Yes, a small number of people die from complications of the flu. But overall, flu is not a killer in the United States of America, where we have access to healthcare, clean water and Purell stations on every street corner. (You get my point.)

New Jersey, by the way, is a leader in autism treatment (I love the smell of bitter irony in the morning.)  Families move to NJ for services.  The Gloucester County Special Services District creates a county-wide school progam that mirrors a private school for autism. I guess the state is anticipating a fresh crop of kids to fill the Disc-o-sits and Rifkin chairs.


Sea Isle City Girl

I'm always saddened to read about anything involving the mandating of vaccines. Texas recently had some of the same nonsense in which the governor attempted to mandate Gardasil to all teen girls in the state. This sortof thing, the madating of vaccines, is just tragic, and I hope more people take action.

Bless you for your efforts.


Not sure about NJ being the leader in autism treatment...I can tell you most parents I know are fighting with their districts for service. My own child was abused in the public school system, so I have nothing good to say about NJ and autism treatment.

P.F. Jennings

Why use the phrase "health care" (in the headline) when it obviously isn't?

Why not say "so-called health care"?

Or "martial medical law"?

Or some other words . . .

But calling it "health care" when it's against diametrically opposed to your idea of what is good and right -- seems like that is ceding power in the wrong way.

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